Monday, December 5, 2011


holy cow i dont even know how to start or where, but things here are absoltely NUTS!!!

so this week, haha we doubled the standards of excellence in our numbers!! it was so cool to seriously be 100% packed!! we ended up teaching 47 lessons and we even had a zone conference, our p day, and sunday which were all short days!! the lord is literally just on fire with us here!! i know that through obedience, daily prayer, and reading the scriptures that the lord has prepared miliones de personas para nosotros aca en esta area!

so before i forget everything i want to say, i just want everyone to know that el libro de mormon es VERDADERO!! it seriously changes lives! john completed the meta that we gave him the day of his baptism to finish the libro de mormon before el dia 30 de noviembre! he did it!! it was so cool!! i was so getting excited for him about it!! he is seriously going to be a great misionero! we also are going to be making some good progress with a lot of other people for the preparacion del dia navidad when we will have at least 6 bautismos!! Fransisco borrero, fransisco chut sr, and fransisco chut jr are really close, just have to comit them to a date, and luis, he wants to serve a mission, so we are definetely set for that, and youre not going to believe this but we will be having another surprise bautismo with two others, i cant tell yet though i promised i wouldnt!! :) we are just seriously so filled with the love like elder farr explained. It is seriously all about LOVE!1 not romantic pasionante or anything loco like that, but real amor sincero del corazon!! i know that i have gained a lot of love for the people that i serve, and i have felt the love of them through the great support and help that they give us!

We had a great zone conferencia this week, president and his wife told us all about him, and man he is so hilarious! his wife waited for him on his mission and she didnt write him once! he only had a lilttle picture of her that he carried in his military book of mormon haha just such a crack up!! we had a great testimony meeting after, elder ammon dana and i and elder aaron allen represented MESA AZ YEAH! and bore our testimonies, it was a great spirit, ammon is doing so good, and just eats like a horse! they need him in spanish!! haha speaking of eating like a horse, i ate a ton last night!

SO i was also wanting to say that i love m savior, and all that he has done for me, he loves me and i bear testimony that he lives. he lives for us, he is waiting for us, and he is callling out our names. We need to go to him. There is no other way, no other person, no other name that can save us. i know that, without a doubt that the love he has for me is making me so happy, and i am so glad to be serving him. The example he set for us is what we need to follow. the world isnt worth the time, nor the money for the things that the celestial kingdom will give us, eternal happiness with the loved people in our lives. I know he lives, i know it... :)

Elder Gallego

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