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LUCAS!!! estoy aqui trabajando en tu area y vaya, hay tantas cosas que me dejaste y te agradezco por esto!! espero que te encuentres bien y sepas que dejaste un legado aqui para yo seguir! gracias por tu ejemplo! te quiero pai !

Ok so to start this email i have to try to explain all of this in clear and good form so i am going to do it in a list because it is honestly, and i say honestly getting hard for me to write in english! but i will get this!

So my new area is Allentown, PA and it is so full of hispanic people!! i love it! we are having much success and the spirit is guiding our steps! my new companion is Elder Erickson from Gilbert, AZ he is great and has big desire to learn spanish and be a great missionary! i really feel his love and he is so kind! we are having so much work right now! we find 15 new investigators this week and we use the members to help us in the teaching! many people are new and talk to missionaries in the past but these people are very prepared and the lord is watching over us! my new address is 129 S. 8th St. Apt. 1A Allentown, PA 18101 no send package here it is really dangerous and i think people will steal them!

My old companero elder handley went to my old area, North filadelfia....punk. jaja he is so excited! they just baptized carlos, remember him from when i was in philly the first transfer and he is elvys friend!? well elder mailo baptized him last saturday and i was so happy to hear that! elder mailo got transfer to new jersey and the other 7 people that they have ready for baptism is this month! i am so glad for the success that elder mailo and i have! it was so good! the lord help us and now my old comp will be there to convert them and make them strong! we have like 10 people getting ready for baptism here, and will have more to come, there are many future converts here, and we found a few families here in allentown that are ready to get the gospel!

one is Felix and Greilys. Felix has diagnosed with cancer and he is looking for direccion and help from god. we have a very powerful lesson with a member, hno cruz, the first night and the spirit was so strong! we have invited 4 people to baptized this past week, and the spirit has really led us in the right dirrection. i think to alma 26:26-31 and ammon is glorying in god, for the success that they had! it was so much and he was so grateful,. and then in v 32-34 it talk about the anti-nefi-lehitas are the greatest loving people and that not even the nefitas had more love!! and to sum up how i feel, v 35-37. all these verses are how i feel the lord has helped me in my mission. i know that he help us when we look for him. like felix, sometime it take a big problem in life to look for god. i hope that everyone look for god everyday! we have to take the counsel of the profeta and apostoles and read, pray go to church, stay strong in family and endure to the end. the gospel is so simple. the doctrine will never change. god not change and neither will the doctrine. there is always much to learn and many time we dont know how to learn. so we use the gift we have of the holy spirit to guide us and help us every day.

like ammon i feel so blessed from the lord, to hear of the people that we found in other area that get baptized, that all are well, and that it is so joyful to hear those thing! i love this work and i know that like ammon and his hermanos, if we work that hard at anything, the lord will help us get success and help us to learn and grow and up to love the people that we know. the first night, we gave 2 blessing to people. one to a member, hno romero, that might have cancer, and it weird because when i meet him i ask him if he has been in phillly before and he say no, so he ask me if i been here before and i say no, and we both feel that we see eachother, i know it! he know it! we just dont remember where or how or when! it was so special, and i know that the lord has no coincedence...there is no thing as that. everything is part of his divine plan to help us in this life!

we were walking on the street on friday morning and my comp talk to a man and ask if we help him with his bags to his house. he say yes and so we walk with him for like 3 miles, haha all to his house! but he was so grateful to see us, and he say, his name is alfonzo and he is very blessed to be in our path, because we are servant of the lord and he loves us and will always guide us! we share a message with him on the plan de salvacion and he invite us back for another appointment!! it was so increible to see his face change, and the spirit work in him and help him know that we are there sent by the lord for him! i was so glad that my companero did that, it was so good!!

i am so glad that we listen to the profeta yesterday! there are many things that he say and that the apostles say that i wrote down and was able to feel the truth of their words through the holy ghost! i know that they recieve revelation from god and that if we follow their words and counsel then we will be for eternity bless buy the lord! i know that this work, wow, it is so true! i feel another fire lit in me, a more big desire to share the gospel of jesucristo and many things to do! we having 180 less active members in this branch and so there are so many time to fill with the 30 investigators that we teach, it is going to be hard, but we doing it!! the lord loves us, and we must love him too! like matthew 16 says at the end, he who give his life for me and my cause, will find his life! in chapter 19 it talk about the man that want to follow the lord and he say to him to keep the commandments, so he says that he does. well then the lord say to sell all he has, take up his cross and follow him. the man go away sad, because it is hard. i know it is hard, but i also know that it is possible. i had to leave everything that i love to do what the lord command all young men to do. i now know that following him is not easy, but it is much easier. i know that if you not give up, that if you dedicate the time need to study scriptures, pray sinceramente, and go to church, and really be example to all, the lord bless you forever and he make your burdens light and make things posible to do. i love the scriptures, i know pray work and i love it! and i know that la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias is true!! Everything will be alright, and it will all be worth it!

Elder Gallego

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