Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hola mi familia! Como estan?! Estoy muy animado for este oportunidad para compartir que paso este semana! Oh! Mi espanol es muy bien y estoy aprendiendo bien rapido! Todos los dias mi companero y yo habla solo espanol y hemos tratado hablar mas en nuestro apartamento tambien entonces, ahora, esta bien! :)

Ok so this week, milagros, milagros, milagros!!!! It is loco what is happening out here por the past 2 weeks but this week was especially just insane!! SO i was sick, yes i know it was a bummer, from last monday until friday night with a sore throat and no energia entonces it was really trying on my body. I lost about 8 pounds, and look much better now :) But we did a lot of work! I only stayed in on friday all day bc im stubborn and you all know i hate saying that im sick bc im never really sick! But i just had no energia so we stayed in all day on friday and i slept! It was exactly what i needed! But anyways, i got a haircut of monday! Finally man my hair was so long!!! So it is really short now :) im gonna keep it this way, even though my head is really cold haha :) I got your dearelder and postcard mom!! :) That is a really cool picture that is on that postcard! I miss AZ so much and i miss getting dirty!! :( As missionaries, its really hard to get dirty ahah but i really do miss the dirt. Its all backland woods here and snow so..yeah you get the point :) It has been snowing hardcore all week, we got like 11 inches one night during this insane blizzard and we werent able to go to Spanish Training the next morning as planned bc not all of the missionaries could make it so it was really frustrating! It was going to be in North Philly too!! And i was going to see my companion from the MTC ELder Reese!! :( But its ok, i am sure that they are going to reschedule it!

SOme very good news, I didnt get transfered!! :) Im here for at least one more transfer, hopefully for the next 6 months or so i am in love with the people here and the work that is happening is absolutely incredible!! I did find out though that the philly temple wont be finished until after my mission is over :( Well, looks like im coming back! :) And dad, they have a place called Wawa here, its like the QT of the east coast and they have ATMs there that dont charge! So my acct should be fine, plus i havent needed any money anyway, hecki havent spent any money haha so dont need to worry about that :)

Ok so now about my week...We taught a lot of people, 20 lessons again, which really isnt as much as we couldve taught if i wasnt sick, but the spirit was so apparent in every single one of these lessons this week. At times i felt as if it were something tangible in the room that i could like literally embrace, but man, it was just insane i dont know how to describe it!! We are no longer teaching Ithamar, the one who had a baptismal date for the 20th of Febrero, porque he hasnt answered any of our calls, and we have been over like every day to see him and he just ignores the door so he is getting a break. Really sad though, we think he got anti-ed and that his buddies gave him something. He has a couple J-Dubs as friends so yeah...big bummer. But we are still teaching Victor de Dominican Republic! He is doing well, we feel that he has a problem son la palabra de sabiduria so we will be teaching him that and see if he will be ready for baptism as well on the 27th of Febreo! Carlos Escobar de El Salvador is also progressing very well and he will be getting a baptismal invitation this week as well for the 6th de Marzo!

Ok now to the good we had a Stake Sone Conference on Saturday, which really focused on how important the members are for us missionaries! The members out here are really getting pumped in this branch, especially Edgar and Moroni! Moroni was just called yesterday servir con Edgar as his primero consejero en la presidencia de Elders! What a perfect calling and perfect person for the job! The hometeaching percentage when i first arrived here was 2%! Now it is almost 100%!! Edgar is on fire man! We are doing a lot of visits to the less active members in this rama especailly con miembros! Members are so key in converts. They need someone to trust in, someone who they can lean on and go to at any time they have a question or a need. As missionaries, we can only do so much, and it comes to a point when once they are baptized, it is the members responsibilidad to fellowship the new members! Invite them to FHE, to activities, heck invitar a ellos over to your house to talk, read the scriptures, anything to show that you are there for them and that you love them. The youth are so important in this. If investigators that have kids see that their kids are friends with members' kids, and that they love church and have been invited to come most of the time they will do what it takes to make sure that their kids are happy and that is what is important. TO you youth, be the best example possible. Preach the Gospel at all times, if necessary, open your mouth. THis is such an important principle. We have to be a good example wherever we go, and this is something that i have really come to learn on my mission. I have to watch everything i do and say, and i seriously have been able to see the difference this has made in my life! I am maturing more than i thought i would ever mature! DAHHHHHHH!!!! I just love this time of my life! I wish i could explain to you how much fun this is, and how much love the Lord has for all of his hijos en la tierra!!

