Monday, August 13, 2012


HEY!! wow this week went by so fast and there are so many miracles that have happened!! i know that this is the work of the lord and he is definetely in out lives, his arms are always extended towards us, but we are the ones who dont want to accept him! After seeing so many people change their lives for doing what is right, is the best thing that you can ask for! i know that as we stay good examples and help others ar all times, we will be able to see that light of cristo in their lives! everyone got it, we just have to dig down and find it! then act on what we already chose to do before we come here!

so we had a good baptism yesterday, Anaya Miranda got baptize and she was very very excited. there was a very special spirit and she definately was so close to the spirit. Heck we miss the sacrament yesterday cuz my comp forgot to take his pills for his siezure and he cant miss any so we had to go and get those, and by the time we got back they already pass it, but we were able to have the young men prepare it for us after that and it was a very good experience! i was so anxious and worried about not being able to take it and then we asked the presidente de rama if we can take it and he say yes. that is such a big blessing, the santa cena because it is the only cleansing ordinance that will keep us clean as long as we take it weekly and worthily! that is the key!

Like presidente Eyring say, we have mountains to ascend and the personal integrity of all of us is what will help. The atonement is the great act of love we will ever know of in our existencia but we sure need to use it! it means nothing to be a member of the church if you dont go to church. heck, life is worse if you do that. The most important things that people say to us as elderes is that the reading, praying and going to church make them feel good. its not money and not friends. those are only some "feelings" that we think we have about what is importante. i learn that i have to always be an example to those around me cuz at no other time in my life will so many eyes be on me at one time. as we work together, it make life much easier! we have to make Jacob 5 part of our lives! verses 70-the end of the capitulo are directly at us. we are the servants that have to bring the rest home! :) and Zion has to be something that we establish in US before we try to establish it in others. Moises 7:18

so as we teach this week, we found 3 new people that want to be baptize! Gian is the husband of Jeny Beco, the daughter of Martin who just got active again. Gian has change very much and this week, as we talk to him he tell us that he want to make a change in his life that will never give him deseos to do wrong again. we testify that the gospel can Help with that but it wont change him. HE will be the one who makes the change, and our Heavenly father will be the one who helps him. he is dedicated to being a better father, and a better example to his wife and two little ninos :) he is reading el libro de mormon and is doing all he can to show his familia that he really want to change and that he is going to do it! the baptism yesterday help a lot and Martin is being a great help with him! of the 15 members in that familia, 13 are members and Gian is next :) after that, we plan to help Onasi, Martin son that is locked up, get baptize in octubre and that will do it :) MILAGROS are REAL! we also met a new colombian lady and she is SUPER excited to recieve the gospel! looking for a church that has good values and unity and love...welll we tell her that she found it :) the spirit was so strong yesterday, i know that as we are willing to help those around us, GOd will continue to put those people in our path :) with Amalia and nicole, the two grandaughters of Maria Perez, they are reading and praying and coming to church, they are very willing to keep the commandments to get the blessing they need! with them, they will be a great light to their parents so that they accept the gospel! also, we met an old investigator, Lidia Cristobal, and she just has to stop smoking and get herself married to be able to get baptize! we have taught her everything, but we will see what she is willing to do.

so i tell you what, going on an exchange in ingles was WAY diferente. but the spirit was very strong, i ask one of their investigators, ryan, if he would prepare to be baptize the 14 of octubre and he said yes!! i dont think i say the invitacion right but i sure did finally ask him! i had the thought to do it like 3 times and got scared cuz i have never done it en ingles but i didnt want to ignore it! i was with elder smith, and it was a great experience! always invite when the spirit is there! we also met with some less actives, a member took us in his Cobra SVT and wow....that car gets UP! so sick!

so anyways, the work continue, i know that it is going to be a great week, always always always listen to the spirit. it will ALWAYS tell us what to do in the right moment :) 

Elder Gallego

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