Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week Number 4!!

ok, this week I DID WORK!!!!! 
SO we are having a baptism on the 20th of February!! Yeah!! Ithamar committed, and we are hoping to get his girlfriend to do the same, but they also would have to get married so it is going to be a process, but we are going to keep working on him hard!! I also invitied Victor to be baptized! 2 times too!! But that little ol dominican guy said no! :( haha he is so ready, but i told him its all his decision! He has a testimony that is bullettproof and he knows that its all true! THe book of mormon and everything! We just think that its a drinking problem, so we will see on saturday when we meet back with him!
We finally had some investigators in sacrament meeting! Yeah like the blessings poured harder than the snow and ice rain this week haha. We had 3 in the chapel for sacrament, and all are looking very good. Victor, and a part member family of a dad and his son that are not members were the ones who were in the chapel. Ithamar didnt show :( so it was a bit frustrating, but we had 108 in the chapel! MOre than last week again!! I lead the music in sacrament too...hahahaahahaha i wish you were all there to see that haha i totally didnt know what i was doing but i made it work :)
SO we taught 27 lessons this week!! I know right! THats more almost than the first 2 weeks combined! Elder Kerouacs foot is doing better, its just all torn up too, but he doesnt want to go get it looked at cuz he will most likely need surgery, and were not going to do that! Ha! SO im making him a tough missionary! :) were kinda suffering on our contacts though cuz he isnt able to walk around all that much, actually shouldnt be walking at all, but were not going to sit inside!! SO he ditched the maletas (crutches) and he is just using the boot. Its sad to see him in pain, but man it sure is fun to be his companion! I love him!! We also picked up 8 new investigators this week!! I know it is just going crazy here right now!! Im so busy i like cant even focus!!
Ok, so this past week, i gave my first blessing in SPANISH!! IT WAS CRAZY!!!! I was almost in tears oh man i will never forget that experience. I am so blessed. I dont say that to be boastful (as london would say) i just am so blessed to be part of this work! THe best decision i have ever made in my entire life to be out here speaking spanish. I dont even think about speaking it anymore it just comes natural! Im learning so much every day and i am so lucky to have the papa (elder kerouac is my trainer) so im his hijo. :) anyway, he is an awesome missionary! We were talking about how much fun its going to be when we are back and speaking spanish all the time! I cant wait!!
So like tuesday night, it snowed hard. And im sure you can all picture me doing this, but it was like 9:00 and we had to be in by 9:30 cuz we were coming back form the Hernandez familia and they had just fed us a ton of food. SO were driving and its like 9:20, and we come up to a stop sign right before a huge hill that we had to get up to get home. Well i being the PRO driver i am, said elder HANG ON!! WE needed some speed! SO i got some.....but not enough hahaa. We were sliding all over the place, but i remembered that if you turn the wheels as your stepping on the gas in a front wheel car, it helps! So of course i took my knowledge of this and used it, and we made it! It was hilarious though cus we almost didnt and im sure the car behind us was getting really frustrated ahah it was so much fun! :)
So i tore it up in Futbol this week. scored a ton of goals, and there were 16 non members in the gym! 16!! it was a great turnout!! I am going to need a soccer jersey they say cuz im too good haha. THose guys are all so good i love playing soccer with them! Also, that night was the night that we had met with Ithamar. I was on exchanges with elder hershey, solid elder, and we were teaching Ithamar about Fe and accion! Well i told him how the only reason im our here is becasue i used my fe and i put it to accion!! We have to be willing to have a desire to change especially if we say we have faith. Faith is not a perfect knowledge of things, because believe me i dont know everything at all, but if we have faith with real intent, that is willing to act on the answer that we recieve, then we will be able to recibir los bendiciones de Dios!! SOrry the blessings. What a great principle! Have a real intent to know, and when you know, act on that knowledge. I could workout my arms and say hey look at me im huge! But if i dont use them for anything, then what good does it do? If i dont keep lifting, im going to get smaller. Same principle. If you have a lot of faith, then use it! Or else that faith isnt faith, its just a useless knowledge that will soon be forgotten. Use the faitht hat you have and i promise, i testify that the lord will show you many great and marvelous things that you would have never been able to know before. I have learned more out here in 4 weeks than i have my entire life! It scares me because i dont even know if im going to be the same person, well im already not, but what is 2 years going to change?! :) Im excited to know!! 
2 Nefi 4:15-35. Trust in the lord. Glory in him. Do what it takes to be willing to change. I cant even explain to any of you the kind of love i have for my family and for my friends. THe seed that my parents planted in me, by becoming members of this church, and my friends for pulling me out of the lowest of lows...i cant thank any of you enough. I am so glad that i have all this knowledge to share with others. I can now see what i was really sent to this earth to do. Preach the Gospel!!! I dont regret anything that i have ever done. Because i have learned form it! If you make a mistake and you dont learn from it, then yes you should regret it. But i am so glad that i learned from my mistakes. I dont know who i would be right now. Sure as heck not an Elder! Man the atonement is so powerful!
Think about what our Elder Brother, Jesucristo did for us on this earth. He suffered EVERYTHING! He taught the doctrines that we have today, he never once, never once gave up. He was tempted above all things. He bled from every pore for us!! He was crucified for us...thinnk about that. COuld you do it? I know i couldnt. But it is because of this knowledge that i am out here. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for me. I want to help others know this too! We have so much that we really dont think about. THe trials and just minor speedbumps. They are there to make us stronger. Never, Never say you cant do something..well unless it is something you shouldnt be doing..but you know what i mean. If there is a trail in your life that you are struggling with, get on your knees and pray to your Heavenly Father. Its a commandment! He wants to hear form you ! It is so amazing the blessings that come fro prayer. My experience with prayer is this..if you have the faith that you can do what it takes, and that no matter what answer you recieve you will follow that, then you will recieve an answer. But you have to be willing to act on that answer. It wasnt easy for me to leave everyone i loved..to come out here on a mission. But i had the faith, and i recieved an answer that this was where i was supposed to be. I know that i am here for a reason. I know that it is because of my faith, not my knowledge, but my faith that i have been able to see success out here. I am so amazed and how much i am changing. Its scary!! but i know its is shaping be into the kind of person im going to be for the rest of my life!! I cant wait to teach more people this week. To meet new people, learn more spanish, be taught by companion, everythig is so amazing out here!!
I ate some cactus this week :) yup cactus! It was so good!! and i also was able to translate at the hospital as well!! THat was a blast!! Well, family and friends, i hope you all enjoy this and i know that i will be watched over and protected. I am so gratefull for all of you and your love and support for me! London i love the tie and the head wand!! ANd the candy....yeah thats allgone!! :) I love you mom and dad and boys i sent a letter yesterday!!
Elder Gallego

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