Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hola amigos y familia!!! man this week was so awesome!! so im gonna give just a good quick rundown! the lord is just opening up doors like no other here!! the baptism went great yesterday! THe mendoza family of 4 was baptized, and there was also a hija de un miembro that got baptized! it was way sweet!! the whole ward stayed for it!! so insane the kind of support that we are getting here with all of the members! Weve got 15 more people too by the end of the year that want t be baptized!! So crazy!!

This week, we had a lot of preparing and teaching to do to get ready, i went on an exchange with the zone leaders, well just elder allen and i. For those that know Aaron Allen, he is awesome!! i felt like i was at home again! he is from mesa, came out with me and all, but i hadnt really been able to get to know him! turns out we know a lot of the same people, the reis familia and the hallsteds! well cecilia hallsted and i told him how her husbands brother baptized my parents!! he was like "no way!!" it was so sick!! i swear, people from arizona just have some sort of vibe that is so different!! DAHH!! i cant explain it it just felt way at home to be on an exchange with him!! we met some really cool people, and we found una familia mexicana and i was able to teach them!! it was so cool!! i love spanish!!

Elder Mailo is doing awesome, got a bit frustrated this week at his spanish and punched a hole in the door like the size of my head but it was so cool!! haha, he is learning so fast and i just tried to help him out a little more. SOmetimes im a little harsh of how he sounds like a puerto rican with his accent, and how its really bad, but yeah...we're all good :) He is doing much better now!! his spanish has improved so much since that day! and our unity has as well, we just had one of those weeks last week where you just get frustrated at everything and everyone! Thats how it is though a week before a baptism!! It was a great learning and growing experience! I sure to love my companion and all that he has taught me!

The weather here is getting chilly, we all got hit with a cold, but we're getting over it now! should snow again this week! last saturday and sunday we got pounded by some snow/ice stuff, looked like a slushy and my companion wanted to eat it, but in phillly thats not so healthy!! We also had to fight off an attack of cockroaches in the other elders' apartment!! haha it was a gigantic invasion of them under their fridge!! so nasty! so we have to move apartments, and it looks like they are goin to take our apartment, and we will be in the apartment right under John, our recent convert! so that will be so sweet!! ill keep you posted on all that ham!

Well, i dont really know whatelse to say, but the church is so true! the book of mormon is the convincing evidence of this, and i know that if you read it everyday with prayer, it will change your heart as it has done to mine! i love it and i love being a missionary! its all about love!! if you love that person, youll want to help them, no matter what they have done in the past!! trust me, after time, it will all work out!! there is a great family here, the familia perez that is preparing to get baptized pronto and they are an example of love! Satan is trying to tear the family apart, and its our job to not let that happen! without the family, its a little more difficult to live! So be united and share that love! the mision, its all about love!! I love it and i love all of you! Gracias!

Elder Gallego

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