Monday, April 9, 2012


Hola familia y amigos!! que tal? como les ha ido esta semana! te digo que esta semana me agarro chole por la mano pero bien fuerte y pues no me ayudaba mucho estar afuera toda la semana pero esta bien! ya se me salio la vida por atras y estamos bien :)

So! i hope that everything is good back wherever uds are! we are still working hard and trying our best to find peoples to teach! we had stake conference yesterday and it was good! forgiveness is really good to learn! heavenly father loves us and we need to love him! period! that means by our acciones and by the things that we do. i think about the great things that he has done for me and it was amazing! oh an the email last week, its Psalms 119 not proverbs...if you even looked at it you were really confused i imagine! sorry!

we will be having transfers this week so we are working hard! this week we taught a lot, and we are able to teach some new people but they dont want to come to church...its hard with the church being in english now so that does not help! translating is fun though! its just like beating a dead horse though with some of the people we were teaching so we chared testimony of what we know is true and we told them to call us when they are ready! they say that they will make their own decisions and dont want anyone to ask to be baptized again. the spirit really pushed me to invited josefina again for like the 30th time and she wants to call us when she is ready too, so this week we have no investigators but we are having success with less active!

all but 3 of our less actives came to church yesterday so that was good, i love less actives!! they have been the gold mine for the success i have been able to have with the lords help on my mission! they have the stongest testimony really when they get back in church because of all the trials they have been through with not having the church for a time. i know that the gracia de dios is good for all of us and that we cant EVER give up! Never back down from a trial, they come from heavenly father and he know you can do it!

as the week has gone on i have thought a lot about the special blessings that the lord has given me. i translated my patricarcal blessing to spanish so that i can comprehend it better, and it was so increible to see that the lord is so full of mysteries!! the blessing just has to do with my obedience tho, without obedience i dont get any of those blessing! but as i have strive to be obedient i see the blessing making sense an coming true in my life!! it is so amazing! read yours a lot and you will see things before that are amazing!

i think i have you coveered on suits for you mision alec...i dont fit into any of mine anymore!! haah the pants either!! so i will send those home to you and you can use them!! studd!  oh and the trees are starting to the flowers are coming in...i cant remember that word...but yeah, i need some alergy pills or im going to die haah my alegies are intense here!!

Well, make it a good week. i Know that Jesucristo es the Savior and the redeemer. the atonement is real and the libro de mormon es True!! read it and make sure you feel it! Alma 7:13-15. its all right in our hands, now just take it and run!! i love being misionero and i love the lord so much. his love for me i cannot understand but i look at others and know that it is so powerful. he loves me and he loves you. be who he needs you to be! the gospel is real!! I love you all!! we are headed to philly so my comp can see the sights so we got to git!! Nos vemos y que Dios los Bendiga!

Elder Gallego

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