Wednesday, August 1, 2012


que lo que mis amigos/primos/familiares/compadres!! MAN!! this week, well yesterday was INCREIBLE! we had 2 bautismos, Martin Beco y Juan Villegas. Such a special spirit there, the whole branch stayed for the service! over 80 people!! ORALE!!

so just like always, there is always something that satan try to put in the way of people who going to get baptize and this week he sure threw a curva at Juan! so saturday night we call him and he tells us that he has a HUGE (and yes, it is HUGE) hernia, but the sports kind...sorry to explain, the ones that make the testicle swell like no other...well yeah that just came to him out of nowhere, and he was super depress and was callin off the baptism for sunday, but as my companion and i talk to him on the phone, we ask him if he has the faith to be healed...he say si and so we went over there at like 10 pm (we told the zone leaders) and we gave him a blesing, i tell you on pure faith, it was so awesome! the blessing did not tell him that he be healed....yet :) it basically tell him that the pain will be relieve and that he will with his faith NEED to get baptize sunday. it was very clear and very powerful, as my companion gave it i could feel the great love our savior have for each of us, and really, Satan not have any power man. He is NOTHING! he can try but if YOU have faith, and if it be the will of the Lord, the healing will happen.

so yesterday....he came :) it was still Super swollen but he said the pain was not all that bad. he stuck out the 3 hours of church and the hour or so of the bautismo and the food after and went happily home :) as i baptize him, he came out a 60 year old Dominican man, so humble and willing to recieve what God has for him, what a feeling i can not describe but it was amazing. After him i baptize he is the one that everybody tell me since i get here that is imposible...Nothing is imposible if we have the faith to let God take control :) that is what we did, and Martin, at 6' 2" and like 200 step into the font and my eyes were fill with tears, ahh it was so AWESOME! when i baptize him he just came out and said en ingles, "WOW"!  i feeling clean :) it was so amazing, what a day for us! my comp was super stoked, it was his first bautismos since his first area in Norristown where i served for a transfer. he is awesome, and has great faith and love for everyone! i surprised everyone by telling Elder De Leon to come to the baptism....he was the one who taught Martin wife, Yaquelin and he stayed here for 6 months and everyone was super stoked to see him! it was a wonderful day of milagros and the poder of God is real.

this week, we have many things to do, we did not get i got at least 6 more weeks here! i hope to finish here! distict meeting was great, the district is geting along better, there is love and we focus on faith and hope! it was great and the spirit testify over and over that we have to have hope for what we really have faith in. It is pure hope that we see god again, it is faith that leads us to Know without seeing, but it is hope that give us the desire to keep with that testimonio that we have and perseverar hasta el fin! i had a great exchange with elder Fennell as well, we talk a lot about the 10 Gifts a misionero should take home with him, when you get chance, look it up. By presidente Hinckley and it is great talk! also, we have Yanela who is awesome, Mario who need to quit smoking, Yolanda who has to get married, Naiya who will get baptize the 12 Agosto and Emilisa who we are still work with and Solanlly who we are super close to get permiso to teach her again and baptize her! things are going great, this gospel is so true, el libro de mormon is the word of God, and is the clave to us getting the fullness of the gospel!  2 Nefi 22:2

i have been able to see so many things happen in this area, in my life and in the live of others that there is no reason, no way, no other answer for what Jesucristo need me to do. i cannot do this alone, and like the profeta says, We need to live what we pray for! nothing work to just sit and pray and do the oposite of what we want! We have to live what we need, and by doing that Heavenly Father will bless us and will make our testimonio grow so much! i know that as we chose to live and work everyday for Eternal Life, we will be blessed :)

Alec, te amo! 2 Nefi 4:15-35- read it, live it, love it, BE IT! Seras un GRAN MISIONERO! 

Elder Gallego

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