Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hola familia!!! man!!! president monson just cracks me up so much!!! he reminds me of our mission president, as a matter of fact i told president schaefermeyer that the profetas enthusiasm reminds me so much of him, and president told me that that was the nicest thing anyone had ever told him!! haah just made me die laughing, but i was definately totally surprised to see the prophet so energetic!!

so i hope that everyone got the whole theme of conference!!! as i have always said, read pray and go to church!!!! that is what is going to bring us the blessings that we want, and will make us want to be perfect, and strive to help others to try to reach their full potencial as well!! 3 Nefi 12:48

This week, we were able to go the the priesthood restoration site at susquehana and it was a great experience!! it was so cool to seee the lugar where the first baptism of this despensation took place!! (some black guy right next to me just totally let a HUGE burp go!) haha anyways, the spirit felt there, will be something i will never forget! THe priesthood is restored, and i know that we have that power to bless the lives of those around us!!

I also wanted to say that we will be having the baptism of John Guzman, Alesandra Butler, Steven Butler, and Karina Butler on sunday! all are super excited especially john! He came to all but one of the sessions of conference, and gained his own personal testimony that the profeta and his apostoles are men of god, and that they have those keys to help move the work of the lord throughout the whole world. My comp and i are so excited!! He is progressing as well, and for this being his only transfer so far on the mission, his spanish is increible!! His english is...well its coming along :) i am so blessed to have this opportunity to train and to honestly be trained by him and the spirit, and fall back on the things that my trainer taught me! I sure do miss him!!

Well, we are still busy as ever, have too many people to teach and not enough time, and are being blessed by the lord in this great work! I am comin up on the year, feels really really wierd but ni modo, camara y hechete ganas!! :) Something to leave you with, it all starts with a vision, then the goal, and then the plans. Because when the time to make a decision has come, the time to make plans has already passed :) I know this work is real, i know that our father in heaven loves us and that he wants us to succeed! so do all you can to get out there and prove to him and to yourself, that you can do it!! I love you all!!!

Elder Gallego

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