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ORALE!!! so this past week was very very productiva...we had many lessons and we were bless to find more people to teach. We are concentrating on keeping a Cycle of people so that we dont ever get empty of people to teach! there are many things that i have thinking about lately, especialmente of how cool it is to know there are DOS GALLEGO that are serving misiones!! one on the east coast and el otro on the west!! that is so cool to think about! also, that the profeta anounce that the age limit is 18 now for dudes and 19 for the chicas!! so stoked to see how many more misioneros serve misiones. I know that this will help keep them clean and focused so that they dont get lost into going to school and stuff like that. Youth, you people gotta shine! you are what we would have wished to be! but like henry b eyring say, All at the lords time! So now is the Lords time for you to shine and take the call and rise up!! i promise that this is the best and most importante work that you can do at this time in your matter what situacion, take the time to pray and fast so that the lord can prepare you :) what a gran bendicion!
This past week was full of much learning for me! i had an amazing exchange with one of my elders, Elder Pabst, he is de Idaho and he has a very special espirit that i can feel when i am around him. So many times during the exchange as we talk about the area we are in and what to be able to do better, i was impressioned to ask him about how he has been feeling personally as a misionero and about his area and his companion...well he is in an area that he served in about a year ago and has his only two converts there, preparing to go the templo so he is excited about that and has been focusing on that. However, as he talk about his companion, he has been feeling that he is being punish because his companion is so dificil and he does not like to really work, and he really is just going through the motions...what we call "robots" and feels as if it is a burden to be a misionero. At this time, i was able to testify to elder pabst that the lord is not punishing him, he is simply helping him learn. I remember my time with a companero muy dificil and i almost just gave up. so many time i think about that moment in my mision and wish i never had to do that, and at the same time, i am grateful that the lord loved me so much to cut me down :) i explained to elder pabst that i had personally talk to presidente schaefermeyer to bring a good hard working misionero to be with this struggling elder, and he send elder pabst :) so when  i tell him that, his face lit up with joy and was very excited to know that it was not punishment...he had not done anything wrong so why would he be punished? as we talked about the paciencia and amor and caridad we made the truth that it was the 3 most importante things that a misionero can learn from every companion...As i have had 12 on my mision, if 12 comps in 24 months doesnt prepare you for marriage, i have no clue what will!! i have learn something from every one of my companions, especialmente the ones that are dificil! And i know that the lord puts us in the path of eachother to learn and to grow. It all depends on what we do with it and our attitude.
So, as the exchange came to an end, he thanked me for the sharing of what i asked from presidente and he has felt an increase in love and we focus on pointing out the good in everyone, not the bad :) it is so dificil but it is posible :) i also learned that the atributes by which we will be judged in the last day are other words, christlike attributes! we have to develop the attributes that cristo has to be like him..meaning we can recieve them as "gifts" from HIM! how? prayer, obediencia and love of the commandments that he give us, and really tresuring the gospel. As i think about what i have learned as a misionero en dos anos, i think of my testimony, that it is a "Gift" meaning it can be either taken away for disobedience, not praying, or in other words, it can be lost...not because of anybody else, but because of ME. i Know that the testimony that i have is the treasure of my truly is. I cant think of any other thing that i would say i really have changed other than my testimony...because of the testimony i have gained, the Lord has change me in SO MANY WAYS! i try to remember what i was like before, and i cant. I try to think about how, and i have no other answer. I dont say that i am truly converted yet, that is a life long process and i know that. I can and will testify that I know, through the gift of the holy ghost that the atonement changes lives, that Gods will is what matters, and the prayers we say are heard. God will never hide himself from his faithful children...ever!
heck, think about abish, the woman in alma 19 that had the vision of what her padre saw and how she testified to the people that what ammon and his brothers teaching was true and that the gente cant try to kill them, and that the lord works through many ways to bring about his purposes, and in verse 17, it talks about how abish was an instrument in the hands of god to bring the conversion of limhi and his WHOLE HOUSE to the knowledge of the truth. I think that is so cool!!! like one of the apostoles said en la conferencia, Lets ascend together! the work of the lord is an un selfish work and we have to be listo to help him and be willing to follow HIS guides...the profetas, the apostoles, and like elder russell m nelson said....which puts a HUGE responsabilidad on us, "Ask the Misioneros"! i think that was a huge call for misioneros to rise to the call, and as there will be more hombres y mujeres preaching the gospel, Why not?! it will be a blessing to see how much the chuch will grow in such a fast pace :)
so on friday, elder pabst and i ate taco bell....the second time of my mision i have done that....and on saturday morning while we played bball with the hermanos and investigadores en la iglesia, i had to ditch the game and go hurl!!! jaja i was laughing so hard cuz it was the first time in almost 2 years i had done that and it felt so wierd!! do NOT eat taco bell with a grip load of hot matter how hispanic you will DAMAGE! :)
Ok so the COOLEST thing EVER!! last week, i challenged the elders at the last minute of district meeting, like what elde bednar calls instant revelacion, to commit the elders and ourselves to announce to their wards that there would be a baptism the 21 of octubre...even tho they dont have anyone prepared or even ready for that day. I commited them to that, and on tuesday night, elder schneider and flake call me, and tell me that they met a husband of an active member, who they thought was already a member, and the husband told them that he is not baptized and has been waiting for the misioneros to ask him for the past year, anyways, they asked him to be baptized the 21 of octubre and they say that his face just lit up and he was like, "that is what i felt was the right day"!  SANTA VACA!!! :D that is NUTSS!!!! they were so excited as was i to be able to experience that!! since i have never been able to do a baptismal interview my whole mision, which has been a bummer cuz ive been a district leader for like who knows how long, and we only interview the candidates of our district, my districts have had so many people ready and at the week before just tank it and give up, or get antied or something absurd, I finally will have the chance to!!! :D  i will be doing one this week for them, her name is Delilah Ortiz, and she is super prepared! that will be on thursday, and my last week, i will do the interview of this man, Junior! so not only will i be able to interview them, i will be able to have a testimony of what the spiritual power in conversion can do and how to see a person accept this great covenant :) im so excited!!! yayy for misionary work!!
well, this is a long email, like prolly the first good one in forever, but just wanted to get my brain emptied and fresh! we are having the baptism of Jose y Ada on sunday! SICKKKK!!! and i will be baptizing jose, and i think Gian, our recent convert will baptize Ada...if not, Elder Wright! :) and, we will be filling the baptismal font the 21st and are praying that the lord helps us to fulfill a miracle and have a baptism that day :) this is the work of the lord. I know it. Soy mormon! lo se, lo vivo y a mi me encanta! ( im a mormon, i know it, i live it and i love it!) i hope you all can say the same thing :)
Dont be afaid to show others who you really are on the inside most deep part of your are only following the same plan that you accepted before you come to this earth :) I know my savior Lives :)
When the lord asks us to leave our nets, it is FOREVER! never look back, think back, or turn back. If you have the image of Cristo engraved in your countenance like it say in Alma 5:19, there will be no desire to do so :) Look forward, never doubting and he will ALWAYS guide you :) con mucho amor!!

Elder Gallego

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