Monday, October 17, 2011


Hola!! haha, man i can believe i have almost been out a whole year in 3 days!! so scary!!! this year has seriously flown by for sure!! i cant believe it!! but i sure am greatful for all of the many blessings that i have recieved here, and the oportunidad to bless the vidas of the people here in philly!! so crazy how the lord works sometimes...

well to get this off my mind.....i have a HUGE surprise for all of you!! Well its not totally official yet, and our recent convert John Guzman  doesnt know that i know yet, but the bishop talked with him yesterday, and as i was told by john a while back, he was 25 years old....well, we figured out that he is 24 years old....and as i was confirming him yesterday, mission came to my mind, but then the spirit directed me to tell him that his testimony will be of great value to not only many members of his family, not only his friends, but many other people throughout the next couple of years and then after he is sealed and has a family. Really descriptive right?! well, here is the catch....JOHN IS GOING TO SERVE A MISSION!!!!!!!!!! DAHH!!!! i have never felt so much happiness and joy for someone!! seriously!! just completely put me to tears yesterday when the bishop told me that!! so, this next week we will be starting his papers, and he will recieve the aaronic priesthood, and then in a couple of months, after he baptizes 4 other members of his family in a couple of weeks, (yeah talk about miracles) he will get the higher priesthood, and will continue preparing to serve!! CRAZINESS!!!! ahh, i hope you all feel the joy i do. i am just so grateful for the lord, he is the best!!

so also this week, well some of the highlights:
-driveby shooting right outside the house we were in monday night!! wicked crazy!!
-Johns computer and both of his TVs decieded to just completely fry themselves for no apparent reason haha
-The confirmaciones went great! i confirmed john, steven, and alessandra, and elder mailo confirmed Karina. spirit was great and so intene!
-we had 16 investigators in church!!! 
-first district meeting went great!!! 
-8 more people to get baptized within the next 9 weeks, and we are seriously packed full!!

I know that the church blesses lives, i have been able to see it as a misionary, my own life, and the life of many people. The work is just crazy here, i cant put ito words how it is, just it is amazing and that the lord is blessing us!! I love you all and i hope that you go out and share what you know!!

Elder Gallego

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