Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, this week was totally nuts!!! some really crazy stuff happened this week, and man!! Being a missionary is just so awesome!!! It has really started to be such a great learning experience this transfer, and i have really come to love my companion!! Hes got 2 weeks left as of today, and we are doing so good! I am glad that i have had the oportunidad to serve with him!!

My birthday was awesome!! I ate an 18" long cheesesteak!!! total gutt bomg but man it was so good!!!! We had a blast, and i also got DQ!! Tradition!!!! it was awesome! I was on the exchange in philly again, so it was way fun!! I was also on an exchange with my district leaders companion, and we got rained on again!!! It was so worth it though!! THere were so many prepared people that we ran into and they really were excited to hear the message of the restored gospel! I a so grateful for the oportunidad that i have to share this wonderful message with others!! It really is so much fun!!!

Our ward had a ton of activities this past week! We had a great family home evening, where we played a game trying to recite the 13 articulos de fe and man!! The members here really do know them!! It is insane! Im making it a goal to memorize all of the 13 before i come home!! We also had a great class on the book of mormon like we have every week, and elder de leon heras talked about the things that we need to do in order to return to live with our heavenly father in his presence! The spirit was so strong, and i know that if we complete the 5 simple things, that we can complete the rest!! It just all takes a decision to have faith!!! we also watched legacy for our movie night, which was on my birthday, and Edgar and his family showed up and totally surprised me for my birthday!! It was so awesome!! I was so excited to see them, and they wanted to take me out to eat, but my comp didnt want to go, which was so rude, and so we just said we would do it another time. well, yesterday we had the ward picnic at a big park, and edgar, moroni, mahonry, and alfonso all showed up with their entire families!! La banda de wilmington!!! man it was so awesome!! I was playing volleyball when i heard somewone scream Venancio!! I looked and there everyone was!!!! THey are so awesome!

Also, crazy thing found this lady on the side of the street with this big huge gash in her forehead and she was going into shock, pregnant, and just blood everywhere! I was trying to calm her down and figure out what happened, but she was high on something so she wasnt responding! The ambulance came and got her, dont know what ever happended to her, but man it was so scary!!!! 

This place is really just barely going over here. I was told that this area will most likely be shut down, because of the lack of hispanic people, but we are still trying, working as hard as we can! We have still been working with sam torres, and he is progressig great, reading and praying and seeing the difference in his life!!! I know that when we read the book of mormon, we really have that spirit with us, specially in our times of trial. It is so important also to read the words of the living profets as well! Inknow that if we do this, the spirit of the lord with testify to us, the truthfulness of this church. What a great plan our heavenly father has for us!! I love you all, stay strong, always have faith, and always remember to be that example!!!

Elder Gallego 

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