Charity and Love....the greatest attibute any of us can aquire in this life is to have charity, and love for those around us. This has been such a power to me as i have been out here on my mission and i am so excited to be able to develop this kind of love for others!! You cant convert someone beyond your own conversion. Remember that. If you want others to change their entire lives, everything that they have ever believed in and the things that they do, you need to be willing to do the same. Think about the things that you do each day, the time that is wasted, and the time that could be spent helping others and yourself become closer to Christ. It is so important that we too submit our will to the Lord, and let him show us the things that we need to do better.

SO i was on exchanges with Elder Hall on saturday, and we went to Florencios house, and this familiy is on fire!! Issac, and now his 15 year old sister Stephanie have been listening to the lessons, and we were teaching the plan of salvacion! THis lesson is so much fun to teach! Especially when they understand it but still ask quesions!! Anyways, Florencio, issac, and Stephanie all commited to baptism!! THe 27 de Febreo is the baptismal date!! Oh man what a week!! I couldnt stop smiling like all day haah it was so amazing how much the spirit of the lord helps us as missionaries in this work!! That family is so happy now, they all read together, they were all in church yesterday, and everything is just happening and it is a miracle!!

Well, family and friends this week has been awesome. Topped off with 5 lessons yesterday, and a celebration do Moroni Birthday! Our area is on fire right now, and this transfer totally flew by!! Heck its already the end of January! If time keeps flying by this much, ill be home before i know it :( I love it out here! this church is so true, i have no doubt in my mind about that. Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios, and lets also not forget his brother Hyrum...Hyrum stood by his side till the end. They were 2 of the greatest men this earth will ever see. I testify that our lord and savior Jesucristo lives, and that he will return to reign on this earth. Prepare yourselves, learn all that you can, and do the things neccessary to show him that you love him, that youre greatful for his sacrifice for us, and that you will do what it takes to live with him again. Have Charity, the greatest act of Charity this world will ever see was the Atonement. Jesucristo gave his life, for us. He did everything that he did, all for us. THink about it more personally, he did it for you! He did it for me! He knows what we are going through, and he is there to help! SO go to him, and tell him what your needs are, and the things that you are stuggling with, and i promise with everything in me, that he will prepare a way, he will help bring you back to the straight and narrow, and that if you hold to the Iron rod (the gospel) you will never be led astray! I love you all, thank you for all of your support letters, and prayers, Its going to snow like 25 inches tomorrow and miercoles so pray that i dont get burried in the snow! Haha i love you all!!

Elder Gallego/Venancillo!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week Number 5!

Ok family, this week was insane!! Miracles are happening every day in this branch, i really hope i dont get transferred...i have a feeling i am, but i really hope i dont!

Anyway, it is soo frio!!! It hasnt gotten above 28 degrees all week and it has been windy like no other too so the thermals have finally been used! :) THey really are good ones too i cant even feel the wind in my legs! But i can feel it on my face and its really annoying!! Oh i found out last night at la casa de Moroni que i have gained 10 pounds! haa i know its really bad. But its not fat! I have been working out in the mornings but it is coming from all of the food that these people feed us here! It is nuts! I ate 10 tamales last night at a J-Dubs house (Testigo de Jehovah) haha that is what we call Jehovahs witnesses in the field! It was really good though!! We shared a message of how important families are and especially family prayer. I am so grateful my parents raised me on my knees, and said prayers as a family. I really miss it here, but mi companero is mi familia aqui ahorita!! :)

I found out that Gallego is a lenguaje!! It comes from Galicia, the northernmost parte de EspaƱa! Pretty cool huh?! Oh yeah ahah another thing that was pretty funny, tuesday night we were in a less actives casa, and there was an illegal that had just gotten there like a couple of hours ago hahaha i just started laughing so hard! It took her 4 days to get across the border, and then another 3 days to hitch a ride to DE. What a trip! I have really come to love the spanish culture. I feel as if it is a parte de mi that i have been missing todo mi vida! I found a way cool escritura en el libro de 2 Nefi 1:5. It talks about immigration and it is some pretty sweet doctrine about it. It is wayy cool :)

