Thursday, May 31, 2012


wow! this week it rain SO MUCH!! we had some HUGE flood and everything! it was like AZ STYLE!! so cool!

so this week we did not have a bautismo, yolanda and hno reyes dont have the money yet, so we teach them about putting the money they have to the divorce from the other wife so they can get married and hno reyes really feel the spirit! i was on exchange with one of the Assistants of presidente schaefermeyer, Elder Grayson. we had great exchange and were able to juss run allentown all day!! we teach many lessons to many new people, and set 2 more dates for baptism of a family from a less active! it is her daughter and her grandson! they are from honduras! so exciting because in the lesson, elder grayson doesnt understanding ingles so like when the spirit hit, man it HIT! we both look and say to eachother Mormon 7:10, and we share that scripture and i was able to invite them to baptize and they say yes!! it was so cool bc they have been so hard lately and in the right moment, the spirit helping us and we were able to do that! it was so excited!!

we learn a lot this week about the great plan of hapiness from the stake presidente and it was very interesting as he teach us in P.E.C. on sunday about the importance that the plan of god is, it revolves around US and it is for US! so that we may have hapiness in our life, we have to make covenants, keep them, and continue learning and growning through the srcipture study, prayers, and atenting the templo and the church. i know that as i have been doing that in my life, the spirit has been stronger, the love i have for others is bigger, and the many things that the lord has in store for me come so much more real, like i notice the spirit guiding me in life! it is so importante that we make the spirit our guide, we be worthy and willing to listen and recieve the teaching we need, and we do all we can to be great examples!

also, we learn on sunday about the importancia of talking and listen!! padres e hijos have to learn to listen and talk to eachother with respeto and with love. i say so much that things have to do with love, but think about the most powerful power in the world/universe! it is love! it cant be describe only felt, given, showed, and learned through experience. i know my padres always talked to me, and i didnt want to talk to them, but now i know it was time i didnt make good, and i miss it. to you young peoples, the parents you have are YOURS nobody else. they are there to help guide love and give what you need. you too have to do the same. that is how you learn, grow, and most importantemente, that is how you LOVE! accion, and realmente showing that you love is so hard, but it is a great process to start! i know that as padres e hijos start to love comunicate and listen to eachother the familia will be stronger and will feel more close and uplifting.

we continue working with many people, bryan read but didnt ask if it was true so we still waiting for that, and juan is doing good, but didnt make it to church yesterday, we are having much sucess with the sports night for the youth, and many come! also, we were able to give a blessing to a less active daughter that HAD pneumonia but doesnt anymore :) that was miracle!! oh! Grandma Pat!! leny, the lady you talk to on the phone when i called, she made me gello cake! it was so good!! anyways, just thought i say that, make me miss my grandma pat! :) this church is the way, He is the light, and we are the followers! 1 Nefi 8 

Elder Gallego

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