Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hola!! so not very many things i have to say today, i say many things to my family yesterday and it make me feel so much more better!! i feel like the lord bless me with a great familia jus for me, and that the familia that we all have is specifically for us. it so important remember that we are all children of god and that we are same in his eyes, so i dont have the best familia in the world, but i do have the perfect familia por mi :)

thing went by so fast this week, we start piano classes and it was so fun! i learning again what i learn so long ago but forgot! the branch need more people to help out! also we have a new district leader, elder stauffer, he is elder mailo companion from the MTC! he is so cool, and did very good on his district meeting. we focus on faith and prayer, and i realize that my prayer need to be more sincere and more heartfeld and stuff, so i be focusing on that lately and has very helped me a lot! i love the power of prayer and know that is has many great blessings for us! it is real and can heal us and the power of the atonement cant work without prayer...remember jesus, he pray to heavenly father in the garden, even he pray! that should tell us how important for us is to pray every day, and read the scriptures!! i love prayer, the scriptures and this gospel, the gospel of jesucristo!

i got to go to the templo on friday! so cool!! i not really understand a lot of the thing but i feel like new person! the spirit was so strong, and it was very special! we were able to do some sealing, an endowment sesion and the sealing of miguelito and vanessa! the templo es the place most sacred to our father in heaven. it is the house of the lord, and we have to make ourself be worthy to enter. to my brother alec, who has his papers to go on a mision, go to the temple often, you are going to be great misionero and jus remember what i tell you last night...i never forget that experience. i love you and hope you are able to prepare for the mision! and others that are going, make it count. be ready and be humble. it is so dificil to let go of our pride, and it never is a possible to be prideless, but we can be more humble todos los dias! the importance of renewing covenants and doing those things efect our life forever!! i know the templo es la casa del Senor!

i learn a great lesson yesterday from a very special amigo, that in personal study, it is so that we grow personalmente, even though i here serving others, i have to grow before i want others to, so that time i spending to study for my investigators and others need to be for when i learn the many important thing my father in heaven want to comunicate to me. i am forever change for the experience of that, the morning i study the atonement, because in my bendicion patriarcal it tell me that i need to learn as much possible of the atonement, and my eyes finally begin to understand just how importante es la expiacion and how with it we have a way back. i know this, i always have, but when we ponder the scriptures and really study them for us, it make us feel amazing, and most especial it make us feel peace. that is one thing that i love about the scripture!! gracias amigo, te queiro mucho!! i hope you all understand the love available for the gospel. live it. love it. be it! 

Elder Gallego

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