So On monday night we had una noche de hogar (FHE) con Moroni and it was a wayy good lesson. He served his mission in the Yucatan and he is such a good simple teacher! We taught el plan de salvaccion and was so spiritual. I am not sure if you have ever thought about this but did you know that this earth is a gift from Dios for us? He created the earth so that we could inhabit it and multiply and replenish it! 1 Nefi 17:36. I am so grateful for this earth. For the opportunidad that i have to be here and learn and grow. THat is our purpose here, is to try to become like Jesucristo y su padre Dios. We are never going to be perfect, and they know that, but they put us here, with the families that we have for a specific reason, which is to learn, grow, fulfill our purpose, and return to live with him. WHat is our purpose? THe plan of Salvaccion revolves around our purpose. Faith in the Lord Jesucristo, Repentance, Bautismo for the remission de sins, el don del Espiritu Santo, y Endure to the End! D y C 20:37 talks all about what our purpose is. And with out a family, i can testify that this wouldnt be possible. I am so grateful for my family, and the things that they have taught me and are still teaching me. What a great blessing families are in our lives. Take advantage to spend time with our family. I wish i wouldve spent more time with mine before i came out, but i have learned from that mistake, so i dont regret it. Learn from your mistakes, and always remember, Without Faith, nothing is possible. With Faith, nothing is impossible :)

So on Wednesday, we had a ton of appts set up but they all fell through and we just stayed in bc elder kerouac slipped and tore his calf muscle in his already hammered ankle :( I feel so bad for him. We gave him a blessing on Sunday, and he is already walking on it again :) It was a crazy experience!! But! I had an interview with President and he told me to get ready and learn all i can really fast because there are 20 spanish missionaries that are set to leave here in the next few months with only a couple new ones coming so i am kinda feeling like i will be training some time soon and i am trying to learn all i can as fast as i can!! I hope i dont get transferred just yet though my work here is not done!! :( You will know by next monday whether or not i got transferred though so keep your fingers crossed!

SO we have been teaching a family, well kinda, there is a guy named Florencio and a now an active member, Erika Rojas, who live together...this is very apparent in the hispanic culture, to not be married..kinda stinks. But we have been teaching Florencio and Erikas son, Issac, and we showed them that Restauracion video, remember when i said this last week, well the next day we go back over to teach and florencio had a doubt about Joseph Smith bc he had never heard about him before, and we had given him el libro de mormon, and he has been reading it, but he still had a doubt! Well we go back the next night, actually just me and 2 members bc we had splits for home teaching, and he tells us that he had a dream, and Jose Smith sat down with him and talked to him and told him that this church was true, that this is what he has been in need of his whole life, that God will bless him if he follows what he has been told in his heart, and in that dream, and he also confirmed to him that he was the chosen profeta of the Restauracion! THat is crazy!! What a powerful answer! When he explained this to us we were all just speechless. I then invited him to be baptized and he said yes! :) Oh man teary eyed and all i then bore my testimony about how he has recieved an answer and that now he needs to act accordingly. Moroni 10:4. Have real intent which means willing to act on the answer recieved. What a crazy answer. Oh man i am so happy for him he is so set on being baptized and i think his will be on the 20th of febrero as well.

We had zone training and intercambios (exchanges) as well this past week! I went with Elder Osorio who is a native, on saturday, and man we did some work!! Got 2 more baptismal dates, and taught a whole ton and i had a blast being able to be out and contacting because i havent had the opportunity to do much contacting and door knocking because of my companero and it has really been taking a toll on me! I was so sick of just sitting in the car and driving to each appt and not being able to walk around and find new people..its been tough. But saturday i went all out and i learned a lot. Especially about the spirit, and how it works, but most importantly, i learned a lot about how much i love this mission. I love it so much, mainly because of the spirit that is with me. As a missionary, i have realized how many times i ignored spiritual promptings back at home because i wasnt paying attencion to the promptings, whisperings, or thoughts that came into my head. It really is true, if you are not listening, and trying to be guided by the spirit, you wont. It is so difficult to hear them in times of chaos, or very crowded areas most people say, but the spirit works in different ways than that. THrough the thoughts that most of us have during the day, yeah thats the spirit. If you are following the commandments, and doing what you are supposed to, ever righteous thought that comes into your mind was directed by the influence of the Spirit. I know its hard to believe that, bc i used to just think that it was just my mind, but its not. Its the spirit!

I testify that the spirit is real, it knows us personally, and will reaveal itself to us in many different ways, but as it says in the scriptures, through our thoughts, feelings, and impressions, that same spirit will testify to us of everything. I know this is true, i know that the spirit has guided me to the people that i am teaching. I know that without it, i am nothing. My words dont mean anything to the people that i teach. Not one thing. It is the feelings that people get that cause them to change. Those feelings are from the spirit. I know that because of this we need to make sure that we are doing everything possible to have that with us. Study the scriptures, live and apply what you learn, never ignore a prompting from the spirit, and be all that you can be. If you have a dream, and if you want to do something, do what it takes.

