Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well, i made it!! haha i passed the year mark, its kinda scary thinking about it, but it has been a year, and now that time, and all of the things that i have learned are going to come into great handy for the next year!! i know that the time is going to fly by even faster, so i am just not going to think about it!!

this week was just incredible!! john is doing great, he was working all week so we werent able to see him until saturday, but we did and we went over to his aunts house to talk to his cousin and her son, ana and fernan, well i felt impressioned to ask them to be baptized christmas day, so i did, and as i looked at her face, she was really hesitant. Elder mailo then testified of the importance of baptism, and that without it we cant live with god. Ana understood that, and was just so worried that it was too early, well then i was prompted to ask her to be baptized on the 20th of november...pretty funny but i did it, she got a huge smile on her face, and started asking about why we set dates. Elde mailo then testified of the power of goal setting, and that if we have a desire in our heart to truly change and repent, then we will set a goal, and that goal will lead to plans, and eventually we will have made the decision, and the blessings are then ours!! so as she sat there pondering that, the room went all quiet, and the spirit seriously was so tangible...she paused, and with tears in her eyes told us that she wanted to be baptized this next week!!! she has only been to church 2 times, so i had to talk to the assistants,and the zone leaders to see what they said, and they gave us the ok to go for it!!

So Ana, her son Fernan, Her mother Irma, and irmas mother Margarita, all mendoza, are getting baptized this sunday!!!! MAN!!!! the look on our faces when she said that to us, i dont think ill ever forget it!! john just about choked on his pupusa that he was eating, haha and elder mailo, was like "uh soa (means companion in samoan) did she just say that she wants to be baptized this next sunday?" i just smiled a him, and he just let out a big ol samuano laugh that just put us all into laughter!! he will be baptizing fernan and ana, john will baptize irma, and i will baptize margarita!! we gotta hurry with margarita, she looks like she couldve been there when noah landed the ark...haha so wrinkly and her skin is just like air soft, totally reminds me of grandma meo :) haha, loving it out here thats for sure!! the work is just going crazy!!

also, i was able to go on exchanges with elder lopez. he is a convert, of like 3 years, and is 25 years old!! he is mexican, from veracruz, and man so humble so willing to learn!! increible!! we had a great time, it was nice to have a native companion again for a day, i miss speaking spanish 24/7 with elder de leon!! we set some good goals on learing ingles and trying to make it easier on himself to meet people and try to establish a good relation. he has so much faith, and i know that his efforts will be noticed! i also was able to go on an exchange with elder burnham!! it was his last one as a missionary, and he is getting picked up at 2 today!! he was such a blessing to my mission, and i sure do love him!! he will be truly missed for reals!! elder mailo was in our area for the first time alone, well without me, and he did jut great!! taught a ton and was able to get to some less actives!! he is such a bessing to me in my life!!

district meeting was focused on trying to recieve revelation through church attendance, and w put it into play this week!! had 15 investigators in church, and a ton of the less actives just popped out of their holes!! it was so great!! also, dad, i need a copy of my line of priesthood authority...i dont have one with me...so if you could hook me up with that...that would be HAM!! (thats the new philly word for cool!) haha

anyways, this week was great, the work keeps going, and i am so blessed to be part of this area, and this ward!! its getting cold ot now, and we are just geting all these people floating around on the streets into the chapel!! its a great time to be a missionary!! GIt R Dun!! Toodles!!

Elder Gallego

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