Thursday, May 24, 2012


Buenas!! this week was very good! my email will just have to be shorter porque i can not write all ingles and i want to not use so much time so we can go and write letters to peoples!

just kidding! anyway, we have much success this week, i love being misionero, feliz cumpleanos alyssa y derek! your both old!

so this week, there was much to do and we see many people! the list for less active that i make is almost finish and we just have to visit a few more personas so that we can be able to start a list with the branch on the 15 personas that we want to focus on! most of them not even live at the direccion that is on the lista but we are making all the fixes and stuff! the weather is being crazy and it rains a lot for the past two days! this sunday we having 3 bautismos and it will be great! i will have oportunidad to baptize rosalin, and jeremias want his older brother, luis, to bautizarlo! so that will be good! then ansolny want el hno villafane to bautizarlo so it will be great service! also, we have more people listos for bautismo- juan y mercedes, yolanda, emilisa, eleuterio e idalia y solanlly. they will be for may and june and so we will be very busy!! it was great to see them, and have powerful lesson on the spirit, the importancia del bautismo and then to read from las escrituras..that is so importante and el libro de mormon has answer to all questions. i know this is true and i know that my savior live and he love me very much! it was very cool with mercedes because at first she say she is catolica and we be with el presidente payba, he is branch president and he say well we believe en jesucristo too so you can listen. and she after like cinco minutos came and sat down and was listening as we teach juan the gospel of jesucristo. it was very good, and very powerful and i invite mercedes to baptize and she say yes! she want to be a good example for her husband cuz he is very hard person. it was great though!

benito leave to mexico, so i hope tyler get him baptize down there!! we also be teaching hector y luz and they are progress good we invite them to be baptize too but they are so scared! with time they do it!

with jeremias y rosalin, we have a great relationship with them, luis their brother that is older, has many issues, and he want to leave the house on wednesday because his parents yelling at his in front of us, well it was not a good situation, we talk to him and listen to him....a great way to help people is to listen, not to fix them. they need to be listen to and then we know how to help, and his parents not do that so they tell us to talk to him alone, and he cry and everything, it was very sad, and it was late, but we sat them all down, and we started with a prayer....that is the key! pray guide us in every way, and our heavenly father know what we need always! so we do that and we put goals on paper, of thing tha luis need his parents to do/stop doing and they do the same. i know this from experience. he had many lying problems, andi been through all that, many problems i have had that now helping me to help people. they hugg at the end and we had a great experience. the dad is not a member and he was smiling after and we make good friendship with him.

i learn that it may be hard, and si it is hard, but we have to have patient and be loving. god never leave us and i think he be frustrated many time, but he so willing to forgive us and help us with love and charity. i was not letting these parents give up and be ok with luis leaving, and i not let him either! it was great lesson and i have so much love for that family. the father will asist the baptism of jeremias y rosalin, since they his kids. they are very excited!

well, other than all this, thing are going good, working hard we are and there are so many people to be taught! less actives, again, jeremias y rosalin are referencias from their mom, she was less active, less active are the best! solanlly is a less active as well, and ansolny is her son! so all my succes come from less active member of the church! they are the stong and we have so much to learn from them! i love the scriptures, en Alma41:14-15, 42:30-31, Mark 7:20-23, those versiculos help me so much and the testimony of this work is just like that. we have to ask for help when we need it, not be prideful and have to love! love love love love AMOR!! it is so importante!! i love you all, and i say it many times, but i truly mean it and i really aprecio the support and the love you give me. this week will be great, and i pray that everyone have a great week and know the importante to read, pray and stay active in church. use the priesthood, bless peoples live and always choose right things!! this is so importante!! tthis church is so true!!  

Elder Gallego

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