Friday, September 7, 2012


No MANCHES!! this time is passing by so dang fast! the weeks seem like a blurr!! holy hannah!! bueno pues, this week many many things came to pass!

finally i was able to do exchange with the elders in Reading, PA. i havent been able to do any this transfer cuz they have been sick or had appts at the doctores o algo asi. So i was happy to be able to leave my comp in the area and let him go to work! he is a horse man! while i was able to have exchange with elder schneider and elder allen wednesday-friday, things went really well! we were able to figure out why the area and the members are not working with the misioneros with the lack of trust and the constant cancelling on appts, the lack of work that use to be there, and just the elders had a little bit down on their faith. So we talked and did many things and they finished this week with baptism dates and were able to really enjoy the great exchanges that we had. I love learning from the other elders. Just a hint of advice- young misioneros, dont be afraid to teach your leaders. We love it more than you can possible believe!! (nacho voice) "It isss de BESSS!! :) things are awesome here!! even tho a stinky Chihuaua PEED ALL OVER ME! that was not cool....but it was funny haah! (note to self- NEVER let an excited dog stand up and dont EVER scratch his back when he has his front two legs up on you....your leg will get SOAKED!) :)

so yesterday, i dont know if any of you remember when i first got here i said that we was going to fill the iglesia by the end of Summer......jaja the VERY last sunday, yesterday, before the kids get to school again, and we FILLED THE IGLESIA!!! ORALE!!!!!! there were 116 people that came :) the coolest thing i seen since we got 220 to the ward in Philly, and the day we had 156 in Wilmington!! there is no better feeling as a misionero to 1-baptize 2-fill the church! it makes us so giggly inside!! presidente payba spoke with tears and was trying to hold it all back but he just couldnt, and neither could i. the lord bless us according to our faith in him! we HAVE to put our faith to accion! ya pronto, this area will be a ward if we keep on moving on. also, we gave the priesthood aaronic to Martin! Juans ride didnt get hi so he could not make it yesterday, but he will get it next week. Martin is doing awesome!! Gian, will be getting baptize this week by my companero! we are goin to do the others in the coming weeks!! too much of a hassle and not enough time!

so something i realize, is that king benjamin del libro de mormon is INCREIBLE! his discourse in Mosiah 2-6 is just awesome! it apply all to us! we have to apply what he teaches, a man who went his whole life in the service of the lord, working with his own hands and side by side with us. i think of it like him being the lord with us. he works side by side with us, and even when we stop, he still works. the lord always progresses. dont ever forget that. just because he is perfect doesnt mean he doesnt learn from us. King benjamin learn so much from his people, they love him so much and we willing to do all the possible to make sure their names were written in the books (baptism) they are awesome examples to us and i know that as we put out hands to work, and as we just think about What more can we do other than, Are we done yet. we will be so much more successful! i know that the profeta Tomas S. Monson is the profeta of our days, and of the lord. there is no other way. Jesucristo is our light and we have to follow what the profetas say so that we can get to him. Just like King Benjamin, we have to believe in Cristo, and we then have to act :) it is ALL  ABOUT LOVE!
L- Life of-
O- Obediencia
V- Virtue
E- Example
= LOVE!!! :) a life of obediencia, virtue and example will bring us LOVE! you all have it, just have to find it :) 
Elder Gallego

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