Wednesday, December 21, 2011


hola bandita!! como estan?! espero todo vaya bien por alla y que se esten pasando un buen tiempo en Arizona!

pues, everything is good here, this week has been off the hook but we are super super swamped this next week! we will be moving so my new address is : 110 E. Roosevelt Blvd. Apt.#1 Philadelphia, PA 19120..we will be there on thursday! totally stoked! john is super excited for christmas, and so are we, it doesnt feel like christmas yet, because there is still no snow :( its just been raining a lot and its super cold, but hopefully we get something soon!!

i was able to have a sweet exchange with one of the elders in my district, elder lopez, man it was great to speak with a mexican, haha, they pronounce everything, it was hilarious he told me that my acento changes depending on the people im with, like dominicans, boricua, centroamerica, suramerica, it was hilarious, and i have now gotten to realize that he is right!! people always look at me with a confused look and a question like what is this gringo doing talking to me like he is dominican, it is hilarious!! We talked a lot on the reality of change, and how we have been called for eternity, not just two years, but eternity! it's  so important to be dedicated to the lord, he will help us accomplish what we want if we follow his will!

during the exchange, my comp and the other elder were able to extend an invitacion to alguien para que se bauticen! and she accepted! Jeamie Velasco will be baptized this saturday!! so we got a ton of things to do, i dont know how, with zone conference tomorrow, then district meeting and moving and correlacion, and libro de mormon clase on thursday, and so we really only have Friday to teach and half of saturday and sunday! so this week will be a little slow! but we are going to work as hard as we can!

Luis Roas, has told us that he wants to serve a mission! he is 25 but they are going to make an aception so that he can go! we are going over to his house today to help his start filling the papers out! he will be baptized on christmas day!! so awesome! also fransisco borrero the colombiano will be baptized on the 25th, maximo saldana the 25th and yuriana y jorgito the 25th as well! we are hoping that yuriana can get a photo id somehow to get married, if not we will have to wait :/

this week, we saw a rat the size of chico! my little doggie!! i kid you not this thing was a BEAST!! my soa saw it and just was like, "WOAH what the heck(didnt say that) is that!" yeah we're working on the swearing part haha, in his culture its normal, but were getting there :) poco a poco!! 

church yesterday was great, edgar hernandez, from wilmington, decided to show up! jaja total surprise i was so stoked to see him!! he brought his familia and we had a great time! they are doing great, only that they say the missionaries there arent doing a whole ton, so we talked about some things to tell them to do! its all about LA members!! i love it!! I was also able to finish el libro de mormon yesterday, and it is still true :) every letter in there is revelation, we just have to study it :) the great mysteries are all there!! i love learning and i love being a misionero! i love you all!! have fun, and make sure to read, pray, and go to church!!

Elder Gallego

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