Monday, August 22, 2011


Holy hannah!!! haha i still cant stop laughing at all that has happened this week!! Well, i got a call on saturday night, and president asked me to train!!! Man i am so excited for the opportunity to see a brand new missionary!! I always get all geeked up when i think, or talk about my trainer, and my experience as a new missionary!! I know that the lord has put a lot of confidence in me, and i know that with him, i will be able to have great success with my new companion!!

So this week was just nuts. A lot of things happened, and man did i learn a ton! First of all, we found 5 new investigators to teach this week, exactly what we needed, and i go along with tylers testimony of specific prayers and how they bring specific blessings!! I know that to be true and have seen it so much in my mission! We have really been working with a lot of the less actives, and trying to get them to understand how important it is for us to do what we need to now in order to live with our father in heaven! I know that the plan of salvacion is only posible through the cleansing power of the atonement of jesucristo!

Talking about cleaning, man!! It rained, and i mean rained every day here, got soaked EVERY DAY!! it was so awesome, the people here look at us like we are crazy walking around in the rain haha, i havent had time to buy an umbrella, and i honestly dont care! im doing the work of the lord!! Nothing will stop us!! I also found out how horrible i am at teaching in english this week, ahaha man!! it totally just comes in my head in spanish, and i have to translate all of it in a couple of seconds, it is just so hard, so anyone have any tips? haha

This week, i also got pooped on, yes a stinkin bird laid one right on my left hand, i just thought that it was a raindrop that had dropped from the power line, and it was, just a bird poop!!!! haha my comp was laughing so hard at me, and it was not funny at all!! I had to go wipe it on someones grass, and it was just totally hilarious. Man, reminded me of when nyal got pooped on at school, ahaha but he got it all over his head!!! :) love ya nyal! ;)

We have been making great progression with our investigators, hoping to have 3 baptized this sunday!! Pray hard!! I know that maximo and karmen will get baptized, and she is waiting for him to ask her, but he says that she needs to change some little things that bother him, so we basically just told him that you wont really recieve a witness until after the trial of your faith, and so we will see what happens there. I bore powerful testimony to him of the change that ocurred in my family, and how you just have to put all your trust in the lord, and he will bless you!! it will hopefully work out!!

Ok so highlight of the week, Elder Rasband, the president of the presidents of the seventies, came to our stake to speak to us, and we had an opportunity to meet him and talk for a bit, man he is such an amazing testimony of jesucristo!! he speaks a little bit of spanish, haha it was fun talkking to him. He really focused on the prophets focus of rescuing the members. It is so importtante that the members help the missionaries in this. Every baptism and re-activation of a member or investigator that i have had in my mision have all come from the help of the members!! You guys are what help us be great missionaries!! SO always be willing to look for those who need help.

During the stake conference yesterday, I got to translate!!!! yeah!! Man i made a few errors, but holy cow i know that the lord was with me there, it would have been much easier if i had a copy of their talks, but that didnt happens. SO i had to go off of what i has hearing and i realized that we talk really fast in english!! It was really difficult for me to listen with my left ear and try to translate from english to spanish in a matter of miliseconds!!! But it was so much fun!!! They said that i did really well!! I am going to work on it more frequently now, because i know that it a good tool to know how to do in life!! Elder Rasband and the stake leaders really focused on the importance of the temple!! The groundbreaking is the 13th of september, and we might be able to go!! i am so excited!! so we will see!!

Anyways, that was my crazy week, i know the church is true, and that seriously, if you want blessings, just follow the commandments!! Its not hard to obey the commandments! Just need to have a greater desire to do good rather than do evil! I love you all!!!

Elder Gallego


ok family and friends!! It has been such a good inspiring week here out in the mission field!! Elder cook left us, that was sad because he is our pai and man!! he was such a good elder! We got to meet his family, and it was just so happy!! That family is just awesome, and it was so fun to see elder cook so happy! He said he bawled his eyes out!!

We have a ton going on out here, 3 people that are preparing to get baptized in 2 weeks, and 5 others for september and october!! The work is going crazy here! We are really trying to focus on getting some more new people to teach, preferrably a family!! That would just be awesome!! We are focusing on doing that finding through the members though because it is so much better when there is already a friend there to fellowship and help. I have really been able to see that it my mission, as all of my converts were referrals from members, and it is juts such a blessing to to do that!! We had one day this week, i think it was wednesday and we gave 4 blessings!! It was such a powerful experience for my companion and i. One, she was 54 and in a coma. All of the sudde. She had perfect health, and then her blood sugar rose, and now she is in a coma. It was so painful for me to look at her, knowing that this life is so important! nobody in this world has their life bought. We never know when we will go, and it brought to me such a strong feeling of the surety and knowledge of the pure plan of salvacion that our heavenly father has for us. it is perfect, and if we are obedient and do the things here that he asks us to do, we will return to live with him again.!!

