Monday, June 4, 2012


felicitaciones hermanito por tu llamamiento misional!! seras un gran misionero y aprenderas muchisimas cosas!! te quiero mucho!!

vaya pues, this week went by super fast!! not many things new, we were able to teach martin, yaquelins husband and he now has a baptismal date for el 29 de Julio! he is going to need to change many thing but we are working hard with him! also yolanda, well she still need to be married, and we are working with her closely! juan is progressing he just need to get to church this sunday to be able to get bautizado el 17 de junio! i cant believe in a month i will have 21 years!! so crazy!! also, bryann, we visit him and he say that he still has not recieved his answer but he is praying daily and reading el libro de mormon so he can get it by the 17 de junio!!

This email not goig to be very long, just the same ol same ol here, working very hard, learning very much, and trying to be humble and learn to work with the leaders and people better way. i was able to have exchange with the district leader, Elder Stauffer...he is elder mailo companero from the MTC! so we call eachother SOA all day, man i miss it!! he is great, we are both baseball freaks and we went to the IRONPIGS BASEBALL STADIUM! they are the triple A team of the phillies! it was sick, they let us go take fotos and everything! we got some sick hats, and it felt so good to see a legit ball field again, i really miss it! but, the mision es NUMERO UNO!!

on thursday we had the sports night, and we had a great turn out! there are many young people that will soon be getting taught as their friend are helping us find more people to teach! there are so many things to do and not much time, but we will keep going!! i learn many thing this week about humility, happiness, and unity. they go hand in hand.. if we are humble, we are happy, and if we are humble and happy, we will be united as one. that is why God and Jesucristo y el Espiritu Santo are so united!! they are happy, humble and they are naturally united!! the purpose of all this life is to be happy, to learn and to become like he is. but that very hard when we are pridefuls, not happy, and obviously not united! so make humility a goal, and happiness will follow. i know with no doubt this church is true. the spirit is our companero constante when we follow the commandments. God loves us and he know that we are not perfect, that is why we are here!! so as we go and do the things we really need to do, think are you really converted to the gospel? and think, if you werent a member of this church, Would you even want to be? that is a great question for all of us to make. i know that Jesucristo lives, he is my savior and my redeemer. he loves each of us, he want us to share this message with the whole world. it is so importante!!

well, we got invited to the Chipotle GRAND OPENING!! and the food is you know what that means!!! :DDDDDDD gotta go and git some of that JAWN!! i love you all, and gracias por ayudar a mi hermanito a que pudiera prepararse para servir una mision :) los quiero muchisimo!!

Shall we not go on in such a great cause? 

Elder Gallego