Friday, September 7, 2012


wow! so i got to be super fast this week! it was super crazy and things went super bien!

i going to kind of just list some things off so that i get my mind cleared, we dont have much time to write and i am truggling to write in english again cuz this week hardley speak like any! but i just want to start by saying that i have felt the prayers and love of all of you this week. as i am focusing on the mision and my companion and i had a baptism it helped me realize that there are so many people like Gian Carbonell who my companero baptized on suday that need this message. all of the love that you have for me and for your families, share it with the WORLD! if you get the chance, read the talk of Elder Richard G Scott from April general conferencia about how to obtain revelacion and inspiracion in your own life. that talk impacted me so much and i learn so many things that i wish i could explain but i dont have time. we have to help a couple who is going to be sealed on saturday and they are having trouble getting along and they want blessings so we got to head in like 10 min. but that talk help me realilze that the lord will reveal to us through so many ways that we always think is just our feeling and things like that but elder scott talk about how the scriptures are the key to recieving lasting revelacion! i know this to be true and i am having so much fun time studing and learning constantly that i cant see life the same way without the scriptures! the key is to obtain a testimony so strong that if you see that you dont have your libro de mormon or that someone you know is not reading that you help them, and love them so that you can let them lean on your testimony del libro de mormon while they try to get their own. i did it for way too long, and it is so much easier to know that this is the true church when you believe in the only and true gospel that it teaches :)

also, as we were able to go to the site where the preisthood was restored, Susquehanna, it was such a better experience this time around. we had a testimony meeting on the banks of the river, and the spirit was so very strong! i know that the savior lives and that the preisthood we do posses it! it is here on the earth and it is to carry out the miracles of god in the world. it is sucha blessing to me to know that the lord has entrust me with the authority that he has, and that as i continue to live righteously i will be able to be as he is, Perfect. it makes me even happier to know that everyone of you can do the same things! it is true. i know it is. As i continue to see the hand of God in my life, i realize that everything is the way it is so that we han be who he wants us to be. if life is hard, he wants us to be stronger. if its easy, trials will come. if it is perfect, then one day we too will be perfect. but to see that right now life to me is perfect, i am not yet perfect. because life to me IN this MOMENT is perfect because this is what God wants me to be doing. I love to think that as we do what he asks, he is obligated to bless us. the simple things are what count. as we offer our love, service, and testimony to those in sacrifice for the worldly things, we will see the hand of God working so many miracles! i love you all, the gospel is the only way and this is the work of the lord :) Never Give Up. 

Elder Gallego

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