Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Que transita por sus venas familia y amigos?!!!!!!!! ok back to english, so this week has been so crazy!!! We have found so many people who are prepared to hear the gospel!! It is so incredible!!  so the new address is

1315 W. Alleghany Ave. 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19132

That is where we will be hunkered downfor a while!! I wont be moving from this area for probably 6 months!! I willl be training after elder de leon and i are comps for hopefully at least 2 transfers the minimum!! So it is really going to be sweet! I am getting to know the area bit by bit and i am doing well with the knee, just really sore because we have no car, but it has been getting the strength back!! I am so busy and so just PUMPED that i dont even think about it!!!!

SO, we have been eating great, elder de leon has been teaching elder cook and i how to cook. Hahah elder cook learing how to COOK.....we make fun of him all the time :) i love my comps we laugh like non stop, and the members just love us here!! Apparently so does everyone else!! We have about 7 people already...yeah talk about preparacion from the lord, that will be getting ready to recieve the saving ordinance of baptism!!!! It is so awesome!!!! I love finding prepared people!! So we have Jose Martinez, who is probably the funnies dominican i have ever met, the guy makes himself die laughing, and it reminds me a lot of how i die laughing at myself too...haha anyway, we have Yuriana, Nancy, Maximo y Carmen, Feliciano, Iris, and 3 kids of a less active that willl be all getting baptized within the next transfer!!! We are hoping to have maximo and carmen in the water before elder cook leaves in two weeks!!!! So we will see!! Make sure to pray!!!

This week just seems so fast already, its so nice to be back into the mode of "busy" on the mission!! For a while there,it was slow and the Hardest period of my life, but i am now recieving the blessings all over again, and just like i always have said, Doing the 3 simple things brings the greatest happiness!!!! I sure am happy here, and am enjoying of the blessing of bringing others to the knowledge of the Truth!!!! It has really been super hott here, broke some records!!! It has cooled down a bit, haha but i did have a really funny thing that happend this week.. i have been sleeping on the ground hahah they arent going to give me a bed because elder cook leaves in 2 weeks so i am sleeping like a baby!!! And im serious!! Couch cusions are awesome!!!!

Tomorrow i get the opportunity to teach the libro de mormon clase and i am so excited!!! Im going to do it on Faith, and how the libro de mormon testifies of christ!!! It is all about faith!! ALso, the teacher for the sunday school class asked who wanted to learn more spanish, so i of course told her i did!! So she then told me that i had to teach the class next week because she would be gone...REAL FUNNY!! made me just smile really big, and they were all laughing at me. It seems like im just the one to be made fun of!!! Elder Gallego is just a bit JOKE!! :) thats fine with me, i sure do love this area and the mission!!! The church is true, the book of mormon is the key to finding happiness in this life, and the savior lives. Thats all there is to it.  Se cuidan!

Elder Gallego

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