Monday, September 17, 2012


well familia y amigos, the road ends in Allentown, PA! i am very excited to be able to finish where my trainer, elder kerouac, started his funny cuz he finished where i started mine...Wilmington! so we kinda just switched it up!! it will be a wonderful 6 weeks and i will also be staying with my companero, Elder Wright! he is so stoked to "kill" me...that is what the term of a misionero that is "dying" or leaving the mision....the mision is like a whole diferente world man! i love it and am going to live it all up and we will work as if it was our last day every day!

so it has been an emocional week, with having two couples sealed in the temple on saturday, seeing a couple of my ex-comps, elder reese and de leon and being able to have them spend two nights with us while they were at the temple was way cool! as you prolly see on Facebook, we were sleeping like all over the place! we had some crazy events! incluso i locked us out of the apartamento cuz i left my keys in there, and my comps keys were in his backpack and that was in the car, and we only have one set of car keys, the ones i left in there....jaja so we only have one little window...and it was occupied by the air condicioner so i gave it a swift push and it went through as planned, but all this mud and stuff came out and my comp and de leons comp picked me up and were slowly helping me get through this little window and all the sudden they just push me thru and it was hilarious as i hit my head on the ground and got all dirty and stuff...but it was a memorable experiencia! :D

so to give the rundown of the events this week, we got Martha committed to baptize the 30 of this month, as well as Yanela and Yolanda. Yolanda will be getting married this next week, Yanela is already in Jacob en el libro de mormon, and Martha is progresando like no other! we had a great lesson with Jeremy (the one we baptize like my first month here) and he bore testimony of the power of baptism and he told her how he didnt want to at first but knew it was what the lord needed him to accomplish so he put his faith in him and he is now a great strong convert! the spirit was so strong! we were able to help her put her faith in the lord, as well with Yanela! she is so awesome and is reading like crazy! she loves el libro de mormon!
Also, we were blessed to be with Martin and his wife Yaquelin on tuesday night! so they have friends, Jose y Ada, that are super super close and believe in what the church teaches is good and they were super interested, well martin just walk in and is like "jose y ada, we are here to tell you that this is the way and we want you to be baptized so that we can see you get sealed in a year" en espanol of course....and we just sat there like waaaaat!!! that was mad tight!!!! Martin is so strong and it is cool cuz he is not afraid to share the gospel. his wife yaquelin is the same way! their daughter, Leny, got sealed on saturday and it was a great event. i was not able to go cuz i wasnt involved in the reteaching process of her husband Toribio, he got baptized a year ago, and so i wanted to go but couldnt :/ it was hard but they came out totally changed!! it was amazing!! Anyways, back to jose y ada, we didnt even teach hardly anything and i invited them to be baptize the 14 of octubre and they both said SI!!!!!   we were like amazed! all this inviting people to get baptize happen in a day! it was so crazy!! we also had a familia home evening with martin and his familia and we centered it on their son, Onasi, who is in jail right now but who will get out the 30 this month....we are going to get him converted before i get out of here!! it will be so AWESOME! Onasi is the only one left :) Gian did not get confirmed yesterday cuz he went to NJ to see his mom, she just came from Santo that was like not planned but he will be getting confirmed this coming sunday! :)

with all this going on, we also had a great Zone Training and we were taught about the importance of the spirit in teaching and how to use it in our every day life. i think it is so importante to say that without the spirit, why would we want to keep going? there is no motivation! that is what everyone needs, the gift of the holy ghost so that the feel the motivacion (love) from Heavenly father to do what is right. we are doing very well as a zone and there are many people getting prepared to recieve baptism and ge confirmed. Baptism without confirmacion is nothing! that is really what cleans us, the gift of the holy ghost is the baptism by fire the lord streses so much on. we have to remember why we got baptize and the commitment we left that day. it is so importante! the sacrament is why we need to go to church, and the classes help us learn more about what we told Heavenly father we would do at baptism....endure to the END! i know that this is why we are here. to be tested, and the lord do it so he can see how much we really love him. mosiah 23:20-24. i feel so much love for all the people that i know, you are the reason i keep going! God has so much love for us, and we want it right? so we have to go GET IT! he is the source, this mesage is the way, and the spirit is the guide :) Vivir, Amar, Reir :) (live, love, laugh) there is no better way :) it is found in the mensaje de la restauracion! i know this the time to act, so lets do it!

the rest of the week was a blur, one thing did stick to me tho.....the love we have for everyone has to be first centered on ourself. if we cant love ourself, how can we love anything else? i know that Heavenly Father has an infinite love for each of us,.....and he wants us to feel it, realize that we are loved, love ourself, and share that SAME love and charity with others :) we gonna go git em this week :)

Elder Gallego

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