Monday, April 9, 2012


Hola familia y amigos!! hola jace y brody! espero esten bien! los quiero muchisimo y los vere en ocho meses dudes!!

this week was good! it went fast, and there are a lot of things that happen. we have been working so hard, going through area book and cleaning it out! there is so many records from 2005-2007 and the people dont live there anymore and they dont have same phone number so we have been trying to visit every body! things have been slow but we are using our time good, and trying to share the gospel! all of the miembros know about the branch getting shut down and that they have to be in the english ward, a lot arent happy but others dont mind. it will be the next sunday that we go to the english building! we have still work hard to get to all the less actives and try to get to know them and see what we can do! we got a less active family of 4 to come yesterday and we had trouble finding new investigators.

i was also able to go to the dentist so they could fix my filling they put in 3 weeks back! it was really hurting so they put in a new one and said that if it doesnt feel better i need root canal, but it feels good ahorita so i think im good! it was cool though because i got to go back to philly! it seemed like a month since i was there but really has only been like 2 weeks. i was doing an exchange with elder hall. he is going through some rough times and i am trying to see what the lord can help us do to get him on track and finish his mission strong. elder reese is doing good, yesterday was the 2 year since his best friend committed suicide and he was a mess all day :/ it was sad. he is pushing through and we are keeping our heads high!

on friday it just decided to snow out of no where! it was a white out for like 30 minutes, but then the sun came out and melted it all away :/ we were so bummed, the weather has been so bad here! its like 60 degrees outside! i have been thinking a lot about what to do as a missionary to become the fourth missionary. basically means to become the missionary that actually changes from the inside as much as outside, in everything and being completely obedient so that the blessings come, and diligent! it all comes down to giving the lord my will, and following his. it is so hard, and is a process but i know that as we let go of our pride and think about what is best for others, and what we really need to do, as the lord teaches us we will come to realize something very important: our most important work in this life is ourself! we have to be converted before we try to convert others. yes conversion is a life long process, but i mean principles. for example: obedience. in my last area, i drove johns car from our apointment back to the house because he took his migrane headache pills that say dont drive and he was like passing out. so i drove home, after my comp and i discussed it. I didnt follow the rules, as it says we cant drive members cars. i talked to president about this, and he say that next time if it happens just call and explain to him the situation and he will say ok.

now as i think about that, it never came to my mind to call president and ask. i would be better to do that. i learned what i need to and now i know what to do next time. simple things that we think dont matter, they do. obedience is so key! so as i have thought about all of that, i realized the lord will never make a rule that will put someone elses salvacion in danger. i know that as we strive to follow the comandments the lord will bless us. i love learning, i love to see change, and when the change is good, even better. the lord lives, he loves us, and we are to look for him all the time! he is always there! i truly feel a love so big for my family, and now my two little sobrinos. i cant wait to see you dudes. we will have so much fun together and i will teach you espanol! i love you all, thank you for the support and prayers!

always remember, obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles! Its hard but if we strive to be exactly obedient en vez de obediente, the lord will make miracles happen! Les quiero muchisimo!!

Elder Gallego

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