Monday, January 10, 2011

Week Number 3!! Holy Moley!!

ok i dont even know where to start!! Hola mi familia!! Como estan? Estoy muy bien y tengo muchas cosas a compartir con ustedes!!

Entonces!! haah man i love spanish!!! My spanish is increasing every day out here it is insane!! Ok now i just need to put my brain in like a low gear and slow down! I get so ADD when i type emails its bad haah the people next to me prolly think im all hopped up on Mt. Dew or something!!

Mom and Dad..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I wish you both the best of luck and want to let you know how much i lov eyou and miss you! Be safe as you travel and if you go to cali, take some pictures!! By the way..i need pictures of my family!! Send me more please!!

Ok now to the mission...Elder Kerouacs foot is broken...yup. Cracked the 5th Metatarsel in his right foot and is on crutches and in a boot for about 4 weeks!! But here is the good news to that...We got a car!! HAHAAAAHA we stole the english elders car!!! Im kinda bummed cuz i never got to ride the bikes!! :( oh well now that means i have no hope to try to lose any weight!! Oh no!!! oh and speaking of getting fat, i ate menudo on saturday..yes dad i ate it and i was sick all night from it!! I hate that stuff!! THe texture was what grossed me out about it but i powered it down and got to some tamales!! In the past 3 days....guess how many tamales i have been fed!! Like i think 20. ANd that is not a joke! I had 4 on saturday, 9 on sunday, and 4 last night!! Ok so that makes 17 but hey i was close!! I love tamales!!

Ok so i drive a light ugly green Mazda 3 like alyssas its just automatic which is wierd cuz im used to driving a stick! But hey, we can at least get out of the apartamento now!! On Wednesday is when we got the car! After an amazing Zone conference!! HOly cow Zone conferences are so long!! It was form 7 to 7!! it was insane!! But i learned so many things!! I came in that meeting one person and out another! i absolutely loved it! I found out that my mission president actually played baseball! Second base too!! Haha man he is just so hilarious! He really emphasized a lot on how important it is to commit people to baptism. It might sound crazy, but even if it is the first lesson, it is so important to listen to what the spirit is telling you. We did a lot of different role play situaciones and i felt the spirit so strong!! Oh man what a great experience that was! HEck i learned so much i took like 12 pages of notes i think? I still need to read back through them when i get the chance to, but i was writing the thoguhts that came to me through the spirit. It was amazing how much of my notes werent the words of the assistants and my mission president and his wife. THey were all thoughts and promptings that i felt i needed to write down!! Ahh what an amazing day! I shared Grandma Pats conversion story and how much of an impact that has made on my life and it was a good way to help the missionaries understand that its not that hard to just express how you feel, especially about the gospel and how it has impacted your life! I know that because of our familys example and our spirit that was in our home that grandma is a member. SHe saw it. SHe wanted more of it! Now we need to do the same thing!! GO and learn all that you can!! In MOsiah 4:11-12 it talks about how we know nothing..thats right..nothing!! We need to consistently humble ourselves before the lord if we want to learn the things that he would have us learn. I have come to realize that i knew really nothing before i came out here, compared to what i know now. It is nuts how much i have learned.

Anyway...Have i told you that i live in the GHETTO!!! Holy cow man i love it!! I always laugh when i hear all of our neighbors who are always screaming and yelling at eachother and it makes me laugh so stinking hard!! hahah! ANd yes i got the ring that you sent and it was amazing!! It is amazing!! I almost cried when i read the engraving on the inside!! THank you so much that was an awesome gift and one that i will never forget!! I hope the black doesnt flake off like my last black one that i had! Oh just so you address is 806 North Harrison not 86 North Harrison. ANd i have a nickname...Venancillo. Hahah it basically what all the mexicans call Gallegos in mexico. Hahaa Edgar always calls me benancillo now instead of Elder. If grandma wants to send me something, have her send me a GPs i need one and need to know my way around here!!

SO we taught a couple of lessons this week, and have 2 or 3 people that we are going to ask to be baptized!! Pray for Ithamar, Jose and we might have another one Victor. If we can ever get ahold of him!! I was able to teach the restauracion finally and guess what?!...yup there was an interupption right before i was going to say the first vision!! Dahh!!! Every time!!  Its almost just guaranteed now to have a distraction out of nowhere in that part of the lesson. I had to get up and open the door for Joses mom cuz she didnt have a key..oh and the door just magically blew open too...what a suprise...but anywho..the spirit is so strong during the lessons that i teach i seriously cant get enough of it!!

Here is something that i will leave you all with...There is only one sin. Do any of you know what it is?......think really hard!! Its DISOBEDIENCE!! Haha what a great truth!! Every sin is an act of disobedience! HOw do you know if it is a sin? NOw here comes the fun part! THere are only 2 commandments! Love God and worship him and only him, and love one another. So if you have a question about whether or not something is disobedience, think to yourself, is this what Heavenly Father has taught? Is it part of loving him, cuz if i love him i want to be obedient. SO what is he going to say if he was right next to me? ANd If you do this i PROMISE that the lord will show you the way. Mosiah 3:19-put off the natural man and become submissive meek and lowly in heart and humble yourself even as a little child. SUbmit your will to the lords will and i know that he will show you what you need to do. Let go of your pride. I have had to learn so much from letting go of my pride and it has been a rough process sometimes, but i know that i have been blessed. I know without a doubt that this church is true. I can see it. I saw it yesterday, when we had 105 people in sacrament! MOre than the last 2 sundays combined!! It is through the strong testimony that i have and the spirit that i carry that i have been able to see the fruits of my labors here in the mission field. My companion and i have got a bond that nothing can separate, and i am so attatched to doing my best to hit my goals every day and be obedient and dilligent that im getting lost in the work. THe church is growing out here. Im working hard, and im doing my best with what i have! I am learning so much out here, oh man...i cant even begin to explain how grateful i am for this gospel and for the wonderful blessings that it gives me. I am gonna get back to work, i love you all, thank you for the walmart gift card dad, and grandma im gonna go buy some sweaters right now with them :) Its supposed to snow good again...its already snowed like 3 days this past week! I love  you all again and i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve my lord, my brother, my savior and my redeemer.

My mission means everything to me. Everything. Nobody will take that away form me, and i wont let anyone or anything stop me from fulfilling my purpose. I miss you all my friends, and please write me i love getting mail!! :) Keep working hard and always rely on the lord.

Elder Gallego

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