Monday, April 9, 2012


Hola!! HEY!!! how is everthing going? i hope to hear that it is well y that the lord is blessing life of you all!!

things this week were just straight up loca!! so much happened in this week!! to start off, it is presidente schaefermeyers birthday today, so i text him and tell him feliz cumpleanos verdad? well he says yeah i wish i could cancel this one i have so many already!! so then i ask him how old he is and he text me says "older that rocks and Dirt". :D he just cracks me up!! anyways...

on monday i had a big surprise exchange with the Assistants and they had no idea what was going on, just that i stayed the night with them and my comp was with elder reese y hall and i went to the assistants apartamento! that night we got 2 foot cheeseSTEAKS!! they were so good!! then we got up at 4:30 A.M. and headed up to Scranton for the Zone Conferencia ahi!! it was really good, and presidente talked about the jots and tittles of the law. when you get a chance go to proverbs 119 and look a the hebrew characters there...its so interesting how some of them are almost same but they are just a little diferente! so what he did was he asked us what some of the important things of that are, and well if its a letter, you have to make sure you write it good or it could be saying something different!! that is like the rules of the mission. all of the jots and the tittles, o sea, the small things make the biggest difference! like no chewing gum in public...the stupidest rule i have ever been given, but i have to follow it! exact obediencia brings milagros!! i know this to be true!! i have been thinking too about how i love this gospel!! it is so important and really has changed my life!!

sister schaefermeyer had us think about our very first time with feeling the spirit and i think mine was when i was sealed to my family in the temple! so that is a great testimony of how even little kids can feel it, and how much it can impact them. i wont ever forget that experience and cant wait to be sealed to my own family! the power is real!! anyways...i was there to talk to presidente about some things that i think would be best for the next transfer and where we should go. since this area is closing, well he is just keeping 2 spanish misioneros, i told him philly or wilmington. so we looked at some things and we are trying to see what to do. but as for now im still here and we are going to try to make some miracles!!

then we had a great day on wednesday, thursday was district meeting and we talked about christlike attributes and what we have to do in order to aquire them! charity!! its so hard but so necessary!! faith and hope are esencial!! i know this to be true!! then, friday we had our zone conference, and it was great!! i learned so much again, and know that as we prepare para the meetings, we will have our questions answered!! also, we were able to have church yesterday, and things are just so wierd!! i have not seen so many americans for a year and one half! every white person out here is puerto rican or mexican! so it was really wierd! and then having church in english, so wierd...i was translating though so i was able to actually comprehend it i is been really bad lately with gospel things in so lost!! i guess thats what happens though! i love it!! :) spanish is the BOMB!!!

anyways, i know this is true. we have the power of the priesthood, el libro de mormon es verdadero!! i finished it again today and i know that it is true!! read it, ponder it in your mind and in your heart and ask our father in heaven if it is true. you WILL recieve an answer!!

remember, this life is all about LOVE and OBEDIENCE!! it is better to be trusted than to be loved :) perfect love Moroni 8:15

Elder Gallego

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