Wednesday, August 1, 2012


ay q lo q! so this email going to be kinda quick...we got to go hit some BP with Miguel Barrientos in like 30 min!!

this weeek was SUPER bien!! we are going to be baptizing MARTIN! he stopped coffee :))) gracias por the prayer and everything! also JUAN is ready!! so they ask me to baptize them, i want my comp to baptize at least juan but juan says he wants me to so i got to get wet 2 times! it will be a gran privilegio to do this! i know that the lord works in many great ways, and the prayer and fast is what has help us with these two. Yolanda did not get married yet, and we are still waiting to see on her!

so we went throught the rest of the area book and saw all the old investigadores that the elderes were teaching the past years, only 2 were living there, and the rest dont so we got rid of those, but we had great lessons with both! one, Mario Mendez is ready to be baptized!! he stopped smoking, has been more than 20 times and is reading the biblia, el libro de mormon y doctrina y convenios at the same time!! so crazy!! he is ready and we got to teach him a couple more things y YA!

so with my district, there were some issues in the other companionships with unity and well, just really to get to it, they were being little ninos when it come to telling eachother what it really is that bothers them. so in the district meeting i hit hard on it, and we read 2 nefi 1:21 and it says to be HOMBRES and have ONE heart and ONE it worked :) to make it short, they had their sit down, laid it all out, and now things are good :) so the spirit was my guide on that one, i love the elders so much and have so much BAD experiences with comps that dont say anything that they feel, think, or do that it just is hard to work together if you dont talk, dont get along, or are pridefull. i read the talk beware of pride, and have made new goals to not be so prideful in situations...we all suffer from it so dont dare say you dont...that would be prideful jaja. 

I was able to have an exchange with elder rogers, and what a great misionero! he told me that he before looked at me as the most prideful misionero en la mision, which was prolly true, but that now i have become more teachable, more humble, loving and calm...i dont know about the calm one still crazy as all but he say to me that my example and the example of love to the other elders helps him to progress and it made me feel like i was able to teach to my best. Not by what I know, but by what the lord needs me to do. i know that it is hard at times, but we have to give our will up for his! Period. itss all about LOVE!

something i read was really cool, "lets put our hope in the Lord, because his Blessings are eternal, not temporary". means that if we look to him for the real blessings that are EVERLASTING then we will be alright, if not, the world can only satisfy us for a period of time if that! my companion had a siezure this week, pretty scary thing, and well, it last like 5 muinutes, he chewed up his tounge bad, but i tell you what, in the end it was all good. i know he not going to die or anything, but yesterday we gave him a blessing in PEC and it was amazing. he ask me to do it, and as i gave him the blessing, this feeling of overpowering love for him came into my heart, and almost made me cry, and i realize in that moment, that if I, elder gallego, can love someone to a point that i want to cry, How much greater is the love of our Heavenly father for us?! AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! i love this gospel, the spirit is a great tool, lets use it! and remember! Firme, impavidos, Obedientes! firm, undaunted, obedient! that is what it is!! Hermanito ALEC, te amo meng...suerte en tu mision....Para Siempre Dios este con Vos....God be with you till we meet again little brother...i love you :) 

Elder Gallego

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