To everyone that reads this, do what you KNOW is right. Read and pray daily. Study the principles that you have learned and look for ways to apply them to your life. I have really learned out here how much i didnt know about really anything before i came, but i had faith and a testimony and i had recieved an answer and i acted on it. I could have stayed home, worked played with my friends, and gone to school, but i knew that the Lord would bless me for being out here, and i knew that i had people to teach. I am so glad for the opportunity to share this mission with you all and i know that if we pray for miracles, we will see miracles. I love you all so much and want you to know how much the lord loves us all. Lets make him proud and do what it takes to become like him.

yo se que nuestro senor, jesucristo vive y que el quieres todos de nosotros a regresar a ti, y con su padre por la eternidad. Yo se el libro de mormon fue tradujo por el poder del senor, y que Jose Smith restauro este iglesia, este evangelio in la tierra para nosotros y por el poder de dios. Lea el libro de mormon cada dia y haga las cosas que necesitan hacer! Yo quiero todos y mi familia, mama y papa me ama mucho, y mis hermanos alec y chandler y mi hermana y cuinado alyssa y trevor y abuela pat, yo espera y yo quiera todos! :)

Para siempre Dios este con Vos!

Elder Mateo Gallego

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week Number 4!!

ok, this week I DID WORK!!!!! 
SO we are having a baptism on the 20th of February!! Yeah!! Ithamar committed, and we are hoping to get his girlfriend to do the same, but they also would have to get married so it is going to be a process, but we are going to keep working on him hard!! I also invitied Victor to be baptized! 2 times too!! But that little ol dominican guy said no! :( haha he is so ready, but i told him its all his decision! He has a testimony that is bullettproof and he knows that its all true! THe book of mormon and everything! We just think that its a drinking problem, so we will see on saturday when we meet back with him!
We finally had some investigators in sacrament meeting! Yeah like the blessings poured harder than the snow and ice rain this week haha. We had 3 in the chapel for sacrament, and all are looking very good. Victor, and a part member family of a dad and his son that are not members were the ones who were in the chapel. Ithamar didnt show :( so it was a bit frustrating, but we had 108 in the chapel! MOre than last week again!! I lead the music in sacrament too...hahahaahahaha i wish you were all there to see that haha i totally didnt know what i was doing but i made it work :)
SO we taught 27 lessons this week!! I know right! THats more almost than the first 2 weeks combined! Elder Kerouacs foot is doing better, its just all torn up too, but he doesnt want to go get it looked at cuz he will most likely need surgery, and were not going to do that! Ha! SO im making him a tough missionary! :) were kinda suffering on our contacts though cuz he isnt able to walk around all that much, actually shouldnt be walking at all, but were not going to sit inside!! SO he ditched the maletas (crutches) and he is just using the boot. Its sad to see him in pain, but man it sure is fun to be his companion! I love him!! We also picked up 8 new investigators this week!! I know it is just going crazy here right now!! Im so busy i like cant even focus!!
Ok, so this past week, i gave my first blessing in SPANISH!! IT WAS CRAZY!!!! I was almost in tears oh man i will never forget that experience. I am so blessed. I dont say that to be boastful (as london would say) i just am so blessed to be part of this work! THe best decision i have ever made in my entire life to be out here speaking spanish. I dont even think about speaking it anymore it just comes natural! Im learning so much every day and i am so lucky to have the papa (elder kerouac is my trainer) so im his hijo. :) anyway, he is an awesome missionary! We were talking about how much fun its going to be when we are back and speaking spanish all the time! I cant wait!!
So like tuesday night, it snowed hard. And im sure you can all picture me doing this, but it was like 9:00 and we had to be in by 9:30 cuz we were coming back form the Hernandez familia and they had just fed us a ton of food. SO were driving and its like 9:20, and we come up to a stop sign right before a huge hill that we had to get up to get home. Well i being the PRO driver i am, said elder HANG ON!! WE needed some speed! SO i got some.....but not enough hahaa. We were sliding all over the place, but i remembered that if you turn the wheels as your stepping on the gas in a front wheel car, it helps! So of course i took my knowledge of this and used it, and we made it! It was hilarious though cus we almost didnt and im sure the car behind us was getting really frustrated ahah it was so much fun! :)
