Monday, April 9, 2012


que onda?! man!! this week was super fast, and super packed with a ton of stuff!!! but at the same time it wasnt...funny how that works. anyways, lets get down to business!!

this week, i was sick for 3 days, monday-wednesday! Totally MISERABLE!!! pero estoy bien ahorita!! we basically read a ton of the scriptures and doctrine!! i love studying the doctrine y los gran misterios de Dios!! so cool!!! i blew my comps mind like 8 times, the book of moises is so totally awesome!!

anyways, we were able to do some more less active hunting and really get into a couple of old investigators that dont live there anymore, so the area book cleaning continues with the wrong address and wrong number of phone with all the old investigators!! we were able to talk to a couple of senores en la calle and man they were super interested with our message! we talked them into letting us go by and teach them english but with the gospel!! they said ok!! so basically while we read the pamphlets in spanish and at the same time teach, we will tell them how to say it en ingles!! they will get converted thru learning English at the same time!! :D

on thursday, we finally left, and were able to go to district meeting. i was really led by the spirit in helping my district understand the importance of making and keeping committments! but all that starts with us! if we can make or keep a committment, how are the people we teach going to do it! the spiritual power of our testimony needed to be able to touch the heart of those people wont be there if we really dont do it! i love how the teacher always learns more than the students :) district leader can be so rewarding if you dont look at it as a way to manipulate other misioneros!! cool stuff!! after i went on an exchange elder call, one of the zone leaders. he basically got to know me, and i him, he is a great elder, we went through accountability and i learned about all the things that i have  to do better! i love learning from my leaders, especially when they tell me im not doing something right or the better ways to do that!

during the exchange, i was able to teach one of their investigators, christian mayorga. he is from peru and only speaks espanol, so they brought me, and i have never taught a more powerful lesson on my mission with a one on one type situation. this guy was so fixed on every word and was so so interested!! he was able to understand the restauracion and el plan de salvacion and the importance and our purpose on this earth!! he is going to be progressing to baptism here in the next month, and i am going to continue teaching him on facebook since the zone leaders know no spanish! such a cool experience!!

yesterday was the shut down of the brach. it was really sad as all were crying and it was a hard thing to watch, but we tried our best to help them know that the lord knows why and that he has purpose in all that he does. they will have the classes in spanish and the sacrament prayer in spanish every other week. this change is mainly for the youth, who need a bigger support than the branch has. so we dont know what is happening with us but we will be good!! :) i know this church is true, god live and jesucristo es Su Hijo!! dont be afraid to stand up for what you know to be never know who could be watching or who could change their whole lives for one simple act :) the gospel helps us grow and we help the church run, without the members, the church is nothing. there is no church, the book of mormon is just a book. but we know that it is more than that, we know that the church is true and for that we are the power!! with God, nothing is impossible.. Remember that!! LOS QUIERO MUCHISIMO!!

Elder Gallego

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