Monday, October 17, 2011


alright well i definately dont have much time!! the library was too filled and we had to get permiso to come to a members house, to do our email! so i gotta get this out and then get to the dinner table! we are going to eat pupusas and man, they are so good!! its a tradicional food from el salvador!! ok enough of my blabbering..

so the baptisms went great!! finished off the transfer with 4, and we got 6 more coming up here soon, haha its just way to many things to do! and on top of that, i have been called to serve as District Leader, so that has just been totally mindswamping today, haha actually president forgot to call and tell me i would be the new district leader, the old one, elder burnham actually called me to delegate it over haha president was just chuckiling (imagine the george bush laugh) and he was like, "tell elder gallego he is the new district leader, and that im so sorry.." ahaha he kills me!! he is probably one of the funniest people i have met in my entire life, i cant even look at him without laughing, so he always just looks at me am=nd says, "What?!" i did nothing! so i just have to explain to him that its not that, i just have become such a goof ball here, the hispanic is taking over my personality and everything, so i kinda laugh a lot and am always smiling...i guess thats not too bad.. haha :) 

well, the rest of the week basically just flew, i had the opportunity to baptize john, great experience, and i was able to sit in on his interview, and it was so powerful, and i felt so good and it was so cool to see the change that john has made!! i was so overwhelmed by the great change that he has made! also, emmanuel, the father of alessandra quit smoking 2 weeks ago and was able to baptize the 3 others, his daughter and his niece and nephew. it was so special for him!! 

that was seriusly all that was going down this week, just a ton of finding and trying to fit in all of the people that we have to teach, on top of that, we got 10 new investigators this week, and had 15 in church!! so crazy what is gioing down!! im excited to see what this next transfer brings!! anyway! i love you all!!!!!

Elder Gallego

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  1. I'm really grateful to God and with you my friend, thanks for your kind words, so T.Q.M.