Friday, July 20, 2012


pues, felicidades a todos los padres que lean este correo electronico, gracias por todas las cosas que nos ensenan como hijos, y pues mando felicidades y mucho amor a mi propio padre! te amo mucho y te agradezco por todo lo que has hecho para mi en mi vida y por tu gran ejemplo :)

wow this week pass by so fast, and so many thing happen! i will just start from monday until now!

monday we have a noche de hogar with a familia, the new relief society presidenta share a leccion with us about the importancia of covenants and the blessing we recieve from making them! there are so many thing that we do as members of the church that are not coventant, but as you think about the many blessing that we recieve, from making a big covenant- baptism- we then get the confirmacion- the holy ghost guide us and help us do what is right, and all the blessing we recieve are consecuencias from those two covenants! we then make more important and bigger covenants and those we do in the temple!! i want you all to know that the temple need to be your goal! that is the most importante place in the world, and we have to make coventants in there so that we can be happy familias por la eternidad!! i know that i am part of a eternal familia and that the feeling i having that day i cant ever forget!! i know that it is the most special place to me and that my familia is the thing most importante to me and that i will be so grateful to be with them forever!

i learn too that we have to give up our will for Heavenly Father will. Mosiah 3:19 is a great scripture that tell us about that! as i finished the libro de mormon again on sunday, i recieve the answer like in the exact momento that it is is so true, and has forever change my life! i want to be like alma the hijo, and i want to be able to have a testimonio so strong that the depths of hell have no power over me. i know that through the constante reading of el libro de mormon, studying it, and praying about it EVERY DAY! we will recieve a strong testimonio and we will be prepared to do many things! it will help us have faith, and faith is what moves us! it is also bringing us much love and help us realmente understand what we have to do in order to recieve the blessing we need to continue learning!

if we think about jesucristo, we forget that even HE was surprised and the dificult it was to suffer the atonement! and just think, he did it for YOU! so that YOU can be here and learn and become like HE is. that what it all about! as my companion and i said bye this morning, i really feel his love and his grateful for the time we had together. from a familia so hard and with many problemas, he has come so far, and i really know that it is for his humility and for the many things that he has, one being a lot of faith, and love for others. he teach me that we have to really have to think about how others feel and how importante it es to make them feel worth it, and make them laugh, smile, have fun, learn and become like Jesucristo! i know that this is the way to have success! look in the mirror, and think to yourself, What do you see? what are your talentos? what are your defects? what do you need to change? or want to change? do you love yourself? if not, why not? and that is many good things to help you understand what you REALLY think about others. if you dont love youself, how can  you love others? it is imposible.

the rest of the week was a blurr! my companion and i talked in sacrament about the importancia of setting goals, and how to set them. he did great, his first time talking en espanol in church so it was great! i was very happy for him, and he made the peoples smile and laugh! they miss him a lot as he was here for 7 months! my new companion is Elder Wright! he is from Utah, and he loves baseball!! perfecto!!! we is going to have great time, and will learn and do many great things! i have also be called as the district leader again, and am very excited as i we are a district of 6 so the other 4 live in Reading, PA like an hour away, but they are cool and we will have a lot of success! the lord has many thing in store for us, i have 4 month left, and wow, time need to slow down, proque we have so much to do, but my companion will learn very fast and he will be a great asset :)

prolly the coolest thing yet...yesterday we went to a BASEBALL GAME!!! it was awesome! the phillies double-A team! the game started at 9:30 in the morning so we had to be there early, and we stayed the hole one! i got a ball too so that even made it better!! i miss the feeling of playing baseball so much, and i hope that i can play soon! the rest of yesterday we spent visiting like the whole world!! man! i drove all day it seem and when we get back at 9:15 i was just pooped man! but it was a great day! we had many great lessons, and had a great FHE so things are going good!! i just know that whatever comes, it will be in the lord hands :) i love this work, i cant wait to share in person all the many experiences i having here, i only ask that all you young dudes get yourself prepared and ready to take on the world! it is like the lord teach to peter- he didnt call him to leave his nets for a little bit, he called him FOREVER! if we are truly dedicated and want to serve the lord, we will do whatever it takes, and i testify and bare witness that HE will provide :) he lives, dont ever forget it. Many are called to be leaders, but ALL are called to be followers :) follow him, and you will become a fisher of man :)

Elder Gallego

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