Friday, July 20, 2012


Hola q lo q mis amigos/primos/familiares!

okkk so this week pass by SUPER Rapido! it was so intense! Rain, windstorm, getting soaked, MIRACLES, and many blessing of the Lord! First off, we had a BOMB leccion from presidente Schaefermeyer on Repentance and the gift that it is! he teach us about the principle of it, how the lord will always forgive us as many times as we repent, but that do not mean that we can keep making the same mistake over and over. and just saying that we can repent later, that is Apostasia. we have to be sincere with the lord, and i know that it is hard, and takes much time, but the lord will bless us in our efforts!

so to think back, this week was just Busy man. We are teaching Yanela, she is a friend of a member, and as we teach her the first leccion on tuesday about la restauracion, she feel the spirit very strongly, and we were able to testify to her about the greatness of god and how Jose Smith was only a tool in God hand to help us have these very special blessing! she had tears in her eyes, and was very impacted by the spirit. She wants to get baptize and we will be setting a date with her soon, she has been to church 4 times now and love it! she is making other friends as well, and Taty (the member) is being a great example to Yanela. It is increible how FAST sometime the lord prepare people to accept the gospel of jesucristo! i love it! my companion and i were so amazed!

also, as we have been praying for a familia to teach and baptize, we found one! :D it was so cool, they are guatemaltecos and they are SO ready! edwin, marisol and Alex :) edwin is working to support the familia and his wife is sick with a rare muscle problema that is making her muscles be all tense ans stuff, and has been in hospital por like 2 month!! so we are going to start teaching them there, and it will be great! Edwin was telling us about the desire he has to be an eternal familia and we testified of the plan of happiness and that familia eterna is part of that plan, and i tell you the spirit hit SO hard, i was grateful as my companion in that moment testify of the familia and how he knows that God loves us and wants us all back to him, FOREVER! i was able to share my testimonio of the sealing of the familia, and how i still remember the feeling that i had as we were sealed as familia. Edwin got SO hooked, and we are going to help them progress, and pray for Marisol that she gets healthy to be able to come to church!

I was able to do an exchange too with elder Allen, he is from utah and is very excited to be out here, just super quiet, i realize i have SO much energia jaja. We talked about the importancia to be unified as companionship and have the love for them at ALL times. he is super quiet so his comp feels like well, i imagine Bored, so he make a goal to be more alive and fired up! it was great!!

Yesterday we went after sacrament to do visits with Hno Moore and Presidente Payba and Hno. Romero, we were able to visit Miguel Barrientos at his All-Star Game just down the street, and when he see us comin up after he Roped a hard line drive for a triple, his face lit up like a lightbulb! it was awesome!! even though he has not been the last 2 weeks cuz of baseball, he LOVES the church, and commited to be there next sunday. so we will see, it was raining and stuff so we were able to stay for just a short bit and i played some catch with his kids, that could have come but didnt so they watch him! but we will get that familia back in church, we need them!

The work continues, Martin Juan and Yolanda are preparing for the baptism on the 29 so pray for them, that martin can stop drinking coffee, and that yolanda will get married!! i know that prayer works. it is our biggest tool!! we have to use it and we have to have faith. I know that this work is true, the preisthood is real, and the power is there. We just have to be worthy to excersize our authority worthily and the lord will make miracles :) Alma 32 :) 

Elder Gallego

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