Thursday, May 24, 2012


hola everyone! this week was so fast and so much we did!
things are good here, we have 3 baptism the 29 de abril and we are so happy! jeremias, rosalin and Ansolny will get baptize!! oh nyal, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS! el 19 de abril!

so this week, we had to run in the hail, that was so adventure! and it make us so wet and it was so nuts! way fun! we visit so many less active this week, after the ward council meeting, the branch president want us to get all the less active back to the church and we try so hard! a lot do not live at the address, and the number not work so we not know que paso con ellos! but we are get many people excited about the gospel, and trying to work very hard!

our sport night was great, there came 25 people at least, all jovenes and we play baloncesto futbol and voleibol! it was so much fun and they brought there friend too so it was a good activity for all!! hey dad, we have a activity on 11 de mayo and i need the tamales recipie. por favor!

i start get really tired, well just no energy, por my companion, he has some problemas with his health, we get his blood checked and we find out what happening on friday. he is just always so out of it, and not teach or talk so it has make me really talk a lot and do almost all things. i have much patient and love for him, we get along good and have lot of fun and success together!

so when we looked for a less active, we get to a house, looking like a total redneck, well this dog starts to bark at me and i just walk right at it and he like freak out, all the sudden some hillbilly screams at this dog, but it so funny! he say, "BROCK!! SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!!" i laugh so hard man, my comp didnt even know what to say, and this man start tallking to me and i not understand anything!! i i look for my companion and he is almost peeing for laughing so hard, so funny. and the member, hno tomas, he is the primer consejero en the branch and he was laughing, but he is puerto rican so he understand very little ingles, this dude was so hilarious though.

so as we be looking for less active, visiting investigatores, we found felix and greilys again, he is very sick from his cancer treatments. it is sad, but we will continue to teach and see if he come to church!! yesterday, i spake in sacrament meeting on miracles. the church, mi familia, la mision everything we have in our lifes is a miracle!! i know that it is so importante to be obediente and have faith to get miracles, but we are all miracles! Alma 37:6-7 that is it!!

i also had to translate for the high counselor that speaking in the sacrament meeting, and then i teach the gospel principle and elders quorum, haha the elder quorum presidente just say that he not want to teach the lesson so i offer to do it. he is really a headache but its ok. we are trying to make him happy!

anyways, yesterday i got hit in the face by a baseball bat. we be playing wiffle ball with the youth at an activity and i was standing behind someone with our backs facing eachother, and i felt that i had to move but it was too late because he missed and his swing around hit me justo en the boca. hurt so bad man, he was like laughing, we i did too, but it swell all up and chip a little pice of my teeth! it ok though because you cant tell, but now my lip is very fat and the face is all purple and stuff. it was going to be a great picture!! fun stuff!

well, i know that this email is lame, but i hope that you know the love i have for the savior and the work that this is. it is the true work and i know the lord bless all of us for being good member and servant for him. there is no other place to feel peace or find happiness eterno. i love this work! Andele!

Elder Gallego

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