Monday, April 9, 2012


bueno, we are both out of here! so comp and i are getting transfered tomorrow and well, we feel good. i feel good at least. I did what the lord want me to do here. all the less active are now active, and we had so fun here! the members are very sad that we are leaving...they like us a lot and feel like we have been together for more than only 6 weeks...time flies! this will be a big transfer and i am very excited for the new oportunidad to serve the lord and the people. i love the people here and i will always remember the big spirit i  feel when i am here. i really have grown a lot, in spiritual way and well, as misionero i have learned so much from my companero that is so young but so full of so many good things. he understand a lot of thing that i not understand when i was new misionero. i hope and pray that the lord protect the people here and that the members stay active and keep the fire that we were able to bring.

many told me yesterday that i have enough enthusiasm and excitement to run a world and that i can always put a smile on anyone face. well, i wont lie...i think that is true! and if i not able to put smile on someone face i can at least make myself laugh!! i just love to know that just a smile can change someone life? imagine the smile of Jesucristo and the effect it have on us! i cant start to think about how happpy i feel when i get to see him again. as we are teaching a man name Joaquin, we were able to teach the restauracion for the FIRST time this transfer.. barbaro no? it was insane how strong the spirit acompany us and help us teach this man! we have not been able to teach anyone a full restauracion lesson because they never let us in this transfer until him! well as we talk about it, and we feel the spirit i invited him to be baptize! he says no and explain why he has fear that he will sin again and he not know everything and i tell him that if he has the faith of Jose Smith then he can! my comp then back me up with a strong testimony and the spirit tells me to invite him to be baptize again! so i did and i told him that when he know this things are true will he follow the savior and get baptize by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God. he said yes!! so crazy!! we did not set a date, but he will progress, and we are leaving so the other elders can teach him! it was a great spiritual experience and i am so excited to see what happen with him!

on monday we went to philly, it was so good to see the ghetto again! i love it and my comp looked out of this world!! i took him to the ghetto to get a cheeseSTEAK (sorry that just how we say it...a little emfasis :)) and he was amaze!! it was good, and then we ran rocky stairs, take fotos eat DQ!!! and we take picture at Liberty bell with a mormon family! really nice and it was fun day! also we got to ride septa and that was awesome! i love septa!! so many crazy thing that happen!

on wednesday i had an exchange with elder reese and he and i had good time! i have not been with him since MTC and we have both grown a lot! we talk and laugh and really enjoy everything! he is a great elder and he will be staying to take over norristown with his comp Elder Hall!

yesterday the spirit was very strong. i translated and well, the americans lost haha all but 3 people bore testimony en espanol!! it was great! they were so good, the ward has been so nice to us and accept us and help us! i will miss this place a lot but the lord and people need me other area! i will never forget what i felt yesterday. i KNOW that he lives...i know that he lives. Alma 32:21. that is how i know. i am so blessed to be here, be misionero and share the gospel with hispanic and white people and blacks. i love them all and feel the savior as he help me in the work. the love that you have for those around you, you have no idea how much it mean to them. i dont either, but if we just love them and get to know them and not try to solve their problem but help them learn how to resolve it, then we will understand what it is and what it mean. i think the savior is great example and i know that he love me perfect and i know that i have many things to do better but know that i will have great time learning the rest of life :) i am so grateful for my father who teach me how to work diligently, and my mother who teach me to be loving and obedient, and my sister who teach me how to have fun and my brother alec who teach me how to learn and mi hermanito chandler who teach me how to be just like you older brother...CRAZY! also my grandparents and cousins and every family member for their teach in my life. You have no idea what it mean to me and i not know how to tell you, other that i just LOVE YOU!

become a member of the church, dont just be a member. BECOME who christ need you to become, discover who he is, John 17:3. i know he lives and loves me. 

Elder Gallego

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