So i tore it up in Futbol this week. scored a ton of goals, and there were 16 non members in the gym! 16!! it was a great turnout!! I am going to need a soccer jersey they say cuz im too good haha. THose guys are all so good i love playing soccer with them! Also, that night was the night that we had met with Ithamar. I was on exchanges with elder hershey, solid elder, and we were teaching Ithamar about Fe and accion! Well i told him how the only reason im our here is becasue i used my fe and i put it to accion!! We have to be willing to have a desire to change especially if we say we have faith. Faith is not a perfect knowledge of things, because believe me i dont know everything at all, but if we have faith with real intent, that is willing to act on the answer that we recieve, then we will be able to recibir los bendiciones de Dios!! SOrry the blessings. What a great principle! Have a real intent to know, and when you know, act on that knowledge. I could workout my arms and say hey look at me im huge! But if i dont use them for anything, then what good does it do? If i dont keep lifting, im going to get smaller. Same principle. If you have a lot of faith, then use it! Or else that faith isnt faith, its just a useless knowledge that will soon be forgotten. Use the faitht hat you have and i promise, i testify that the lord will show you many great and marvelous things that you would have never been able to know before. I have learned more out here in 4 weeks than i have my entire life! It scares me because i dont even know if im going to be the same person, well im already not, but what is 2 years going to change?! :) Im excited to know!! 
2 Nefi 4:15-35. Trust in the lord. Glory in him. Do what it takes to be willing to change. I cant even explain to any of you the kind of love i have for my family and for my friends. THe seed that my parents planted in me, by becoming members of this church, and my friends for pulling me out of the lowest of lows...i cant thank any of you enough. I am so glad that i have all this knowledge to share with others. I can now see what i was really sent to this earth to do. Preach the Gospel!!! I dont regret anything that i have ever done. Because i have learned form it! If you make a mistake and you dont learn from it, then yes you should regret it. But i am so glad that i learned from my mistakes. I dont know who i would be right now. Sure as heck not an Elder! Man the atonement is so powerful!
Think about what our Elder Brother, Jesucristo did for us on this earth. He suffered EVERYTHING! He taught the doctrines that we have today, he never once, never once gave up. He was tempted above all things. He bled from every pore for us!! He was crucified for us...thinnk about that. COuld you do it? I know i couldnt. But it is because of this knowledge that i am out here. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for me. I want to help others know this too! We have so much that we really dont think about. THe trials and just minor speedbumps. They are there to make us stronger. Never, Never say you cant do something..well unless it is something you shouldnt be doing..but you know what i mean. If there is a trail in your life that you are struggling with, get on your knees and pray to your Heavenly Father. Its a commandment! He wants to hear form you ! It is so amazing the blessings that come fro prayer. My experience with prayer is this..if you have the faith that you can do what it takes, and that no matter what answer you recieve you will follow that, then you will recieve an answer. But you have to be willing to act on that answer. It wasnt easy for me to leave everyone i come out here on a mission. But i had the faith, and i recieved an answer that this was where i was supposed to be. I know that i am here for a reason. I know that it is because of my faith, not my knowledge, but my faith that i have been able to see success out here. I am so amazed and how much i am changing. Its scary!! but i know its is shaping be into the kind of person im going to be for the rest of my life!! I cant wait to teach more people this week. To meet new people, learn more spanish, be taught by companion, everythig is so amazing out here!!
I ate some cactus this week :) yup cactus! It was so good!! and i also was able to translate at the hospital as well!! THat was a blast!! Well, family and friends, i hope you all enjoy this and i know that i will be watched over and protected. I am so gratefull for all of you and your love and support for me! London i love the tie and the head wand!! ANd the candy....yeah thats allgone!! :) I love you mom and dad and boys i sent a letter yesterday!!
Elder Gallego

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week Number 3!! Holy Moley!!

ok i dont even know where to start!! Hola mi familia!! Como estan? Estoy muy bien y tengo muchas cosas a compartir con ustedes!!

Entonces!! haah man i love spanish!!! My spanish is increasing every day out here it is insane!! Ok now i just need to put my brain in like a low gear and slow down! I get so ADD when i type emails its bad haah the people next to me prolly think im all hopped up on Mt. Dew or something!!

Mom and Dad..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I wish you both the best of luck and want to let you know how much i lov eyou and miss you! Be safe as you travel and if you go to cali, take some pictures!! By the way..i need pictures of my family!! Send me more please!!

