Thursday, May 24, 2012


camara, ya estoy peinado para tras y ya tu sabes! Como estan?! this week was so fast, i not able to believe how fast it is going but it ok, we are working so hard!! hey, is taylor vogan in the liahona that jus came out?! i swear it him that is with the girl and the paraguas and they are in the snow...freakin me out here! well, i got a little time so i be fast here, it raining AGAIN and we got to go and change laundry so i give you the things that happening this week!

first, i meet a member, Miguel Barrientos, he was playing baseball for the minessota twins minor league team and he had tommy john cirugia so he is trying to get back, well we play catch and stuff, it been like a year and a half, well i throw to him and tried to pitch a little and stuff, he is a catcher and he say that i still got the arm and that it was like 80-85 and i was really surprise, but he say that he can hook me up after the mision with baseball, so i dont know but i be praying this week with what i should focus on when i come home, and i meet him and all that come about so...we see!! :) creo que el senor me dara otra chance para cumplir mis deseos!! pero seguire enfocandome en lo que estoy haciendo ahorita...ensenando y compartiendo el evangelio restaurado con los demas!

with miguel, he be having many fear about getting a calling and stuff, so we talked to him about the importancia to tener el priesthood and he is excited! i tell him my story with baseball and how church come first because that is what i promise heavenly father at bautismo, he is so special, and we are working so close with his familia! pray for them! also, sad but we gave a blessing to a menos activos dad, and he pass away yesterday in the morning :/ in the blessing, it was so hard, but it was as if i was telling luis to accept the gospel when he die, and we sealed him to the lord, one of the most powerful blessing i ever been able to be part of, the lord really does guide and direct us in the very moment when we are worthy and willing to magnificar the power we have! his daughter, maria, and his son are going to now get to church, and his son is not a member so we see what happen with that, they feel the spirit so strong and all teared up i toll them to make sure to show their dad they love him by the thing they do, he will be watching and waiting to see them again. it was so powerful, and i now know that God know us so very personally. en 1 Nefi 10:17-19 we read about revelacion and the way it come, read it and live it! it is so importante to learn from others, no matter who, but especially the profetas that speak to us and tell us what God need us to do! En DyC 58:26-28 it tell us that we have the power to do what is right, now we just have to do it! we not perfect but that why we are here, if we be perfect, this life not would have reason! so as we are learning, reading praying and go to church, remember why we go to church, DyC 110:5. that hold the power to clean us from our sins, and we promise to do better, i know it is posible to be the best we can be. like presidente Hinckley always say, Stand a Little Taller. even if you short, that mean nothing! you puedes rise above the rest of the world and do what is right! i know this to be true and know that when i do what right, i feel it. i know that God love me, and he love you, the same.

so this week, hopefully yolanda get married so we can get her baptized and she is really excited! they just need money to do it so pray that hno reyes and her get that money to be able to baptize her! we meet 12 new people to teach this week, and one is the son of less active member. his name is bryan and he is waiting to get his answer on el libro de mormon, we had very spiritual leccion and he is scared to change but he want to do it, so we invited him to bautizarse and he acepto the invitacion and his date is 17 de Junio! we already be teaching him for long time, but he now want to do what God want, maybe serve a mision! so we are working very closely with him!

this week, our power like blow out and stuff, we like what the world was that?! well we wait and like 10 min later we open the door to see what be happening and a police was there, he say "your power go out?" yeah, "jaja well a squirell chewed the wire and blow up!" jaja, sad squirell, but the police was way cool, he was laughing and everything, i surprise that the squirell got all thru the wire! crazy stuff, also this morning some yehoo was comiting suicide on the bridge outside our apartamento and the cops were there for like 3 hour trying to get him not to do it, and finally he got down. then some lady see us and ask hey you a mormon? i say si claro!! she say how many wife yo have!? well, i dont have one yet. So she say well how many can you have? jus one. she says, "LIAR!" i read about you mormons, and then she kept waling jajaj i was dying laughing, i cant help it! people that ask and dont listen to the actual source, a member of the church, so pointless. But that how life is!

the church is so true, this work is amazing, and i going to make the most of the last 5 month i have as misionero!! hope to hear from my little bro and his call for the mision!! love you all!

Elder Gallego

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