Wednesday, September 26, 2012


hey familia!!! q lo q?! my brain is so fried right now....we ate 4 times ayer and i seriously can barely even think!! this week went by so dang fast! it was cool and at the same time, like as misionero it is so annoying bc you feel there is not enough time to do anything!

so i had my very last zone conference this week! we learned a lot about the doctrine of christ and how the simple things we teach and do are always the ones that matter. we had some really great role plays for some investigatores and they worked out really nice!! i was able to bear testimony to the two zones that were there, and it really hit me on how much i have grown and how much the lord has blessed me with and the great love he has for me and i know that as i keep doing the things tha ti have learned as a misionero on my life, that will be the best thing for me and it will help me to grow and become like my savior, Jesucristo.

so between all the teaching 61 lessons this week, yeah way loco, and the fiestas and actividades por los miembros and all the great and amazing miracles the lord show us every day, there was one that really stood out to me, and it was yesterday. the sacrament is algo tan impotante en our vidas! i know that as we partake of the sacrament the cleaning power of it makes us pure and clean to be worthy and enter into the presence of out father in heaven. i am so excited for this day, when i can be in the presence of Him, my creator. I love this gosepl so much and i am so grateful for all the many blessings i reacieve for being a servant of him. the many blessing that are involved in this is the testimony that i have gained. many people think of blessing as just liek being rich or having many things, when really that has nothing to do with it, that is fortune. BLESSINGS are the true yet eternal simplicity in life that we will carry with us to the next :) it will be something that in thsis short periodo of 2 years that will have an eternal effect on my life. i know that the mision is nothing easy, but it takes work that will help to build you into who you NEED to be in the future. I have an AMAZING father, and he didnt serve a mision. But i do remember him telling me all the time that if he had the chance and he knew about the gospel at a younger age, he would have. I know that he will serve with my mom and i know that it will be an amazing experiencia, but i also know that as i am following the counsel of him, and my Father in Heaven, they will lead me to the same spot.

the goal for us is to be the kind of people that others want to follow...the best leaders in the world are those who follow. Look at the profeta, Tomas S. Monson...he was been a follower his whole life! and he still is! from an apostol at 35 to profeta like 50 years later, think about that sacrifice! but the lord put it in him just like he does to us that power and that drive to be a leader in the future. he build him up to start and then he just keep doing it from there. we are never done learning in this life. i know that i have obtain so much more info on my mision that i did my whole life before. i know that the savior live, and he love me like he love you. it is a ver personal relation that we all have to have with him! that is the key!! how? PRAYER!! :)

martha, yanela, yolanda, jose y ada are all great, getting ready to get baptise the 14 of octubre and it will be sucha great day! i know that as the spirit keeps guiding us, we will have so much success here! prepare for general conferencia! this is the most important one! why? i have no idea, i just feel that this is the one that will tell us, if we are ready, what and how to prepare for the second coming of our lord and savior Jesucristo :) i know this church is true and i know that it is the only way! Alma 5:19

Elder Gallego

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