Ok now to the mission...Elder Kerouacs foot is broken...yup. Cracked the 5th Metatarsel in his right foot and is on crutches and in a boot for about 4 weeks!! But here is the good news to that...We got a car!! HAHAAAAHA we stole the english elders car!!! Im kinda bummed cuz i never got to ride the bikes!! :( oh well now that means i have no hope to try to lose any weight!! Oh no!!! oh and speaking of getting fat, i ate menudo on saturday..yes dad i ate it and i was sick all night from it!! I hate that stuff!! THe texture was what grossed me out about it but i powered it down and got to some tamales!! In the past 3 days....guess how many tamales i have been fed!! Like i think 20. ANd that is not a joke! I had 4 on saturday, 9 on sunday, and 4 last night!! Ok so that makes 17 but hey i was close!! I love tamales!!

Ok so i drive a light ugly green Mazda 3 like alyssas its just automatic which is wierd cuz im used to driving a stick! But hey, we can at least get out of the apartamento now!! On Wednesday is when we got the car! After an amazing Zone conference!! HOly cow Zone conferences are so long!! It was form 7 to 7!! it was insane!! But i learned so many things!! I came in that meeting one person and out another! i absolutely loved it! I found out that my mission president actually played baseball! Second base too!! Haha man he is just so hilarious! He really emphasized a lot on how important it is to commit people to baptism. It might sound crazy, but even if it is the first lesson, it is so important to listen to what the spirit is telling you. We did a lot of different role play situaciones and i felt the spirit so strong!! Oh man what a great experience that was! HEck i learned so much i took like 12 pages of notes i think? I still need to read back through them when i get the chance to, but i was writing the thoguhts that came to me through the spirit. It was amazing how much of my notes werent the words of the assistants and my mission president and his wife. THey were all thoughts and promptings that i felt i needed to write down!! Ahh what an amazing day! I shared Grandma Pats conversion story and how much of an impact that has made on my life and it was a good way to help the missionaries understand that its not that hard to just express how you feel, especially about the gospel and how it has impacted your life! I know that because of our familys example and our spirit that was in our home that grandma is a member. SHe saw it. SHe wanted more of it! Now we need to do the same thing!! GO and learn all that you can!! In MOsiah 4:11-12 it talks about how we know nothing..thats right..nothing!! We need to consistently humble ourselves before the lord if we want to learn the things that he would have us learn. I have come to realize that i knew really nothing before i came out here, compared to what i know now. It is nuts how much i have learned.

Anyway...Have i told you that i live in the GHETTO!!! Holy cow man i love it!! I always laugh when i hear all of our neighbors who are always screaming and yelling at eachother and it makes me laugh so stinking hard!! hahah! ANd yes i got the ring that you sent and it was amazing!! It is amazing!! I almost cried when i read the engraving on the inside!! THank you so much that was an awesome gift and one that i will never forget!! I hope the black doesnt flake off like my last black one that i had! Oh just so you address is 806 North Harrison not 86 North Harrison. ANd i have a nickname...Venancillo. Hahah it basically what all the mexicans call Gallegos in mexico. Hahaa Edgar always calls me benancillo now instead of Elder. If grandma wants to send me something, have her send me a GPs i need one and need to know my way around here!!

SO we taught a couple of lessons this week, and have 2 or 3 people that we are going to ask to be baptized!! Pray for Ithamar, Jose and we might have another one Victor. If we can ever get ahold of him!! I was able to teach the restauracion finally and guess what?!...yup there was an interupption right before i was going to say the first vision!! Dahh!!! Every time!!  Its almost just guaranteed now to have a distraction out of nowhere in that part of the lesson. I had to get up and open the door for Joses mom cuz she didnt have a key..oh and the door just magically blew open too...what a suprise...but anywho..the spirit is so strong during the lessons that i teach i seriously cant get enough of it!!

