Friday, July 20, 2012


OYE PRIMO!! q lo q ta pasando por alla! espero q to' 'ta bien por ahi! (acento dominicano) :) i love dominican!!!

ay, this semana pass so fast!! SANTA VACA!!! i cant belive that we are in the las week of a transfer again!! there are so many things going on and not enough time to do them, pero ahi anda la obra del Senor! we are so very bless be be born in the dispensacion de la plenitud del tiempo so we can have the Gospel Restore to us and to be able to be part of the great and great work of the Lord!! i love this work, and the people are so very kind to us. we have found many success through the great members lately, we are really try to get in touch with the presidentes(as) of the rama so we can get working all together in the help of getting more people to asist the church!! they are almost done with the reorganizacion of the rama and we now have a BOMB relief society presidenta. Hna Rebecca Rosa is the new one, and we are work with ella to help all the people in the ward, mainly the less active. as we have talked with her, she asked me to make a list of all the members acitve and inactive and make them in groups so that the way to do visits to the members wasnt so bad! so we have made 5 groups and now the visits people have to do will be within a 3 mile radius of where they live!! it was very fun! as i did that, my comp helped them with their ingles and how to speak correctly...he is also trying tohelp me write is coming along :))

we had a great Conferencia de Zona this week, we saw elder De Leon, he is awesome, speaking very good ingles now, and it is so cool to see him again! the 6 week we had together was way to short! but he want to come to AZ and clean pools with me so we will see!! presidente talk about the importancia de use the miembros of the church, something that we have been focusing on and have great success! Yesterday 9 investigadores can to church, and it was great cuz all have friends and they are helping them and they are members! M&M's!!! (Members and Misioneros!!) that is what it all about!! i was ask to translate for a high couselor yesterday too, and it was so funny becuase as i would translate it, i hear myself, and i see all people just like smiling and some laughing, and i realize i am jus goin off like PURO DOMINICANO jajaa, it sounded so dominican and i didnt realize it until i stopped, and he was like, "well look like the elder here has become one of you"! i was really embarased but it happens :) it would be so cool to be a translator or a sports analyst for Futbol!!! they all talk so fast!!

we had some very funny moments this week, on monday it was super humid, and i squatted down to get the dryer sheets that fell, and the croch on my suit pants exploded jajaja, me moria de risa!! it was so funny, my comp just look at me, "i was going to tell you your butt getting bigger like soon, but i just do it now i guess!" we been runing and excersizing a lot!! so, i got to get Hno Beato (he is a pro dude at sewwing stuff) so i got to get that fixed!! also, on wednesday, we helped a member put new door handles on, it was so cool cuz we went to HOME DEPOT!!!!! :D wow, that store is like PARADISE!! it smelled so good!!! remind me of my dad, all my life i grow up in construccion sites, cleaning, i really hated it but now i miss it so much...anyways, we fix her two door handles...she locked herself out and so Hno. Cruz, he decide not to use his brain and just put like a hair pin and twist it to open it, or even wait for us to get there, he decide to get a sledge hammer and smash them off....i had nothing more to say, jaja and then we could not even get the old one out, just time just be patient or just wait to you dont haveing to spend money!! but it was fun!! also we clean the home of ansolny, and his family. it took forever to do, and i so glad my mommy teach me to clean, cuz i went to TOWN!! that Jawn is SUPER LIMPIO ahorita!! :) it was a great service for them, and it was good to do some servicio!!

when you get the chance, go watch the new video of Jose Smith the profeta de la restauracion on the church website...a member showed that to us as we had a Family home evening, and it is so much better!! so simple and many new parts, and the spirit is so strong. i am eternally gratefull for him and his sacrificio he did for us, un hombre tan obediente and for his obediencia we are here enjoying the blessing of the gospel restored to us in the world. in 4 Nefi 1:2 it talk about how ALL the nefitas y lamanitas converted to the gospel! how cool that be to see that!! MAKE it happen, your testimonio is the most importante thing you can posiblemente posess as a member of the church, use it and share it with EVERYONE!! i know that as we strive to become discipulos of Jesucristo that he will allow us to enjoy so many blessing and that as we follow the profeta in all he tell us to do, the holy ghost will help us and guide us. he is your companero constante :) just remember.... HE LIVES :) enough said!

Elder Gallego

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