Thursday, August 4, 2011


MAn!! this week passed by so fast!! I cant believe that it is already agosto!!!! That is so crazy!! So many good things happened this week, and it was such a spiritual feast!!!

SO we had a lot of success this week with staying in contact with all of our investigators, and how important it is to retain the recent converts of the church!! they are often the best source for helping to bring more unto the truthfulness of the gospel of jesucristo!! I know that as i have seen the examlple of the members fellowshipping my family, it has really been such a blessing in my life! Because of the decision that my parents made to bring this blessing into our family, i am now able to enjoy it and share it with others from my work here out on the mission!!

This weeks lesson was on Fasting and prayer and how they have to go together in order to have a successful and meaningful fast! I was able to teach the lesson, and it actually went very well!! i shared a couple of my own personal experiences of how the ward fast blessed the life of my family to become members, and my dads life when he was going through cancer. It is such a blessing to know that the fasting and praying really does help. The only way to get a true testimony of fasting and prayer is to actually do it!! Its just like faith, with out works, its dead! in other words, if you want to get a testimony of the gospel, you have to pray about it. It wont just come to you overnight. You have to put your faith into accion! And then once you get the answer that its true, you have to be obedient and follow the path of cristo and do the things that he did!! DyC 130:20-21-every blessing we recieve is because we were obedient!

We had a couple of really funny moments this week, well jose martinez, while we were teaching him about the word of wisdom, i guess he has a pill that he has to take, and it makes him tired, well haha he just straight up zonked out in the middle of the lesson!! I couldnt help but laugh!!! it was so hilarious!! Then he wakes back up and just tries to not smile and laugh but he couldnt hold it back either!! Haha he is progressing well, same with all of the others that are getting prepared for baptism! We had 10 investigators in church yesterday, and it was seriously awesome!!

well, this area is awesome, its getting hard to think in english because we speak so much spanish here, so its really cool!! I love you all and hope you always remember that you have a choice! 2 Nefi 9:5,9 either you fall subject to the control of the devil of the control of Jesus. Thats all there is to it. Follow the commandments, and youll be good, if you dont, well, read the promise it says in verse 9! Obedience!! Thats all there is to it!

Elder Gallego

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