I was able to finish reading Jesus the Christ, and i definately have gained a greater knowledge of my savior, his sacrifice that he made for me, and the great love that he has for me. What a perfect person, that loved us so much that he gave his own life for me personally. I cant express in words how important it is to me to know that i am one of his sons, and that i have been born into a family that will help me grow and become what he wants. It makes me think, that the only true way to make sure that someone knows you love them, is to show it! Just like he did!!

This week, i met a guy from spain, my country!! He was so stoked to see that my name was gallego!! The language spoken in galicia!! Super crazy!! they have such a wierd accent! But i have now met someone from all spanish speaking countries in the world!! SO cool!! The world has so much to offer, but i tell you what, the gospel of jesucristo is neverending happiness! The things of the world only have hapiness up to a point, they dont last for eternity!! So do what is right, and follow his path!!! It will bring the greatest blessings of your life! I love you all!! Vamono to!!

Elder Gallego

Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey familia!! que lo que hay?! man!! I just love thi area!!! We had to say goodbye to elder cook last night, man he is going to be a best friend for life thats for sure!! I dont think ive ever laughed so hard with 2 guys in my entire life!! 3 weeks with him was awesome!!! I hope you all meet him!! So now its just la bandita (elder de leon and i) here!! We are still giddy and happy as ever, teaching and doing what we should!! I love it!! Well i got something planned for this letter so i hope you all like it!!!
10 things to do!!
First, obedience. This is the first law of heaven. As soon as we as people understand this principle, God will stop asking his servants to remind us of it! When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, at that moment, God will endow us with power. Not every one of my companions has had a huge desire to be obedient while we were together. I myself often willfully rebelled against the laws of God and man in my teenage years. These are the most importante years that you are now going through. I know through the power of the spirit of god that the only happiness is in obedience.
Second, Honesty. It is better to be trusted than to be loved.
Third, Gratitude. Thankfullness is saying it. Gratitude is living it.
Fourth, Faith. We cannot repent, nor can any other miracle be wrought, except by faith in christ.
Fifth, Hope. Things will work out.
Sixth, Charity. We will do nothing that will help us recieve salvation without charity.
Seventh, Humility. A man determined to float on his own strength, is doomed to sink.
Eighth, Diligence. The greatest secret of work, is Work!
Ninth, Virtue. The spirit will not dwell in a temple which is not being treated like Gods.
Tenth, Animo. A spanish word. It means to have excitement! A fire within! Only christ can light that fire!!
I know that many of us may think that we are just doing ok, but why wait to do better!! Its ok to be different, in a good way!! Its ok to say that we are members of the only true church on the face of the earth. Its ok that people laugh at us, and say things. In the end, we know who will be sitting on the right hand of God! Be one of those. WIthout these traits, we cant get there. I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your prayers and support on my behalf, and all of your love!! I love oyu all!!! Siga FUERTE!!
Elder Gallego

Thursday, August 4, 2011


MAn!! this week passed by so fast!! I cant believe that it is already agosto!!!! That is so crazy!! So many good things happened this week, and it was such a spiritual feast!!!

SO we had a lot of success this week with staying in contact with all of our investigators, and how important it is to retain the recent converts of the church!! they are often the best source for helping to bring more unto the truthfulness of the gospel of jesucristo!! I know that as i have seen the examlple of the members fellowshipping my family, it has really been such a blessing in my life! Because of the decision that my parents made to bring this blessing into our family, i am now able to enjoy it and share it with others from my work here out on the mission!!

This weeks lesson was on Fasting and prayer and how they have to go together in order to have a successful and meaningful fast! I was able to teach the lesson, and it actually went very well!! i shared a couple of my own personal experiences of how the ward fast blessed the life of my family to become members, and my dads life when he was going through cancer. It is such a blessing to know that the fasting and praying really does help. The only way to get a true testimony of fasting and prayer is to actually do it!! Its just like faith, with out works, its dead! in other words, if you want to get a testimony of the gospel, you have to pray about it. It wont just come to you overnight. You have to put your faith into accion! And then once you get the answer that its true, you have to be obedient and follow the path of cristo and do the things that he did!! DyC 130:20-21-every blessing we recieve is because we were obedient!

We had a couple of really funny moments this week, well jose martinez, while we were teaching him about the word of wisdom, i guess he has a pill that he has to take, and it makes him tired, well haha he just straight up zonked out in the middle of the lesson!! I couldnt help but laugh!!! it was so hilarious!! Then he wakes back up and just tries to not smile and laugh but he couldnt hold it back either!! Haha he is progressing well, same with all of the others that are getting prepared for baptism! We had 10 investigators in church yesterday, and it was seriously awesome!!

well, this area is awesome, its getting hard to think in english because we speak so much spanish here, so its really cool!! I love you all and hope you always remember that you have a choice! 2 Nefi 9:5,9 either you fall subject to the control of the devil of the control of Jesus. Thats all there is to it. Follow the commandments, and youll be good, if you dont, well, read the promise it says in verse 9! Obedience!! Thats all there is to it!

Elder Gallego