Monday, April 9, 2012


hola mis queridos!! como estan?! wow this week is very very spiritual and there are many things that happen!! we are working so hard here and trying to get this branch up on is feet so that they can start to be self working...or like efficient? if that make sense!! my companion and i are representando ARIZONA!! BIG WEST in in ALLENTOWN! UH!!

so an update on how it is going here....we have a lot of ready people for baptism and we are teach them so they can be baptize on the 29 de abril! so cool! and tyler!!- mira, tenemos un senor que estamos ensenando pero el se regresa a Mexico, pues por alli en cuernavaca entonces se lo pedire su informacion y te lo mando lo mas pronto que sea posible! ok vos?! espero que sigas trabajando hasta terminar, no te olvides de gastar todo lo que tienes por la honra de Dios. te quiero mucho compa, te felicito que hayas cumplido una mision y que hayas tenido mucho extio. te vere...pues mas tarde jaja :) orale!!

so anyways, we have jeremias and his littler sister Rosalin that are getting baptize on the 29 and then we meet a new lady, Emilisa and she has many trials. her husband left her for another a month ago and she is very sad. well, we talk to her about the cleaning power of the atonement and forgiveness, but to not keep punishing herself and well make her life hard. so she tried to kill herself a couple time but she is ok, this happen before we meet her. but as we talk to her, the spirit was there and there are many times that i have invite people to be baptize and well this time i dont want to but i ask her if she belive that joseph smith see God and Jesucristo and she says yes, so i waited and the spirit got strong and strong and i tapping my comps foot so he will invite her and finally after like 30 seconds of her crying and him nervous, he spat it out and he ask her if she will be baptize by someone having the authority and she says with tear in her eyes yes! so cool!! so amazing! i find out that it is my comps first time asking someone to be baptize!! it is so cool :)

i also found out that Joaquin, from norristown, is progressing and he has baptismal date on the first sunday of MAY!! so cool!! the other elders in norristown that are there are teaching him, so that is so cool!! also, i will be going to the temple soon with elder reese because we are the elders that are involved in the conversion of vanessa and she is getting married and in the temple in may i think, so soon!! we had a very spiritual week and many many times i feel the spirit guiding me. i love it and am so grateful for the lord and his help in my life. we are getting so busy, have 7 more investigators and there are great potencial en them.

in alma 29:9 alma is glorying like ammon did and it is so cool becuase it is of the success of the others! in verse 13-14 it talk about that! it is so cool!! so i was with our district leader on thursday and friday, in REading. everyone is dominican or puerto rican so it is so cool!! we learned many things, and he is a very good elder! he ask me to teach him how to be a district leader and so we sat down and i trained him a little of what he can do to be a great leader. i not perfect and in that time i now know how much i learn as a district leader. it is so amazing! the lord made me so strong and i was able to be a good influence for him. i love the great example of jesucristo for us and the thing he did for us. his resurreccion is so importante! through his death, and his resurreccion we will live again. i feel the spirit so much on sunday and i have never feel that ever!! we had a great program and it was musical and we sang himnos and the 70 people of the branch were so excited to get out and spread the gospel! i am so glad that they are here, there are many less active but on saturday i fried my brain and took the ward list, found out who is active, and the one that are not, i looked for all the streets and put all the names that live on that street, for every body! it took so long but now it is easy for us to go on foot and visit them. i hate being in a car, i dont want to get PHAT!

Elder Kerouac! el domingo conoci a Rosa!! ella esta bien y te dice que te quiere mucho y que te extrana! espero que estes bien!! allentown sera como wilmington y filadelfia PRONTO!! te quiero PAI!

so i love this area, the work is so good and we have many things to do. the new branch presidente is so excited to get to work and the branch members are really special. there are so many things to do, and i know that the lord is ready for this area to shine :) we are working hard and i know that this work takes effort from all parts! without members the church is nothing. YOU run it, and YOU have to power to make miracles :) i love you all and hope you have happy EASTERSS! (nacho libre) 

Alma 31: 36-38

Elder Gallego

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