Monday, August 20, 2012


Bueno, pues as today is the 20 my comp didnt help me forget that there is only 2 months of my mision left :/ so WE gonna work even harder!

there are so many  things that happen this past week, i dont have a clue where to comenzar...between the miracles, the blessings, the people we teach and barely enough sleep, we are just doin all we possible can to carry out this work and make this rama to a barrio PRONTO! the lord is guiding us as we continue to work diligentemente and be obedientes and it is something very interesting that we realize. As misioneros, there is no other time in your life that satan will try and get at you from so diferente ways. it can be people on the street, thoughts, words, acciones, old habits, ANYTHING that he can to get you to fall even if it be a little bit. i have felt the spirit testify to me that the so called "power" that satan has really is nothing. as a human being and a child of God, no temptation is too big, no obstaculo too great, no test too hard, no trial too worked, that we cant possible think of our savior durning at least one second of them. I have ask myself this many time and have tried to answer it, and i dont know how other than as we are going through trials, we ALWAYS think about our Heavenly Father. Let not forget, Jesucristo also knows how it feels to not have the spirit with you, as he suffer everything including the separacion of the holy ghost for moments of trial and pain. if one man, would give his own life so that we could become like him, Will you do it so that others can follow you? it is so importante to always stand in holy places. getting back to the point, as misioneros there is never a half-second when at least one set of eyes is not on us. it can be Gods or our comps, anything! but people are always why is not like that for the normal members of the church? i dont know.....that is what get me. but i think about how we have been Set Apart, from the world, to preach the message of the restauracion of the gospel to those in need...actually EVERYONE with who we speak. that is something that brings a smile to my face :) there have been many time in my mision where i want to give up, pack my bags, and go home. but as i think about the many blessing of serving and the many blessing i will lose for not serving, why not go on?! this is such a great work, and if there is some little blue book, that has change the lives of 15 milliones de personas, Why not be part of it? the gospel is so cool :)

so to get to my week, well i dont really remember sleeping, i think i dream maybe once or twice, and we were out earlier than 9 almost every morning. there was a benefit to that and a well, a blessing missed. i was only able to read a chapter del libro de mormon 3 time this week :/ and it wasnt cuz we were sleeping in, or being lazy, heck we were out and workin! but i wont ever do it this way again. i have felt more tempted to do just the stupidest little things in life like watch the tv, play games, relax, go chill wit the members, anything but the work of misioneros! and i was wondering why that was. It is cuz i was not able to read el libro de mormon every day and i know now and tell you that that little blue book, it has the proteccion power that we need to keep our mind clear, hearts pure, and our acciones sanctified to the lord. I have such a big testimonio of that book, it has changed my life forever and i will NEVER again stop reading at least one chapter a i know there are people that say, "that what you say now, just wait till you are really busy and have other things" i dont care if i have to lose sleep to do it, i cant ever go another day without it. I hope that as our investigators hear our message that the libro de mormon is something powerful to them. even our friends will be there and ask us what we are smiling about or why we are so peaceful, but i know that we will have happiness in our life if we read it EVERY DAY! :)

ok, we are teaching un monton de personas!! so Martha, wow, what faith she has! we had our first two lecciones with her, and her desire to know that the libro de mormon es verdadero is so BIG! i have never seen one greater!! i am so greateful that the lord make it possible for us, as young adults to teach people that are older,......there is always something to learn from them. She has been getting anti mormon stuff from people she know, and her boyfriend in colombia has tried to bat it all away, but as she was explaining what she wants in her life and the life she has already had, it make me think of the great plan of salvacion :) it is for the children of God! she just lost her sister two months ago, she has a little daughter, who is like my little sister i never had! she is the biggest ball of energy i have ever seen! including myself or my brother!! YEAH!! :D her name es Isabella :) so so hilarious! when something goes wrong, she just say in her little cute voice, "Oh Cheezits!" JAJAJAJA! if that dont make you laugh, i dont know what will. she is so so funny. anyways, they are happy. Yesterday martha had a headache for like 2 days, and so we gave her a blessing after sacramental and RIGHT after, she was perfectly fine :) her face didnt hurt, she could open her eyes, move her neck, everything was so normal! :D that is faith of her right there!! with tear in her eyes she says, "elderes, i know the power of god is on the earth." wow, what a strong testimonio to me that our heavenly father loves and wants us back! she is doing great, as well as Yolanda, who is getting married to Hno. Reyes in a week, Yanela is reading and progressing very well, Amalia and nicole are reading, they didnt come yesterday, so we got to get over there and help them get ready for their baptism by coming to church. also we are helping Gian, who is progressing SO FAST! that is Jeny Becos husband. Jeny was less active but after Martin got baptize she start to come now :0 everything in that home has changed, and Martin has been so blessed with work that we have only been able to sit down with him and have one lesson since his baptism! Crazy! tonight we will get another chance! anyways, life in the mision is great, we will have a "White-Out" on the 2 septiembre....5 people will be getting baptize and it will be so great!! but. my comp is ready to leave! so we is out! Mosiah 4:9- Believe in Christ :) amor y saludos a todos!! 

Elder Gallego

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