Monday, December 5, 2011


ok so this week has been so filled with just craziness and a ton of work!! we have been able to start and see the blessings of missionary work throughout the whole district here, and it is really cool to see how the members are so involved in it all!! i am so excited to be here in philly for the holidays, the people here are so crazy!!

so this past week we had a ton go on...we were able to participate in a 6 stake service project of picking up trash at the temple site here in philly and it was good, i met a recent convert of the zone leaders, she is from brasil and she was speaking to me in portugues!! it was so cool, we were able to comunicarnos and it was super cool!! there is so much similarity in the language, its like a mix of french and spanish!! i like it a lot!!

Also this week we were able to really see the huge blessings of the book of mormon! no matter what the doubt is about the church, it all falls back on the book of mormon, and i know that in the end, of course it all has to do whith jesucristo and that he is the savior. I have grown to literally love that book. I read it everyday, and i know that it is so true! as we search and study the scriptures, we are able to understand the many misteries of god, and wow, it just makes life so interesting and it all makes sense! he has made everything that we have and to know that it all has order, and it all is literally based upon obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel and heavenly design and the veracity of inteligence, haha it just makes me laugh every time!! i love the gospel so much it never keeps me hanging waiting to learn something! i know that if we have this desire to learn, he will give us the capacity to understand!

Thanksgiving here was awesome! we had the turkey bowl and it went well, also played futbol and beisbol and it went really well!! i gained 8 pounds and ate a ton of pupusas and turkey and rice, its so diferente how they do it en la cultura hispana! haha ok so we were out with this member the other night, and im looking at him, and he has like 5 eyebrows like 5 inches long!! so i told him to just hold still, and bite on something...i went at those things!! it was so hilarious, he was like oh elder, i trim those, and so i said well, not anymore!! haah it was so funny, thry looked really painful, and i couldnt stand to look at them!!

well, i dont really have much more to say this week, was pretty busy like normal. we are doing great here, and appreciate all of the prayers, i really feel it! Thats crazy to hear that lexi is engaged, felicitaciones!! life...just changes :) i love it!! anyways, have a good week, and hechete galleta camarada!!

Elder Gallego

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