Monday, August 6, 2012


SANTA VACA!! i cant believe it is already AGOSTO!! this is so not good! the time is going by way too much! but, i tell you waat! we is workin like the mision end tomorrow! i think that my companion, Elder Wright, is the GOOFIEST dude on earth. every other second i look over at him and he has like the most hilarious face put on and i just die laughing. We sure do have a lot of fun and are really gettin into the HEAT! SANTA VACA it is hot here...summer just start?? jajaja, it sure seem like it! but anyways, Allentown is AWESOME! we set record yesterday with 90 people in sacrament meeting! THAT is how its DUN! it was super chido! we had 10 investigadores there and everything was just awesome! a familia from Norristown, the converts of Elder Wright came to visit us, they had some issues and Presidente Schaefermeyer let us do that, so it was a great sunday. We were able to talk about the importancia of the templo and the preisthood! OHHH!! DUH, yesterday we had 2 confirmaciones! Juan y Martin ask me to do it, its rough doin everything, since i want my comp to be able to do it, but that just how it is! He was chill about it anyway and it was super drawn man! Martin y Juan both came with White shirts, Juan must have forgot his tie, jaja but Martin didnt! his wife took a little kids klippy tie and put it on him, came down to like the top of his belly jaja!! so funny, they were both very excited to be members and to have the Holy Ghost with them! it was a great experience! i will never forget it!

We also picked up 3 more investigadores, 2 are the grand-daughters of a recent convert, Maria Perez and the other one is Yanela! it is going to be good! Yolanda is getting married this week, but wants her hermanos at her bautismo so she cant get baptize this sunday, but we have the baptism of Naiya Miranda! she is 9 and is super excited! we just got her mom active again and it was very good! she now has calling, the second counselor in the Relief Society and it is AWESOME! we have activated about 25 people since i came, and have been starting to get the members more converted to the gospel! it is going well! remember, there is a big diferencia between going to church, and being an ACTIVE, CONVERTED member to the GOSPEL of Jesucristo. the church and the gospel are two diferente things! We have to be part of the Doctrine of Cristo and really be converted to it. The love we have for God and others will help us with  this! i was able to share my testimony yesterday after i help Ansolny, one of the first kids we baptize here, wanted me to translate for him cuz he dont really speak espanol, so that was a very cool thing. He bare his testimonio of the importance of the temple work. Heck the kid has 11 years and was talking about helping the dead recieve the gospel and how it is our job...i was just amazed! such a strong testimonio to me that we have to be the ejemplos para the other peoples! it is so importante!

So something i realize this week, the Eternal Life and Everlasting Life are two diferente things! Eternal Life is with Heavenly Father and Jesucristo, Everlasting Life is a gift to ALL people, who dont get eternal life...pretty cool! 2 Nefi 31-20. that is what it is! it is so drawn that we are able to have eternal life, as long as we keep the commandments! lets keep them!! :) i know this is the work of the lord, having two Gallego out, that is crazy! la obra misional es INCREIBLE! learn all you can! the time is far spent, and we need to prepare ourselves :) the lord is calling, Will we answer? just remember, it is ALL about LOVE!! Moroni 8:16

Elder Gallego

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