Thursday, May 24, 2012


HOLA!! QUE PACHUCA POR TULUCA!! i not even know what that mean but i hear it this week and i died laughing!

weill i glad to hear that padre celestial bless mi hermanito with his crash, it ok he took it like ROD! i am jus green with jealous rage right now!! dont forget, life short....STUNT IT! i love you chandler, you a tough kid, not let a little accidente causar that you not drive again...jus remember that i back into a pole, and derek truck! so dont feel bad! alec done it too!! and alyssa crash too! well, i think all have crash, it just an experience that you have to learn from. te amo hermanito!! eres fuerte y no dejes que eso te impida trabajar tampoco hacer las cosas cotidianas. estaras bien!

so this week, we had the 3 bautismos!! jeremy, rosalin y ansolny!! it was so espiritual! the whole rama stayed for the service and the spirit was so strong! i love being a missionary and i love helping others get into the bautismo!! it is so importante that we set so good example for others to see and follow if they choose to do so. i know that many time in my life i had oportunidades de follow the better ejemplo and i not do it, so dont be that person, set a good ejemplo and others will follow. the best leaders in the world are those who follow a good ejemplo!! jesucristo only followed the ejemplo that his father gave him! remember that! and he is nuestro guia and our ejemplo for these life! i love the gospel, and have not feeling the spirit as strong this week with being sick and everything but that just satan try to throw things off like he always TRIES! HA but we is more stonger!! the lord give us strength in all that we doing!

with that, there was 10 investigators in church and they are all progressing very much! one is the father of jeremy e rosalin! his name is guzman! he was smililng and everyting at the servicio bautismal and it was really good to have him there, he say he be coming next week too! also, solanlly, her son ansolny got baptize and solanlly has been thru many trials and things in her life and is such a great ejemplo for others to follow in repentance and doing the necesario to have a happy life. she soon will be bautizado and i am so excited cuz it has been a journey for her and the family.

on tuesday, we had interview with presidente, i not know what happen to me but i see him and i cant stop laughing! he was too and he like WHAT?! i dont know presidente!! i just happy! he say me too! now can you pray?! ayyy NO! i have to do it en ingles so it was like really bad, and i got stuck and jus said amen, he jus look at me smiling, weeeelll, that was good :D jaja crack me up!! we talk about the importancia of obediencia and i share with him my now strong testimony of obediencia and the many blessing that come from it. i know it is importante and not matter the situacion, obediencia is the mos importante!! DyC 130:20-21

i also talk to him about bautismos, and he tell me that the record that one misionero get since he be presidente is 33. well i tell him that i have 24 and that my companion and i be working hard to beat that record. something importante, i not do it for the record i do it for the lord, and for presidente becuase he telling me that i can do it, and he expect me to do it, so we having to work hard! i not know if i hold it for very long though cuz elder Mailo has a goal of 54 and he already have like 17 i think! so we see! my goal at first was 30 but i know that the lord will bless us with people to put a number with, not just be a number! all my converts have stay active too! that is the most importante! bautismo no es nada sin la conversion! i love this work!!

this week, had many work with the less active and are almost finish with the lista, so we have clean this area up a lot!! not many people live in the same place :/ we not know where either! but we going to fill the church with new members!! also, the doctor tell my companion that he prolly having ADHD! :D so 2 misioneros de ARIZONA with ADHD! ORALE!! well mine is very calm now, i still be taking my pill for concentracion and thing like that, and they going to give him the same one. he really do have it though now that i notice! he is excited though, and SO AM I! then we be able to work hard!! many thing ahead for allentown! transfer are next tuesday i hoping that they not move neither one of us!! that would be nice!! this work is so very true! the libro de mormon is so importante!! read it! pray about it! miracles WILL occur! i promise..

Elder Gallego

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