Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Holy is octubre!!! the world ends in 2 months!!! :D jaja, son bromas! :) so this week, seriously just flew by!! so crazy!!! the area here is on fire, we didnt have baptism this week, the two women dont feel ready yet so we are going to wait! i am so stoked for la conferencia general!! i hope everyone watch the conference and make sure that you take notes!! it will be a super importante!!

so out of all things i can say, i have to start with what our presidente de mision teach us this week about the Light of Cristo that all of us have, but the big diferencia and confusion between the gift of the Holy Ghost! that is so importante...actually it is what make la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias diferente from the world...we have the Gift of the Holy Ghost and it is always wit us and we are obediente and as we follow the promptings it give so sorry if these email are not understandable, it seriously takes me FOREVER to type in ingles and my comp is all on me and sick of waiting jaja, that what happens meng! he will soon know... :)

so anyways, as we think about the holy ghost, it teaches us and help us to be who Cristo NEEDS us to be....not who we want to Alma 12, it tell us that our job is to be obediente and keep the commandments... ALL of them. the more obediente we are, the more blessing we recieve...the less we are...almost never recieve blessing because the spirit will not be with us if we are disobeying. I have a strong testimony of this and i Know that this is true. As i have be obediente, i feel the spirit. When im not, i dont feel is a blank and empty nothing inside of me that i hate to have...even as a misionero i have not been perfect, i have made my share of mistakes, and some i will say that i definately needed in order to understand what it is like...i know that the lord has shaped my mision for ME and nobody else...he has shaped me to be what we call "the clay" in his hands...A potter, as he makes the pots, he has to shape the clay, and if it doesnt look right, he starts over, wets it down, and puts in on the spinner to use it in a different form...that is how the Lord is with us, if we end up not reaching something that we could have done, he will use us for something better :) not just "something else" cuz as we missed our first oportunidad to be useful in his hands, we LEARNED what that horrible feeling is and we dont want that anymore. I have definetely felt that, and i know that as i keep doing what he asks, there will be no need to worry. He is my light and my guide! and he is YOUR light and YOUR guide. dont ever leave him, he never leaves us....always remember that. it is US who make the separacion from the spirit. its like a glove...WE take it off...and there goes the proteccion that we had dont ever take it mi hermanito says, "Out with the bad, In with the good." :) te amo ELDER! so wierd!!

jaja this week, we ate SO MUCH that my comp threw up 2 times, i was so hilarious!! i have never been able to experience that yet, i dont ever get full....and it is reallly wierd, the people here think im "CrASY!" nacho style! we are having a "Dia de la Raza" it is like uhh....Cultural day, the 13th and i am representando a MEXICO!!! VIVA MEXICO!!! :D i am going to make estilo gringo....jaja and Carnitas!!! with!! HORCHATA!!! it will be so AWESOME!! i am so stoked! and for the cultural presentacion, mi companero y yo...we are going to Dance "LA MACARENA" :) it should be good! we only are missing like a mariachi or something sweet lilke that...we will see what we can do :)

i had a great exchange with elder smith, he is one of my zone lideres and he is awesome! we got home the same time, and we had a good reflexion on what we would change if we could about our mision and i thought about how much i would love to have gotten MORE out of it...i think that is the regret of every can never learn enough and you can never serve too much. and i think about this all the time, but i just feel that two years go by way too fast and it doesnt come and hit you that time is running out until its really too late. i know that i dont have any huge regrets, and like mi hermantio said, i have never disobeyed a spiritual prompting, that is something i have really been able to see the blessings and am so grateful for that. i know that my heavenly father love me. I know that Jesucristo Lives and he is my salvador and redentor. I know that Jose Smith, Hijo, restored the gospel for the last time on the earth, and that Tomas S. Monson is the profet today. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost el Libro de Mormon is true and it will always be an esencial tool to our salvacion. As i trained my district, and well, as they helped me know as well this week in district meeting, the Doctrine of Cristo is the purpose of us. We have to LIVE it and APPLY it so that the investigadores can SEE it working in us! as i have done this to the best i can, i have felt and seen a diferencia in the live of my investigadores, my own life, and the live of the elders that have served with me. I know that we have companions for a reason, and i have learned something from every single one of them! i love them and if having 12 comps on a mision dont prepare you for marriage.... i dont know what will jaja!! i know that this work is real and that through the atonement, i am able to repent every day and feel of the Love of the savior in my life!

I was able to share my testimony yesterday and i know that this is where the lord has prepare people to hear the message of the is true. I know it! the investigadores that we have: Matha, Yanela, Yolanda, Jose y Ada- they are all progressing so much and it will be such a great day to see them enter the baptism water and then be confirmed the last day. If you feel like you are struggling, trust me...Pray. It is the only instant comfort i can possible think about other than think about your familia...i know that when i do, it make me feel the same spirit i feel 13 years ago when we got sealed for time and all eternity....oh! remember Karina? the girl i talk about that cried as she bore her testimony about how MUCH she wants to be sealed to her parents?  well, we had an AMAZING lesson with her dad, and he is commited to start the temple classes in November!!! :D the spirit was so strong as we bore testimony of the reality of eternity and how importante it is to be an eternal familia...i KNOW that it is the reason we are become eternal familias to be able to live with our Heavenly Parents again :)

Life is not about running from the storm, it is about learning how to Dance in the Rain :)

Elder Gallego

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