Monday, August 22, 2011


ok family and friends!! It has been such a good inspiring week here out in the mission field!! Elder cook left us, that was sad because he is our pai and man!! he was such a good elder! We got to meet his family, and it was just so happy!! That family is just awesome, and it was so fun to see elder cook so happy! He said he bawled his eyes out!!

We have a ton going on out here, 3 people that are preparing to get baptized in 2 weeks, and 5 others for september and october!! The work is going crazy here! We are really trying to focus on getting some more new people to teach, preferrably a family!! That would just be awesome!! We are focusing on doing that finding through the members though because it is so much better when there is already a friend there to fellowship and help. I have really been able to see that it my mission, as all of my converts were referrals from members, and it is juts such a blessing to to do that!! We had one day this week, i think it was wednesday and we gave 4 blessings!! It was such a powerful experience for my companion and i. One, she was 54 and in a coma. All of the sudde. She had perfect health, and then her blood sugar rose, and now she is in a coma. It was so painful for me to look at her, knowing that this life is so important! nobody in this world has their life bought. We never know when we will go, and it brought to me such a strong feeling of the surety and knowledge of the pure plan of salvacion that our heavenly father has for us. it is perfect, and if we are obedient and do the things here that he asks us to do, we will return to live with him again.!!

I was able to finish reading Jesus the Christ, and i definately have gained a greater knowledge of my savior, his sacrifice that he made for me, and the great love that he has for me. What a perfect person, that loved us so much that he gave his own life for me personally. I cant express in words how important it is to me to know that i am one of his sons, and that i have been born into a family that will help me grow and become what he wants. It makes me think, that the only true way to make sure that someone knows you love them, is to show it! Just like he did!!

This week, i met a guy from spain, my country!! He was so stoked to see that my name was gallego!! The language spoken in galicia!! Super crazy!! they have such a wierd accent! But i have now met someone from all spanish speaking countries in the world!! SO cool!! The world has so much to offer, but i tell you what, the gospel of jesucristo is neverending happiness! The things of the world only have hapiness up to a point, they dont last for eternity!! So do what is right, and follow his path!!! It will bring the greatest blessings of your life! I love you all!! Vamono to!!

Elder Gallego

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