Tuesday, July 26, 2011


ok so some big serious sweet news!! I am in north philly now, the erie area, which is the MOST ghetto, and i am with elder cook, and the native i wanted from oaxaca, mexico, elder de leon heras!!!!! I am super excited and i am so pumped for a new comp! I learned so much from elder freeman, but i wouldnt recommend doing it again! I did my job, and he left happy and he really changed a lot! Taught me a lot about patience, charity, and love. I am so glad to have a new comp, area, and fresh start!!!

So i think the coolest thing is that we speak only ESPANOL!!!! it is so much fun!!!! also, we are in a walking area, finally!!! i hated having a car!! it makes it so that you cant be outside sweating all the time!!!! i love it! We use the SEPTA, and the train that runs underground here, so its way more exciting, and its right where ALL the hispanics are!! LOve it!!!

My knee is still attatched!! haha i fell down the stairs this morning leaving my old apartamento, but its ok, just hurts alot!! But the pain is worth it!!!! i am so excited for a fresh new start!! it is such a blessing to be a missionary!!! I am now much stronger spiritually than i have ever been in my entire life!! it is just amazing!! Yesterday, in sacrament, Yura Flores, a 16 year old honduran girl gave a bomb talk on Apostasy, personally, and generalmente! I was amazed at how confidently she talked about what it really was, a personal state of apostasy! As missionaries, we always teach this stuff, but man, the members normally dont! She did though, and i realized how little it takes for us to begin to fall into an apostasy. Not reading, praying, going to church when we want, that all is just the beginning!! Satan is trying so hard to tear apart our lives, and we have to understand that he has no power over us and that we have to keep enduring to the end, if we want to recieve all of the blessings the lord has in store for us!

Also, a member of the stake high council, hermano hernandez, gave a great talk on forgiveness, man that hit me so hard. The most important thing that we have to learn about this life, is that we are not perfect, nor anybody else walking the face of this earth. So when people offend you, it may take time, but you will be responsible for it in the end if you dont forgive that person! Think of Jesucristo!! He forgives us always!!! as long as we make the sincere desire to complete the steps of repentance. That is so importante!!!! I really had some forgiving and asking of forgiveness to do with elder freeman, for my lack of patience at times, and everything, and we left on a good note.

I know without a doubt that the lord answers our prayers, families are ordained of god, and that the priesthood power is REAL! This church is restored, it is perfect, and we are called to labor in HIS vineyard for the last time! Jacob 5:70-75!!
Like Nike- JUst DO IT!!
Les quiero mucho!!!

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