Thursday, October 6, 2011


alright!! this week was absolutely packed!!! we have been working so super hard out here, and we have been really really blessed by the lord here in the area!! It is so wierd to see how much time is flying by and how fast it is going!! As with this week, my companion and i have been really really spiritually uplifted by the strength of our relationship with one another!! I have been able to see him grow so much and him see me grow, that we are just basically brothers!!

as far as the people we have and are teaching, we have john guzman, who is progressing great and is really excited for his baptism coming up here on the 9th as well as maximo, karina, alesandra, and steven!! they are all so prepared and excited to enter into the covenant of baptism!! We are so super packed, so we have to get interviews in, zone conference at the priesthood restoration site on wednesday, and then GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! i am so stoked!! but we will have to be back in suits, and it has started to heat up here, so hopefully that changes!!!

Also, we have had some really cool experiences this week with meeting the people that the lord has prepared specifically for us!! It is so insane, and it has been really interesting to see how the lord works!! First off, we kept a man from killing himself saturday night because his sister had just been killed, and he was just losing sad and so hard to see him, and talk to him but after about an hour of trying and trying, he calmed down, and then asked us where his sister opened our door to the plan of salvation and we testified to him that she was in the spirit world, and that she isnt lost forever and that he would indeed see her again!! He was so happy, and he wants us to stop back by. What a great experience for the both of us, and i know that the lord made that way possible for us!! The gospel of Jesucristo is so true!!!!

well, got to git going, we got a football tournament today!!!!

Elder Gallego

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