Thursday, November 24, 2011


HEYYY!!! man! philly is just the greatest!! we arent getting trasfered tomorrow so that was a relief to saber, we are totally not done with what we started here, and the lord is just blessing us in like waves of people that are ready and willing to come closer to him!! we have a great day lined up for christmas!! 12 people are going to be baptised and what a blessing it is for me to be a part of it!

ELder Mailo and i are supper stoked to be staying! we will be here for thanksgiving, christmas, and new years!! that will be crazy!! im sure they will make us sta inside or something lame, but we are really looking forward to another change together! i have never had a comp for more than 2 transfers, so hopefully everything stays good, and we dont pull a matt gallego/nyal sewell Jamboree status experience from being around eachother too much :) hahaaha man i wont ever forget that! greatest month EVER!!! :D

anyways, im sure none of you understand that, just nyal and i and our families, but anyways, it was a great experience :) este....oyeah, so get this, we have been teaching johns family, and now anna, the one who got baptized 2 weeks ago, well we are going to teach her 2 kids today, they are 23 and 25 i think? adonai and zaira!! they are really super cool, way interesado and they will make great future misionarios!! they are so impressed with the change that fernan, the 15 year old son of anna, has made that they want to do the same! only problem is that they both work on sundays, so we need to find them a new job! pray for them please!! ALso luis rodas, johns cousin, he is rading and progressing wery well, just need to dejar cafe and tea and he will be good and set!! We are having a ton of success through finding with the members. it is so important that we do that, that is the only way i have found my entire mission!! knocking on doors doesnt do it!! so get out there and help those missionaries!! trust me, we love it!!

We learned about adversity yesterday, and i have a strong testimony of thisprinciple. It has shaped me into the person who i am today, and i am so grateful for adversity! we watched a movie on Gordon b hinckley today, man i miss him, it was about the life of him. He faced a lot of adversity, especialmente en la mision! but one day his dad, wrote him back and said olvidete de ti mismo y ponte a trabajar! forget yourself and go to work!! It is so true! i have found that when i try to think about what i need, my mission is not as fun. Its not fun, and i shouldnt be doing it! but as i have been able to consistently through prayer and study focus on what others need, i have noticed that the lord has helped me accomplish those goals for them, as well as mine! Without even noticing it, wesometimes forget how much he silently does for us, and i know that he does it out of love and charity! he is full of it, and if we want it, we have to go through him!! Moroni 7:43-48

I am so grateful to be a missionary! thanksgiving is on thursday, ill score a sweet AZ TD for all my people back home, and i want you ALL to know how much i love each one of you, and how grateful i am to be able to be a missionary! the blessings are numerous when we serve those around us, i love it. Its my passion, and my desire in life. I know that if weare able to put our lives in accordance with the lords will, this will be our desire and our pasion, to bring others here and to make sure that they have what they need in order to live happily pero por la eternidad! LOS QUIERO muchisimo!! coman bien, y en once meses, la bandita estara reunida!!

Elder Gallego

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