Thursday, May 24, 2012


ayy NO!! it is a new transfer! i only having 4 more of these!!! :/ the time is flying by so fast, and there is so many things that we are doing that it is so very hard to keeping track!! but this week was a great week and there was so much of the spirit that i felt, i love it!!

yesterday we had the confirmaciones and they were so good! i confirmed Rosalyn and the presidente de la rama confirmo a Ansolny! Jeremy was confirmed by Hno. Romero, he is the first counselor in the branch and the young men presidente!! it was so great, and the spirit was very strong! Pronto we having more bautismos! We have 7 people getting ready for the 27 of mayo!! so exciting!! testimony meeting was a great one yesterday, and we had many less actives come to church! we finish almost the lista de los miembros menos activos, that was 187 people! but only about 15 familias still live at the same place and we not know where the others are! :/ it ok though, we going to get new members so that the capilla se llene!! i found a great scripture this week, it in DyC 63:47- it talking about perseverancia! i know that if we perseverar to the end the lord is blessing us and our lifes, our familias will have the ting necesarias to live a good life and we too will become more humble and meek in the many great trails we have. remember tempation come from satan, trials come from God. he love us so much that he wanting us to become great and marvelous to all. I have been able to learn many things as a misionero and i learn the importance of repentace and forgiveness, paciencia, love! charity! hope! so many great things the lord bless us with when we doing what he ask!

Another scripture i found is in DyC 61:36-39 i love this because he telling us to be de buen animo (be of good cheer) my presidente de mision always be telling us that, he is always smiling like i always say, i hope that many people in the world becoming like this because there are so many things that i wanting to do, but i know that the gospel of jesucristo is the ways and the hapiness that i need in my life. por ejemplo, i love beisbol. anyone who knowing me know that i loving beisbol, but i have to let that go to serve the lord, something that was so hard for me. anyone remember when i crash and busted up my elbow?! i know that happen for a reason, becuase at the point in my life i be thinking much about beisbol and i know that it happen for a reason, i know that if that didnt happen i would mostly be playing beisbol like i wanted and the lord made a way for me to fulfill my call. i love the gospel, i love the lord so much, i know i may be getting small, but my spirit is getting much stronger!! i have great testimony of this work and the great importancia it haveing in my life!

i heard great news this week, the butler familia, remember them? they were the little kids we baptised with john, it was on oct when we did that, well, manny, he is the father of alessandra, i bless his baby in sacrament on new years day! remember him now? ok well his mother and father got sealed!! his father has be member for many many years, and was smoking but they stopped, they both got the melquisedec preisthood last week with luis rodas y maximo saldana, and manny got his endowments with his dad, and they got sealed!! it so special to me because i tell the hna butler that they get sealed this year and she tell me that she hoping, well it happen and i was so happy to hear!! also, i going to the temple and i so excited! miguelito, the elder quorum presidente is getting sealed and married to vanessa, she is a convert of one year and is ready to get in the temple! so elder Reese and i (elder reese cuz it is his convert) are going on friday to the templo!! i so excited!! i dont remember many things and i so excited to renew my convenants with padre celestial because they are so importante!! ok also, the mendoza familia--fernan, ana, margarita e irma---remember them? well the other two kids of ana--adonay e Zaira, they getting baptized!! yeah!! so crazy!! in the rio de susquehana!! and i cant go :/ but it ok, presidente will take fotos i hope. i so excited for all of the work that is going on here, in other areas, and i know that the lord is the light.

this week, we had a fiesta el 5 de mayo!! there was a dance and everyting!! so cool, we ate and had some investigadores there so that was good! we did it with the english ward and they learn how to dance Bachata!! jaja so hilarious!! also, we had the sports night with the youth and there are many that coming now and we playing voleibol and baloncesto and all that! it so fun, i wishing people can play futbol tho but we waiting till it getting hotter to go outside on a field! it so cool, presidente tell us that we are allowed to go to a phillies game!! so any monday day game we are allowed to go! i so excited, but there are none soon :/ it ok though, soon we be seeing them!!

well, mis amigos, tyler and nyal are done with the mision, loco!! nyal, learn espanish!! jaja!! thing going good here, many lecciones, this week we teach 50 lessons!! it was so crazy and the time flying by!! but there are so many people to see, and needing more time to do it!! there was 14 investigadores in church yesterday! many people feeling the spirit and the love of the savior. i know it is true. not one single cosa is wrong with this church. it is perfecta and we are not, so let it perfect us and one dia we will be like HIM!! this is the goal!!! i love you all!! gracias y FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MAMA!! o y FELIZ DIA DE LA MADRE TODAS LAS MADRES POR AHI! mom, so you knowing, you are amazing, i love you so much, it not matter how many years you have, everyone here thinking you are jovencita! young! so not worry about the age, it ok!! :) you are B-E-A-UTIFUL!! and alyssa y grandmas! i love you all and happy mother dia!! have great weeks!!

Elder Gallego

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