Here is something that i will leave you all with...There is only one sin. Do any of you know what it is?......think really hard!! Its DISOBEDIENCE!! Haha what a great truth!! Every sin is an act of disobedience! HOw do you know if it is a sin? NOw here comes the fun part! THere are only 2 commandments! Love God and worship him and only him, and love one another. So if you have a question about whether or not something is disobedience, think to yourself, is this what Heavenly Father has taught? Is it part of loving him, cuz if i love him i want to be obedient. SO what is he going to say if he was right next to me? ANd If you do this i PROMISE that the lord will show you the way. Mosiah 3:19-put off the natural man and become submissive meek and lowly in heart and humble yourself even as a little child. SUbmit your will to the lords will and i know that he will show you what you need to do. Let go of your pride. I have had to learn so much from letting go of my pride and it has been a rough process sometimes, but i know that i have been blessed. I know without a doubt that this church is true. I can see it. I saw it yesterday, when we had 105 people in sacrament! MOre than the last 2 sundays combined!! It is through the strong testimony that i have and the spirit that i carry that i have been able to see the fruits of my labors here in the mission field. My companion and i have got a bond that nothing can separate, and i am so attatched to doing my best to hit my goals every day and be obedient and dilligent that im getting lost in the work. THe church is growing out here. Im working hard, and im doing my best with what i have! I am learning so much out here, oh man...i cant even begin to explain how grateful i am for this gospel and for the wonderful blessings that it gives me. I am gonna get back to work, i love you all, thank you for the walmart gift card dad, and grandma im gonna go buy some sweaters right now with them :) Its supposed to snow good again...its already snowed like 3 days this past week! I love  you all again and i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve my lord, my brother, my savior and my redeemer.

My mission means everything to me. Everything. Nobody will take that away form me, and i wont let anyone or anything stop me from fulfilling my purpose. I miss you all my friends, and please write me i love getting mail!! :) Keep working hard and always rely on the lord.

Elder Gallego

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week #2 in the Field!!

Dang i dont know where to start!! So this past week has been crazy!! Oh my heck there is so much that happend!! I absolutely love the mission. I cant even imagine where i would be without this in my life right now!!

So i havent gotten the other package yet but we have zone conference on wednesday so hopefully it is there! Im glad everyone is doing great and hope the boys know how much i love them and miss them. I will be writing letters today last week i didnt get enough time to get letters out so i will have plenty of time today thats for sure! I just got done with shopping for groceries at walmart with Elder Kerouac and the other spanish elders in our district.

Tuesday was a way crazy day! It snowed a whole bunch the day after christmas remember so we still havent gone on the bikes, nor will we any time soon. (more on that in a little) Anyway, we had a couple of people ditch out on appointments which was a real bummer but we just knocked doors and whatnot! I have found out that knocking on doors is not the most effective way to preack the gospel. We can preach the gospel without even having to open our mouths! Guess how? Through our examples! what an important principle examples are. I know that as we watch every act that we do, word that we say, and the people that we interact with that we will look in the mirror one day, or at a time where we are just thinking about life, how much we have changed. I am amazed at how much this mission has already changed my life y all the blessings that i have been given through being obedient and diligent.

Also on tuesday, Elder Kerouac and i got to go with a member to help him translate for a lawyer so that was pretty cool!! I didnt do the traslating, but shared a couple of my thoughts with Alfonzo about how the lawyer was talking alot but not really saying anything different, just about the same thing over and over again ahah it was prettty funny! After that we went less active member hunting for the next 6 hours, and i gave out my first 2 el Libros de Mormon!! It was so awesome!! THe first one was to a less active member Francisco that didnt have one, and then the next one was to a now investigator, Pedro! I felt so accomplished that i finally got the opportunity to do that!! We will be teaching him more this week hopefully if we can get out of the apartamento! Ill tell the story of why we cant leave in a sec :)

SO then wednesday, ok so remember those shows on tv of the pack rat people who keep everything?! Well we had the opportunity to go and do some service for the pentacostal lady that prayed with us. Her basement looked like a tornado went through it!! I just looked at my companion and was like youve got to be kidding me?! THis lady had a bizzillion bags from shopping, trash, clothes beyond belief, and just a ton of stuff!! Man did i do some work on that place!! We through out so much trash!! Actually, we filled up her entire front porch with trash bags!! It was so awesome!! FOr 4 hours we were cleaning and organizing and we didnt even get to finish! After her, we went to visit with Ithomar. It was an amazing meeting! Another new investigator!! ANd his girlfriend Laura. We invited them to church but they didnt show up :( but its okay!! He is really interested and we have another appointment with him tonight. We brought edgar with us to the appointment and he was a good part of the lesson being taught! My spanish is so good!! Like i thought i would be out here and be so confused but i understand almost everything now! Except for the puerto ricans cuz they talk really fast! BUt im getting used to it! :) Keep praying for me! After that lesson we went with a less active/ex bishop, crazy i know, to another less active family whose husband we will be teaching! His name is beto. But we sat down and talked with Margarita, his wife, about why it is important to go to church every sunday and especially with her children. But she works every other sunday so that is a big problem. And that is a very common thing out here, working on sunday. Its sad but we have another appointment with them this week to give her a blessing! We need a ride though or some crutches...which by the way, speaking of blessings, i gave one in spanish!! Not the whole blessing, just the oil part of it, and it took me 3 times to get it right but it was still an amazing experience!!

