Monday, September 17, 2012


Holy hannah!!! this is the greatest thing i have ever put my mind to doing!! i am so grateful to be a misionero!! jaja we had some seriously HILARIOUS moments this week, i mean as a misionero the life you live is somthing sacred and you should always live up to that, and i have learned that just like elder wirthlin said i think like 5 years ago right before he died was that when bad things come, Just laugh :) so not to  be like always laughing or anything, but we gotta just smile it off and look at the bright side and move on. The moment we take steps back, satan has overpower us and we are falling into his hands!

Well, to cut to the story, friday night, we were with a familia and they said something that reminded me of Nacho as i tried to do the "ignacio stretch" that he pulled off in his madd tight white pants, well my whole crotch of my not madd tight grey pants, BLEW OUT! jajajajaja probably one of the most hilarious, yet embarrasing moments of my life, it was definately a moment that nobody there will forget, but lesson learned---never try to do the "ignacio stretch" in dress pants....they will RIP! but the bright side is that they ripped right on the seam so there is a seester here in the branch that is like my personal tailor! jaja, this is not the first time i have done butt is not shrinking jajaj so it is making things a little "tight"  :)

anyyways! wow, were to start. i feel wierd to know that the time keeps running out, i always say it because it is always obvious, my comp never let me forget it! jaja payaso! so i was sent a package from my parents like 2 weeks ago and it didnt get to me by last monday, so as i was in the apartamento writing letters on monday, i said a prayer that no matter how that the package will get to me. i stared out the window for seriously like 30 minutes, and i saw NO mailman...well after that 30 min i decided to go and check the box....the package slip was in there!!! :D i was like "WAAAAAAA!!!" "ORALE!!" jaja, lesson is that Heavenly Father answers prayers for even the little things. :) i know that it was a miracle cuz there was no mailman that came, not one! so that was kinda cool :)

anyways, this week was filled with blessings. It was cool cuz we got to bless the home of our elder quorum presidente and it was a very nice and spiritual experience. those who have not yet blessed the homes they live in and would like one, just call a priesthood holder or if you already have the melquisedec preisthood, offer a prayer and bless it and all the elements (not individually) cuz that would be one LONG prayer, but bless your home so that the spirit of the Lord can be there, i testify it makes a diferencia :) Also, with the branch, there was two people sick that we gave blessings to, Hno. Cruz has a disease in his intestinos and la hija de Martha was sick and so we were able to give them both blessings yesterday! Also, my companion and i had been feeling a little down with the lack of progress on some of the investigadores that we have, and so we gave eachother blessings, and i tell you what, blessings are a great way to know what your heavenly father needs of you and thinks of you. The comfort that i felt was uforgettable! i love it and i know that as one part of it told me to Listen to the Spirit, i have focused on that even more and it has brought more of it to my life. i know that we are loving children of heavenly father and that he wants us to be ok. We have to put our trust in him to be able to progress as his children here on earth!

Yesterday, Gian was confirmed! he asked that i do it, and it felt as if it were just me and him in the sacrament meeting room. it was increible and Gian will be a great power to the branch and a big help so that the last one of the Beco familia- Onasi- who is in jail, can get baptized when he gets out...well soon after :) we have been pushing the stake program of Set a Date and they have set a date well, like a goal that Onasi get baptized on the 21 de that will be super sweet!! Martha y Yanela are doing great, they are preparing for baptism the 30 of this month, and jose y ada y yolanda the 14 of octubre and the 21 of life as a misionero is super busy right now! we have zone conferencia this week, my last one :/ that will be good tho to be able to learn more from my leaders! i love learning, my companion helps me in my trials, and i learn so much from him. He is prollly wone of the dorkiest guys i ever met, but one of the most humble people i meet too. we are working great together, and are going to go to the end! i know that as we put our faith in Jesucristo we will be lifted up. Dont give up. Ever. The blessings that await are right around the corner!! :) andale y echense galleta CAMARA! 

Elder Gallego

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