Friday, July 20, 2012


MANN!!! allentown is NUTS on the 4 of julio!! so they be lightin off fireworks for like 3 weeks here, but on the 4 they LIT THEM OFF COMPA!!! ORALE it was so tight!! they lit off so many that they started a huge fire but i think it was put under control!! but that was really cool!! so Feliz Cumpleanos Alec!! espero lo pasaste bien :) preparate para cumplir anos en la mision....jajajja :) ESTILO HISPANO!!

so i have think a lot lately about misionery work and the importancia to really serve your hear out, but then you can forget to do what you learned out on the mision! it is so importante to apply what we learn for the rest of our lives! the lord has chosen us to be his servants and we have to really be dedicated for the eternidad!! i have had many experiencias that have help me to really appreciate my savior, my familia and the friends that i have. But i tell you what, i will give my life for my religion. that is not to say that i am numero uno and nobody else could do that , and to say look at simply i just feel so deep in my heart that i can do this the rest of my life, and have my familia and friends with me :) but we have to think, in the last day, we have to stand firm and strong and withstand all the temptation and it will be much stronger becuase satanas will be locked down for a thousand years, so make sure you know on who side you on. There are no middle grounds. I know that the savior lives, and through him, we live. he is always there for us and will always guide us a love us no matter what we do, he always has his manos extended to us, and WE are the ones that push him away!

in 1 Nefi 21:14-17 it talks about that. Jesucristo will NEVER forget us, pues, he has us engraved on the palms wrists, and feet of his body. How can he ever forget us? he did that for you, and he wants you back. but how bad do you want it? it is personal the salvacion, claro, pero we are more than one person so we can help out one another! so be the good example, Do your best in everything and the lord will bless you eternally. i testify that through the atonement we are cleaned of our sins and we are then able to look up and walk strong and have much faith in all that we do. the lord is our light and our love!

as familias you have to read, DAILY of el libro de mormon, pray DAILY together, and obviously go to church every sunday! the sacrament is what cleans us from the sins we commit during the week, so as we take of it, it is literally a re-baptism. so for those that want to be baptized again, just be worthy and take the sacrament and that is seriously the ONLY ordinance that can continually purify us and will save us in the last day. The taking of it Worthily makes us pure and we renew those covenants we made at baptism. i know the cleansing power of the sacrament. it is REAL!  also, young men, do the Duty to God. i know and have a testimony that it works and changes our lives. you have it easy. heck i had 3 diferente pamflets to do, yours is all in one! you can do it all right now if you want! (i think) and you have it easier! but the blessings are obviously much greater! so be the priesthood holder you should and go out there and GIT-R-DUN! and the young women, well i dont know much about it, just complete it as well, becuase i know that watching my sister Alyssa do it, i saw how much she changed and the many things she learned :) she is a great example of the virtuous woman that is made from that program! i love you sis!

i am so glad to be a misionero! we were able to have a branch picnic and well, the young men got the best of me....i nailed them with water balloons, and me with my bum leg couldnt run in time to get a HUGE bucket of water JUSTO in the it looked like i peed my pants for like 2 hours...that was interesting! jaja, but we had many activities this week, painting the house of a member, interviews with presidente, i had an exchange with elder Schneider and he is AWESOME! and the district meeting was awesome! i taught about the importance of the language as a misionero and how we have to BE HISPANIC to understand truly what it is like and to really grasp the great meaning of the reason we are learning a new language :) and then we ate Arroz con leche y canela to finish :) so AWESOME! the elders teach me so many things and i am so bless to be here at this time :)

When you read tonight, read 2 Nefi 2 together and study how special we are :) we (human Beings) are the only ones of ALL the creaciones of God that have the ability to Act and not be Acted upon....ONLY if we follow the commandments. in the end, if we dont choose the right now, our agency to Want to go to the celestial kingdom is taken, and we get put out one of the others. and there we have to choice but to except it for the rest of eternity....which means NO END! so think before you act. that is what my parents always tell me and it works :) if ou have to think about whether or not you should or should not do prolly should not do it :) now if it like about college, your future wife, and serious stuff, obviously to think is very importante...but you know what i mean :) i love you all, and just remember, if you dont think positive...nothing good will happen :) 

Elder Gallego

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