Thursday we had our district meeting as normal and Elder Kerouac taught us about learning how to follow the spirit no matter how much sense it doesnt make. Well we did role play and i ended up teaching about getting sealed in the temple and how important those ordinances are in this life! Keep in mind, The other elder who i was role playing with was acting like a previous now baptized investigator who had some concerns of the law of chastity and he told me that i hit the issue right on. I didnt exactly address the specific problem, but i put it into the eternal prespective which helped him realize what he needed to do with whatever the issue really was (he never told me what it was). SO that was awesome! THen later we went and planned and went to play futbol as usual on thursday nights at 7! We had a good turnout! about 9 non members i think and edgar moroni mahonry and juan who are all members! It was way fun and it got way intense at times!!

THat brings us to friday..well so we had gotten done with study time and we were asked to play again with the non members, which here activities are so key in getting the investigators comfortable with being around the members of the church. SO that was the plan. I had a jalepeno, yes dad i ate spicy food, sandwich before and we headed down there. There ended up being 13 nonmembers there! It was great!!!....all until elder kerouac was running and i was goalie...all i remember was seeing his ankle roll and a huge pop and a bunch of cracking and tearing. Ugh it was so loud. He was in a ton of pain and it swelled up pretty fast, but we got ice on it immediately. And it is still huge at the moment. We were supposed to go to the doctors sometime today to get an x ray so hopefully they call soon cuz he cant walk. at all. its rough, i dont want to lose my papa (trainer) :( so pray for us!!

But ever since then we have been in the apartamento reading studying, and i made a cake on new years eve! It was amazing! New years was nothing special though we were in the apartment all day long, but man have we bonded!! I love my companion so much!! He is exactly who i needed to train me and i know that missions are custom designed by God. We talked and laughed and told about things we love to do and about our families, and shared pictures! It was so much fun! ANd we read a lot of Jesus the Christ which by the way is an amazing book!!

Saturday was the same thing. Stayed in till about 7 then went to Edgars house to eat. He picked us up and we had some bomb food!! Its funny how real mexican food is nothing like they sell it to be haha i love it! Tamales and a bunch of other crazy stuff! ANd Horchata!! Man that stuff is good!!

And then yesterday....I love church. Can i just say that? I fasted for Ithomar and Laura, and also Pedro, and more success in the area, and for the gift of tongues...and boy did i get it! I understood everything in church yesterday! Everything!! ANd i got up and bore my testimony in sacrament and it was amazing! I still dont want to ever miss a chance to bear my testimony when i have the opportunity so i have been keeping with that goal! Here, we have a different schedule for church now where we go to class first, then priesthood, then sacrament last. It was different but fun! And we had so many people in church today!! I couldnt stop smiling!!! Like 39 adults, which with all the kids they each have was probably upwards of 80 people in sacrament!! ANd remember last week we had like 23 people total ahah. Fasting and prayer works!

SO that is my week. Sprititually, ive never felt stronger. I have learned more doctrine so far on my mission than i have in my entire time being a member. THis church is so true and i love the opportunity i have to be here. THe book of mormon talks a lot about trials in life and how we need to have faith in order to overcome those trials. We need to become as a little child, submissive meek, humble, and lowly in heart and the most important thing...we need to be willing to submit to the will of the father. I know that when we let go of our pride, and remember what Christ has done for us, he sent his son here to be crucified, crucified for us. He gave his entire life for us! THe least we can do is do what he asks of us. Pray, read, go to church, be obedient, diligent, follow the prophets and endure to the end. I know that when we do this, we will be blessed. Missionary work is where it all starts. Be an example and you will see, i mean really SEE a difference in your coutenance and the many things that the lord has blessed you with. I am finding out that through hard prayerful study and diligence that the lord is blessing me every day.

THis gospel is true. I know it with all of my heart. Id give my life for it, and nobody can, or will take this knowledge from me. THe spirit is real. FOllow it, listen to it, and make sure to always stand in holy places. If you do this, the lord will shower his blessings upon you like no other. Have a firm foundation. Build your foundation on a rock (the gospel of Jesus Christ) and youll never fail. Ever. I love you all and am so grateful for the prayers and love i feel every day! Have a great new years, and remember, no matter where you are, follow the spirit. I love you all!!

Elder Gallego